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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Psychopath Example

This story is interesting. A woman accountant stole $16M from the business where she worked as a bookkeeper. She put the money in a bank account controlled by her son.

The scam was not discovered until after she retired. The new accountant discovered the scam.

Notice the woman's appearance:

Notice the near-vertical laugh lines on the woman's face. That facial wrinkle pattern is an indication of a parasite or psychopath.

Also notice the expression on the son's face. It says "I can't believe my mother bullied me into going along with this."

It's pretty obvious what happened. She had strong emotional manipulation skills. The business owner probably thought "I'm lucky to have such an awesome accountant!" He never considered the possibility that she would be robbing him.

Of course, the business owner was partially to blame. He should have doublechecked the bank statements himself.

This is a pretty common pattern. A parasite/psychopath manipulates his boss into thinking he's a brilliant worker, when he's really dishonest. Sometimes, the parasite merely does a lousy job while convincing his boss that he's brilliant. In cases like this, there's outright theft.


Anonymous said...

Can you make a post about all the psychopath markers?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I particularly like this post. I would like more of these posts with some visual representation so that it is easier to follow what you are saying. The picture of the mother's face is worth a thousand words. Please do more of these. Perhaps of men and woman that is younger, and their lines aren't as apparent.

e said...

Not sure if this applies to non Europeans like Chinese and Indians etc.Vertical nasolabial folds will usually mean that a person is morose or frustrated.

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