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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Social Security "Benefit" Statement

I got my Social Security "benefit" statement in the mail. It's an excellent piece of propaganda.

That statement creates the illusion of a contract, between the slave and the State. It creates the illusion that I'm paying Social Security taxes, in exchange for a future benefit.

Congress can change the Social Security rules at any time. The retirement age can be increased. Benefits may be cut.

Inflation is guaranteed. You'll still get the nominal value of the check. The purchasing power will be eroded by inflation.

Social Security is not voluntary. If I refuse to pay, then people with guns will come to kidnap/kill me. Social Security taxes are automatically deducted from my paycheck. I can't resist, even if I wanted to, as long as I'm working as a wage slave.

The Federal government probably won't exist 20 years from now. That makes it really foolish to contribute.

The Social Security "benefit" statement is an excellent piece of propaganda. It helps create the illusion of a promised future benefit. It helps create the illusion of a contract, between the slave and the State.

Instead of seeing it as a "benefit statement", I saw a list of everything the State has stolen from me.


Anonymous said...

The fact that the social security is not a voluntary system, proves that it is a scam and a bottom line negative.

Anything that is not a scam and a bottom line positive always carries a cost, and always voluntary, simply because everyone wants it, and there is always more demand than supply.

If social security was something that is desired by the people, and seen as something positive, then there would be no need to make it a compulsory, - all available supply of social security would always be allocated, and then there would be an additional demand for which there is no supply, thus creating a cost premium.

For instance, there is no compulsory money. There is no need, and there indeed would be a cost to enforce money ownership, since everyone recognizes it as beneficial and wants it anyway.

The compulsory property of something is always and everywhere an indication of undesirability.

The compulsory property of social security is an absolute, beyond any reasonable doubt proof, that the social security makes you poorer, not richer, and is a negative on balance.

If you ask anyone, how come the president's pension isn't a compulsory for everyone, then they always laughter in your face and note that: "cause everyone needs it, you fool!".

Drum roll please, and here is an ultimate idiot test that I use to determine if a person is a complete idiot or not: - I ask this: "Why should the participation in social security system remain NOT a matter of personal choice?".

An idiot will invariably answer: Because everyone NEEDS social security". And there you have it, FSK.

Anonymous said...

My disillusionment with the status quo was mainly fired by how social security in the country I live in can work out.

I was physically injured in the workplace. Under any measure it was not my fault. A group of people had been very careless over a period of time and eventually the crows came home to roost injuring me badly.

It was obvious it would take me months to heal and that in this time I could not work.

Instead of getting social security and being signed off work, the state representative decided to play dumb. He only signed me off for a particular type of work, despite the fact that it was very obvious I couldn't do very much at all.

Obviously the workplace weren't happy with this. They did want to pay for nothing in return and so started up a particularly nasty harassment campaign against me.

Eventually I had no money coming in. The government wasn't responsible. The people that injured me wasn't responsible. Nobody was responsible.

So I had to live off my savings and seek private medical treatment with my own money.

I live in a country with effectively 40% income tax once you count income tax, the equivalent social security and other forms of income tax. This does not count local government taxes and types of sales tax.

Despite high levels of taxation I got nothing back other than "go away".

Yet if I was a criminal I would have government welfare, legal aid and medical care thrown at me as I read from the newspapers. I don't need to name the cases, they are all in the newspapers.

Because I am law abiding taxpayer and a natural borne citizen of the country I live in, when I need government welfare I will be turned away.

War criminals coming in from foreign countries are given million pounds houses, 2 plamsa screen televisions, a car to help them find work and laptops and games consoles for their children.

Tax payers get nothing.

Ronnie said...

THe best part is when you get to the part on the sheet about potential payouts, and it says I would get more money if I lost both my legs and became disabled today than if I worked until I was 70. What's up with that??

Anonymous said...

FSK, where is your "ask FSK" section?

I have a question, non related to the post. Do you know of any "torrent blogging system?", or is there an another way to publish your blog, receive and control comments, while doing it totally, completely, 100% anonymously? Obviously, there doesn't have to be any opportunity for profit.

I think such a system would tremendously help to spread the information, since it couldn't be censored, centralized, or taken off the server. Therefore, such blog may have say an exchange of practical tips on how to win the battle with a system of slavery, tips that today, no one would dare to post on a website.

This could be used by agorists, hackers, freedom seekers, barter users,and political dissenters. Could you program something like this and leave your great mark in the history of freedom?

FSK said...

There is no specifica "ask FSK" section. I might add that when I move to my own domain.

There is no absolute 100% perfect anonymity. My blog provides me with casual anonymity. A policeman could subpoena Google and Verizon. A prospective employer googling my name won't find my blog.

Git seems like a decent distributed way to share information.

Anonymous said...

By that you mean version control app?

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