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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Liberty Dollar Observations

I'd already prepared a post on this subject, but here was an appropriate comment:

DC has left a new comment on your post ""Your Taxes" Fnord":

We are living in a weird time. In the United states government spending is currently not funded primarily by taxes collected. Where do they get the rest of the money? They borrow it of course. In the past they borrowed money from private investors or from other countries by selling T-bills. Right now the US Federal reserve is purchasing most of the T-bills.

Today Erskine Bowles who is the the co-chair of Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility (that's funny) stated that we only have two years left before the shit hits the fan.
I was shocked that a federal official would say such a thing. Normally they would say "we have tough times ahead" instead of giving a specific date. You can find the video on Youtube.
Not everyone who works for the government is a clueless twit. I suspect that some competent insiders know "We have a serious problem."

Unfortunately, the competent people are outnumbered by the criminally insane psychopaths. Fortunately, some of them are competent enough to recognize this problem. I'm pretty sure that some insiders know the severity of the psychopath problem.
Also I noticed that Drudge report today promoted a stoy on the Von Nothaus trial. Here :
I'd already prepared a post based on that specific article! Read that article first and see if you can see the interesting part. Here's the post I'd already written before reading your comment:

There's an "asset forfeiture" "trial" in progress, regarding the Liberty Dollar. It's regarding the gold/silver/copper that were seized, when FBI thugs raided the Liberty Dollar.

It's a "trial" and not a trial. Does anybody expect the judge to rule against the State? It's a farce to have a trial where the outcome is predetermined. "Asset forfeiture" is biased against defendants, even more than criminal trials.

The general rule in "asset forfeiture" trials is that the police say "We stole your property fair and square. It's ours now." In an "asset forfeiture" trial, the victim has the burden of proof. In a criminal trial, "reasonable doubt" is the farce protecting the victim.

This article (the same one DC mentioned) had some interesting bits. Notice the bit by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
That's partly why von NotHaus' group has been followed for years by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that tracks political extremism. Long before the government began its investigation into von NotHaus, the group was raising concerns about the popularity of Liberty Dollars among fringe groups on the far right.
The reasoning is amusing. "The Liberty Dollar is popular among anti-government groups. Therefore, the Liberty Dollar is illegal." It's obviously a politically-motivated prosecution.

The SPLC is an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving State evil, just like quatloos. I was amused that the SPLC characterized Rand Paul as a "radical libertarian extremist". I wonder if the SPLC's "subversive persons list" is actually a "list of people I should make friends with".

While NotHaus' trial was in progress, there was practically *ZERO* discussion. I'm still looking for an online trial transcript. I was looking for trial updates, knowing NotHaus would be almost definitely convicted.

Now that there was a conviction, there's a lot more interest. The crazy rant by the prosecuting US attorney was interesting. She called NotHaus a "terrorist".

The blog zerohedge had an interesting perspective. They said "You shouldn't be scared by this crazy rant by the US attorney. Obviously, someone higher-ranking wrote it for her. This shows that insiders really are scared and desperate. Rather than being negative, this actually is an indication of progress."

State thugs/insiders are completely out of touch. On the one hand, it's scary. On the other hand, it's a clear indication of a collapse in progress.

Most people who criticize the State and IRS and Federal Reserve wind up in jail as political prisoners. Once you realize that the State is one big extortion racket, you have an obligation to act on your beliefs. Once you act on your beliefs, then State thugs will kindap and torture you.

It's tough. Maybe in a few years, it'll be possible for someone to explain market anarchism on the mainstream media.

Maybe some insiders know that the State scam is over. They're gradually preparing people for the truth and the collapse. Anyone with basic literacy should be realizing "WTF? There's a serious problem."

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