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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fake Debate

There was a "Republican Presidential Debate". It's a fake debate. It actually is "Ask the candidates questions they're expecting, and they deliver canned responses."

In a real debate, people would ask each other questions directly. In a real debate, you would interrupt the other person when he says something really stupid.

The rules of the "Presidential Debates" makes it a scripted press conference, rather than a true debate. Candidates are reading from a teleprompter or prepared remarks, rather than really interacting with each other.

Another important point is "You can't tell on TV if someone is a psychopath." The structure of the debate enables a really evil person to appear as if they were someone decent.

The debate rules were chosen by psychopaths. The debate format enables the favored candidates to appear decent and intelligent. It's a scripted press conference, masquerading as intelligent political discussion.


Anonymous said...

In a real debate some of the following questions would be asked:

1) Do we have real democracy? We only get to choose between 2 - 3 pre-selected candidates.

2) Should the public have referendums on important issues?

3) Should the government and states directly own banks and have the interest payments used in the public interest instead of just going to private bankers? Banks only exist due to government favours, but their gains are private.

FSK said...

It's all one big farce.

In a fairer election, one of the choices should be "I don't consent to the current form of government." If 1% or 5% or 10% of the people voted "I don't consent.", then would the majority still feel obligated to steal from them via taxes?

Anonymous said...

steamroller says:

True indeed, is a scripted farce. But the real evidence is that not only are the questioners psychopaths, but the candidates are even more ruthless psychopaths. You can know this by the way the candidates' answer is always to a question that is not asked. Whatever their answer is, their statement is irrelevant to any of the questions. They merely trumpet what they want us to hear - true psychos!
Worse, the media present always marvels at the profundity of the answer. I guess they are trying to figure out the question.

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