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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Double-Dip Recession

State comedians like to joke about a "double-dip recession". In a double-dip recession, the economy temporarily improves and then gets worse.

There's a huge fallacy. In order to have a double-dip, things must improve. By my calculations, the economy has been going straight down since 2001.

It isn't a double-dip recession if things are going straight down. "Double-dip recession" is an evil fnord phrase. It provides the illusion that things had temporarily gotten better.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you are a software programmer like you (and me), the economy is not that bad. I have my own consulting business and am very overworked. In general, the US is in a downward spiral. Again, campaign finance reform is the #1 thing that will fix this within the current US system.

Anonymous said...

They are talking "recovery" as if there were any repairs done...!

Nothing has been fixed, on the opposite, more laws were written, more social programs unleashed, the economy was rendered more controlled, which makes it ripe for even more severe abuse.

Last 50 years, the American economy was dead, even though the stench just now starting to reach the noses of the foreigners. It was held in place, like a walking zombie, mainly by propaganda, indoctrination, patriotism faith, and belief in some non-existing freedom that we supposedly have here. Freedom from Taliban, certainly,... unless you're in New York.

But this time, TPTB didn't even bother to keep the appearance of justice. In openly baling out banks and others like AIG, they have shown that the slimmest faith in justice is just that.. the faith. I wonder why?

My guess is that TPTB know well enough, that we are way past the point of no return, and that there isn't much time left. So, then it doesn't even matter, to even keep only the semblance of justice, - there isn't going to be enough time for propaganda to have an effect! Otherwise, they would have made no publicly known bail outs, they would have just printed cash and created some zeroes on the accounts, without putting that on any paper, as they had done so many times before.

Or is there a bigger plan? Why did they need us to know and to observe the money creation?

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at