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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Political Debate Summarized

I don't normally debate pro-State trolls. I gave it a try and, as usual, it was a waste of time.

Political discussion can get very offensive. Why is that? All political discussion can be summarized as:

I am advocating for the use of violence, to impose my viewpoint on you.
All political debate is really a discussion about violence.

A hardcore Statist sees the libertarian/minarchist/voluntaryist/agorist viewpoint as advocating for violence.

"Government should be smaller!" leads to "WTF? Large corporations would loot and pillage without restraint!"

The Non-Aggression Principle can be seen as a threat of violence. "If you steal my property or freedom under 'color of law', I might use violence to defend my property and my freedom." Statists don't make a distinction between initiating violence and defending yourself, because a Statist considers police aggression to be legitimate.

All political discussion is ultimately about violence. If you say "Taxation is a type of slavery!", then the Statist will think you're a fruitcake advocating for senseless violence.

What can be done? It's important to educate as many other people as possible. When there are more people who know the truth, other types of activity is possible. It is risky, because the Statist majority thinks it's acceptable to aggress against those who seek freedom.

Ultimately, when dealing with a hardcore Statists, the only response is "All the people who agree with me will seek freedom, using whatever tricks we can imagine. All the people who agree with you can try to stop us, using whatever dirty tricks you can. Let's see who wins."

Via the Internet, the philosophy of freedom is spreading. Due to rampant corruption, collapse is inevitable. The collapse can't be prevented, even if State thugs could successfully kidnap/murder/silence those who know the current system is a scam. Fortunately, younger people and more intelligent people seem to be learning. They're the ones that count the most.


Anonymous said...

Most people spend most of their life working in companies.

Yet as a friend of mine pointed out there is no protection for you in the workplace.

You can be chucked out of a job for no reason or a made up reason. Then your former employer can slander you over the phone. You will find no written evidence of this.

You can be coerced into working weekends and evenings for free.

You can be cheated out of vacation pay.

You can be promised things by your employer than never pan out.

Despite over 50% of your income going up in taxes, the place where you spend most of your life is a place where there is no protection for you.

Anonymous said...

steamroller says-
FSK, you know they are always going to play the "majority rules" card, when they are not sure which side of right/wrong or good/evil they find themselves. That only proves one thing: The Majority can be wrong and for sure...stupid!
Statists rely on intimidation without a fight that they may lose. And that is THE THING they hate the most - losing control.
As to the threat of "let's see who wins"...even tyrants are in awe of the real power...

Anonymous said...

This post is so on the's not even funny.

Tonight I got sucked into a discussion about politics after a friend expressed his disgust at the Republicans attempt to may political hay about raising the so-called "debt-ceiling".

Shortly thereafter we were off to yet another ultimately bummer and friendship straining conversation about the true nature of politics and inherent violence.

I immediately thought about this post and even stated out loud at the beginning that all political discussions were really about discussions about violence. The retort was that I focused too much on simplistic concepts and did not get "the big picture".

I will try to memorize this post so that I am better able to summarize the discussion in a few sentences and get on with more rewarding activities.

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