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Monday, June 27, 2011

Psychoapth Marker Summary

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another Psychopath Example":

Can you make a post about all the psychopath markers?
I'd been thinking of doing this.

One indication is the "uhh..." speech pattern. David Axelrod is one example. If you watch CNBC or listen to Bloomberg radio, you can hear this one.

One indication is facial wrinkle pattern. Nearly vertical laugh lines is a bad sign. It's like your face is frozen in a permanent sneer. Someone with the "abused productive" personality type will have laugh lines at a 45 degree angle.

Hair baldness pattern is another indication. There's the Madoff.

The Madoff is bald in the front half of the head but has hair on the back half. (Also notice that Madoff has near-vertical laugh lines.)

Joe Stack is another example of the Madoff.

Rand Paul also has the Madoff.

Another parasitic hair pattern is like Tom Baker in Dr. Who (excessively curly). Notice that Rand Paul has somewhat curly hair.

Another indication of a psychopath is when all his superiors say "We're lucky to have someone awesome like X working for us!" For example, one of my current coworkers has everyone else thinking he's a super-genius. In fact, I'm suspicious that he's teaming up with other people to forge computer records and cover up bad transactions. He has lots of hushed whispered phone conversations in a language other than English. (I haven't said anything to anyone.)

Another indication is the relative attractiveness of the partner. If it's an ugly guy with an attractive wife, he's a parasite or psychopath. If it's an attractive guy with an ugly wife, he probably has the "abused productive" personality type. For example, Tiger Woods' ex-wife didn't seem that attractive.

Another psychopath trick is that, when you ask a hard question, they give an evasive answer. Then, they use emotional bullying to change the subject or intimidate you into accepting their answer. Politicians *ALMOST ALWAYS* use this trick.

For example, when debating a parasitic statist, I'll say "I'm a partial slave!" He retorts "You've got it better than most people in other countries!", and uses emotional bullying to force me to accept it as an answer. That bullying doesn't work on me anymore, but I won't convince the statist, and it leads to frustration.

Another indication is that people blink when they lie. You can see this on CNBC sometimes. However, only a low-skill liar will have that problem.

I'm also able to tell immediately, just from body language. For example, an "abused productive" person always looks a little scared. A parasite or pyschopath is generally super-confident.

It also works in reverse. A parasite or psychoapth can always instantly identify me as someone who's resistant to their manipulations.

There is no single absolute indication.

Summarizing, the parasite/psychopath indications I've noticed are:
  1. facial wrinkle pattern
  2. hair loss pattern (the Madoff or the Tom Baker)
  3. speech pattern (uh... stuttering)
  4. all his supervisors think he's a super-genius
  5. ugly guy with attractive wife/girlfriend
  6. give an evasive answer, and rely on emotional bullying to intimidate the other person into accepting it
  7. blinking when he lies
  8. psychopaths tend to be super-confident; "abused productive" people tend to look scared
These are all the ones I've noticed so far. There are other indications, but these are the ones I can explain. I'm able to tell almost instantly now, if someone's a psychopath.

Also, someone can be a parasite without being a full psychopath. Given the nature of The Matrix, an "abused productive" personality type normally has to partner with a parasite to get anything done. Given that everyone is a little crazy, parasites are needed somewhat. If you have the "abused productive" personality type, you need to partner with a not-too-abusive parasite to protect you from the psychopaths.

There are several problems with making a list of indications:
  1. Celebrities and politicians get plastic surgery, limiting the usefulness of physical appearance as an indication.
  2. You can't tell if someone's a psychopath on TV.
One stupid thing is "give a list of multiple choice questions, to tell if someone is a psychopath". That won't work. The psychopath will figure out what answers he's supposed to give.

Another important point is that government is the mechanism by which psychopaths have formalized their control. The law doesn't explicitly say "You have to get permission from psychopaths whenever you work." Via the income tax and regulations, the net effect is the same. When you pay taxes, the profits go primarily to psychopaths. When you hire a lawyer or accountant, you're paying tribute to psychopaths, even though some lawyers and accountants have the "abused productive" personality type.

The State isn't just the government. It's all the psychopaths who earn a living directly or indirectly from the State. Because there's lots of State overhead for starting a business, there's no market competition for psychopath-controlled businesses. Even if I started a business and refused to hire psychopaths, I'd be subsidizing my psychopath-controlled competitors via taxes. Even though psychopaths lead to much inefficiency, it doesn't matter, because of a non-free market and the State.

If it was possible to wave a magic wand and banish all psychopaths from high-ranking government positions, then things would get better. Real reform would be possible without psychopaths. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible. Collapse is the only way to get control back from the psychopaths.

There's no list that covers everything. I mentioned the stuff I've noticed so far, that I can explain. It's better to be fully unplugged from the Matrix. I can tell almost instantly, if someone's a parasite or psychopath.


e said...

I have curly hairs but aint a psychopath.The baldness pattern too does not make sense.

FSK said...

I said they were indications, and not an absolute guideline.

Anonymous said...

FSK, do you think psychopaths are of the "Luciferian Bloodline"? Decending from the fallen angels, etc?

FSK said...

No. The psychopaths are biologically human. In a society that wasn't completely messed up, they probably could be retrained to be useful.

However, personality type is inherited from your parents. If a father is a parasite or psychopath, then male children are likely to be parasites or psychopaths.

Plus, in the current system, political insiders can very easily pass their political power on to children. If parents use the State to steal, then the children will almost definitely have the same opportunity.

Anonymous said...

"For example, Tiger Woods' ex-wife didn't seem that attractive."

Wha? If she wasn't attractive, what does it say about his personality that all of his (known) affair partners were a huge step down? He needed to abuse himself by banging many ugly chicks?

Anonymous said...


Think of them as warning signs. I came across this blog via google while searching for that baldness pattern because in my personal experience with at least three psychopaths IRL they all had that. A family friend that is definitely not a psychopath has it too, so it's not a 100% indicator but it is a warning sign. If they have all the warning signs, look out!

The origin of genetic psychopathy is probably best explained (IMO) by the late Stan Gooch's hybrid origin theory. Hybrid as in modern humans are hybrids of intelligent great apes (Denisovan, Neanderthal, Cro Magnon, etc.)

Some people are less hybrid. The egalitarian/junk science "we're all the same" thing is total nonsense. If humans were classified like animals, there would be many sub-species. Hard to say, can't even really use race as an example due to the hybridization (although that's the closest way to explain it). And those differences go far beyond the physical and into the mental. I don't know why they lie, probably because the psychopaths are in control at the moment and they don't want to be found out.

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