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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Car Mileage Tax

This story is offensive. There's a proposal for a "car mileage tax".

Currently, roads are funded with gasoline taxes and other taxes. However, with electric cars and fuel efficient cars, some people are avoiding road taxes.

The gasoline tax makes electric cars more desirable. Electricity has a lower tax rate than gasoline. Even though an electric-fueled car is less efficient than a gasoline-fueled car, the high gasoline tax makes electricity more attractive.

People are partially avoiding the gasoline tax, with electric cars and fuel-efficient cars. There is now a proposal for a "car mileage tax".

How will the "car mileage tax" be collected? The State will put a GPS tracking device on every car. It'll be illegal to drive a car without a GPS tracking device.

What are the obvious advantages?

  1. It'll be a huge pork project windfall for the corporation that makes the tracking devices.
  2. It'll be another tax, to nickel and dime the slaves.
  3. The State will get a database of who's driving where.
Cell phones are a huge victory for State spying. If you carry a cell phone and it's on, then the phone corporation can keep track of exactly where you are. Literally, the State arranged for every slave to keep a tracking device and keep it charged for them!

The "car mileage tax" is offensive. It's a huge pork project for whoever makes the GPS devices. It's another tax hike. It'll give State police the ability to keep track of every car and where it's been.


Anonymous said...

The more taxes there are the greater the drag on the real economy.

I'm sure lots of small employers would like (just a bit!) to pay their staff a more fairer wage but if around 43% goes in tax, it gets harder. The 43% is the sum of national insurance/social security, income tax and payroll/employer tax.

Suppose an employee does 10 hours overtime per week. It is difficult to pay them overtime if almost half of it is going to get chucked away!

Or maybe they don't think like that. Maybe they are just mean.

I heard something like a quarter of people living in Wales, UK work for the government. If you add lawyers into the mix, it will be higher than 25%. It is a fair bet most of these people do worthless jobs in offices.

If it wasn't for government these people could be doing worthwhile jobs such as installing solar panels on roofs etc. But instead they are a drain on what few people now have real jobs in the real economy.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone want this? Isn't America supposed to be a democratic society?

The Redneck Philosipher said...

Actually we are a plutocracy well on our way toward oligarchical collectivism while pretending to still be a republic. We have never been a democracy.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at