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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dancing At The Jefferson Memorial

This story was widely cited. Some activists were dancing at the Jefferson Memorial, knowing that the police would object. They were arrested.

This is a point I've made several times.


Yes, it is offensive that the police will kidnap and torture you over minor issues. However, that doesn't mean I should place myself in a situation where police will kidnap me. I might risk kidnapping, but only if there's a clear profit.

If the baliff demands that you take off your hat, you should do it. It is offensive that police say "Obey or we'll kindap or kill you!" You shouldn't intentionally seek a confrontation with a bully.

It is a gesture of being a slave, that you submit to every tiny demand. Dealing with government thugs is like dealing with a crazy person with a gun. You don't escalate small disputes when dealing with a lunatic, especially when the lunatics outnumber you.

Adam Kokesh did have a reason to organize the protest. He's promoting his show on "Russia Today". Ironically, Russia's government is sponsoring anti-government protests in the USA!

I can logically explain why the State is evil, without getting arrested for something stupid. "The police arrested me for something trivial!" is an *EMOTIONAL* argument against the State, and not a logical argument. It's anti-State activism that's attractive to people with the parasitic personality type.

If you're going to risk arrest/kidnapping/torture, do it in a situation that's low-risk and high-reward, rather than over something trivial. I'd respect someone who was kidnapped for operating an agorist business, much more than someone kidnapped for something stupid.

A lot of people are focused on "Get arrested for a stupid reason!", rather than more serious activism. That type of foolishness seems attractive to people with the parasitic personality type. I can logically explain why the State is evil, without resorting to silly publicity stunts.

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dionysusal said...

I agree with you, FSK. The way it was explained to me by advocates of this stuff was: "ZOMG! It's good to get arrested for stupid, meaningless acts of defiance! That's how you can demonstrate to your fellow slaves that they're indeed slaves! If we do enough of these, a "tipping point" will be reached and we'll win!" My response: Um, no. Civil disobedience is all fine and great-- when it's strategically planned to have the biggest bang for the buck, like Gandhi's mass nonviolent noncoperation. But getting assaulted and arrested by the pigs for not taking your hat off in court or swaying to music at a national monument, despite the law/rule being a complete joke, doesn't really help matters (except maybe to give you some nebulous "street cred" for being a martyr). And I suspect most of the people you're trying to inspire by such acts just think you're a troublemaking dope. Good blog entry.

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