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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Government Shutdown Myth

A lot of State comedians are saying "Oooh!! They might shut down the Federal government!"

It isn't a real 100% shutdown. It's only a partial shutdown. The military keeps operating. Courts keep operating. Police and tax collectors keep operating.

Only minor services are halted, like parks and museums. Furloughed State employees get full back pay, once the budget dispute is over!

Suppose I own a business, and close it for two weeks. Then, I get no revenue for two weeks.

The rules of the private sector don't apply to the "business" of government. You still owe taxes, while the government is "closed". You still must obey all the stupid laws and regulations.

Another such farce was a "bank holiday" (in the days of fractional reserve banking under a State gold standard). During a "bank holiday", a bank defaults on obligations to depositors. However, the bank still collects on loans due to the bank.

"Shut down the Federal government!" is a farce. If it were a true shutdown, people should owe no taxes while the government is closed.


Anonymous said...

The trouble in the United Kingdom is that I can't see how the government has been honestly elected and how it actions have the consent of the people.

40% of people did not vote.

Only 1 in 5 of the population voted for the Conservative Party which has now formed a coalition government with the LibDems.

David Cameron said that he thought it natural that people leave their house to their children. He also promised to basically leave the National Health Service alone.

Nick Clegg was all for supporting students before the election.

Yet these two parties once in office have failed to raise the limit for inheritance tax, are radically changing the National Health Service and have put up university fees three-fold.

What votes these jokers did get were on the basis of WHAT THEY SAID BEFORE THE ELECTION.


But they have gone back on what they said.

How can a party with only 1 in 5 votes being properly elected?

How can two parties that go back on everything they said have the consent of the people?

If you vote for a person on what he says and once in office he goes back on what he says, has he being fairly elected?

Without truth there is no authority.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the police arrested a woman for writing on a government wall that George Osborne (joker boy Chancellor in the UK) reneged on his promise for a "Green" bank.

The writing was in easily removable dye and so no damage was done.

Despite being the Chancellor (in charge of taxes) joker boy's family uses a trust to avoid inheritance tax.

What a joker!

Anonymous said...

I just heard it over the radio again.

But, why can't we have that actually happening to us? Why only bad things always happen? Imagine that? The government shutdown? The power of the purse shutting down out of control malicious tumor that is the government?

We should be so lucky!

They actually dared to proclaim that "if the government had to shutdown, this will be a severe impact on the economy". I sure hope there will be the shutdown, cause the "severe impact" is actually going to be a positive one.

Geithner wrote a letter to congress in tears, trying to scare them by mentioning that they would have to cut 70 of all fat and increase the taxation about 2/3 to survive without increase in credit.

Yeah? How about we cut 100% of spending? I ain't receiving any! So, what would be my loss? How about cutting so much that there is a no need for taxes? I am ready to sign a paper that I will claim nothing from the government if they only stop claiming from me and get OUT OF MY LIFE.

They say that the "planned parenthood" might be impaired.
Oh my god! No way! Not the planned parenthood! How are we going to live without the government explaining to us, dummies, the dicks workings?

I am ain't a customer of planned parenthood. What the hell is that anyway? Free magnum condoms for homies? Why is it essential that we keep that program?

It has to be a fnord, aimed at all kinds of women, that are incapable of logical thinking, to stir up their emotions.

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