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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fake Debate

It's amusing to see the Republicans and Democrats arguing about Federal spending cuts. It's an example of fake debate.

The disputed spending cuts equal approximately $50B/year. That sounds like a lot of money. However, the total Federal budget is approximately $3.7T/year. The proposed cuts are less than 1.5% of the total budget.

Most Federal spending is "untouchable". "Untouchable" is defined as "Insiders profit from it and will lobby to block cuts." The biggest budget areas are "untouchable":

  1. interest on the national debt
  2. military spending
  3. Social Security and Medicare
  4. other welfare spending and various pork projects
Democrats and Republicans are false opposites. They are loudly debating insignificant budget cuts. This creates the illusion they are being fiscally responsible.


Anonymous said...

I notice this everywhere too. They would make a big deal of some few billion dollars, but they will print a trillion into existence with no sweat.

This means few things:

1 Yes, Republicans are LYING to us. They are in a secret agreement with Democrats to steal everything from the people.

2 Majority of US population should be certified as morons. There is no other label for someone who worries for 2 billion, only to ignore how the FED prints a trillion.

3 You stated that the government defines you as mentally sick and they force you to take chemical compounds. OK. But, you are able to see this and the so-called normal people can not. So, who's crazy here? Obviously, not you.

It is just the same as with lies that OBAMA routinelly sells about his future savings, only to cover those still expected savings thousand times over in his spending, (a theft plan that he says he had "inherited", even though he was peeing boiling water to get elected) and no one notices. The majority continues to call him "Mr. President", and laugh at some "rag-head Iraqis" portrayed on TV.
You telling me these people are sane?

Anonymous said...

Michael Portaloo was a Conservative government minister under Marget Thatcher in the United Kingdom. After losing his seat he gave up actual politics and now has a television career.

He appears on This Week hosted by Andrew BrilloPad.

Michael occasionally comes out with the hard truth on television, but he says the truth in an understated, brief and matter-of-fact way and so he does not arouse censorship or angry retorts.

From memory I recollect him saying before the election that with the debt the size that it is, that all parties are going to have to do pretty much the same thing whoever gets into office.

This is pretty equivalent to what FSK is saying here.

The debts owed to banks are large and no matter which main party gets into office, the same things will get done.

On Question Time this week, the clowns were against arguing strongly about cuts.

But none of the main parties actually say the bank loans are made from newly created money, the banks are taking no real risk and so why are the taxpayers paying back interest payments on money spirited out of thin air.

The banks have lost nothing but we are stuck with the interest payments on a big nothing.

For major projects government should create the money itself.

North Dakota has a state owned bank.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron has a background in Public Relations and as such has probably never held a real job in his life. He is leader of the Tory Party and is currently Prime Minister of the UK.

Nick Clegg has a background in riding the European Union gravy train and is leader of the Liberal Democrat party. He is currently Deputy Prime Minster in the Tory-LibDem coalition government.

Quite how these lightweight jokers managed to get high office given their wasted lives is beyond me. Clegg broke his student promises. Cameron broke his inheritance tax stand.

These fools aren't even qualified to present children's television, let alone run a country.

Anyway the Clegg fool forgot to turn his microphone off and it was broadcast on television him saying WE HAVE GOT TO STOP AGREEING AS COME ELECTION TIME WE WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DEBATE ABOUT.

Ha! What a joke.

Both parties seem to be identical - high taxes, big government, giving power to unelected European Union goons, the fractional reserve banking system.

They both want to cut services in order to pay interest payments to nasty banks. These debt payments are on funny money spun out of thin air.

DC said...

I want a 3.7 trillion per year spending cut.
these word verifications are cool, is this actually a word ? . . . ledawsh

FSK said...

Some of the captchas are actually attempts to transcribe words from old digitized books. Google "recaptcha".

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Google makes money on our sufferings, by making us type those words in, before we can post or download. This ends up being a free substitute for an expensive editing of their OCR efforts (where they put books through Optical Character Recognition process).

OCR is imprecise and is always leaving you with words that the software thinks it is unsure about. It is extremely expensive to correct those words, as human reader is needed. So this is where we come in for free, making billions for google.

I have found a way around it, though. Read the word and type in something that sounds close, but has a completely wrong meaning. Because Google is looking to steal your labor while pretending it is testing you, the actually do not have the right answer and will accept your lie!!! After a while, when they have shown that word thousand times over, the majority of answers will point out at the right reading, if all those people just willingly slaving for google, so don't do it. Keep giving it the wrong meaning, and it will accept it.

I am having a lots of fun with these dishonest people showing me recapitchas. I know they don't know it, so their supposed test is a lie, because they cannot determine if my answer is correct.

Screw with lyers! Give them some crap and mess up their dictionaries!

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