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Friday, April 15, 2011

Willie Nelson Sings For His Owners

This story was amusing. Willie Nelson was arrested for "possession of marijuana".

Some of the marijuana "magically disappeared". Due to a smaller quantity, Willie Nelson was charged with a lesser offense. (For "possession of forbidden drugs", the penalty is dependent on quantity.)

Willie Nelson pled guilty. As part of the plea agreement, the judge ordered Willie Nelson to come to court and sing!

That is totally inappropriate. The judge agreed to a personal private performance, in exchange for a lesser sentence. That is a clear abuse of the judge's power.

There's another contradictory aspect of State propaganda. The official word is "These drugs are bad for you. Therefore, they are illegal." However, many celebrities openly acknowledge recreational drug use. That's logically contradictory propaganda.

I suspect that "recreational drugs" really are bad for you. (I haven't tried them and I'm not going to try them.) By having celebrities endorse drug use, stupid rebellious people are tricked into using recreational drugs and ruining their brains.

"Recreational drugs" help dull the slaves' senses. People who would otherwise notice the Matrix are self-medicated into submission.

I was offended, that Willie Nelson was ordered to give a private performance for a judge, in exchange for a favorable plea bargain. That's a clear abuse of State power. It also is offensive that Willie Nelson got a lighter sentence, compared to what a regular slave would get.

It is really offensive that celebrities openly use drugs, while those drugs are also illegal. It seems like a carefully calculated evil fnord. It's designed to trick stupid rebellious people into using recreation drugs, ruining their brain, and dulling their senses.


Anonymous said...

You are quite right. Drugs are bad for you.

You should get pleasure from reading a book or seeing a good film or exercise or sports.

Or take up a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Why is FSK writing about the justice system?

We want more news of Snooki.


DC said...

So the judge clearly acknowledges that the law (180 days in jail) is not fair , but if he just lets Willie walk he would be accused of favoring a celebrity and not applying the law equally.
The judge is in a tough spot actually. He does not want to uphold the law in his state, but he can not just let Willie totally off the hook. The last 100 guys in his court for the same "offense" were probably sentenced to pick up trash on the side of the road for 100 hours.
Why does Willie have to sing to the court? If the community was damaged by him possessing marijuana then he should be sentenced to sing for the community.

I am going to take a wild leap of faith here: The judge is not in favor of this obviously stupid law and has handed down this comical sentence to draw attention to the fact that this law is flawed.

Absurd sentences could be a way for judges to indicate disfavor with a law.


Anonymous said...

DC, although I like your speculation, I have a problem with this: Why then the judge didn't sentence Nelson to 100 hours of cleaning the freeways?

My answer is that the judge receives most of the benefit if Nelson sings in the court. He doesn't really care about the freeway, it's more of a punishment. He also knows that the singing in the court would be almost an encouragement, while 100 hours on a freeway would make Nelson equal to others before the law. Nelson was special. The law wasn't supposed to apply to him.

DC said...

The judge did not order him to sing, it was a suggestion of the prosecutor, which the judge said was just a joke.
Not true?

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