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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weiner Resigned

Congressman Weiner finally resigned.

E-mailing/twittering half-naked pictures of yourself is pretty stupid. However, he probably could have survived if he didn't lie about it. Most people will prefer a new figurehead, rather than the guy who's a proven compulsive liar.

If Weiner is going to lie about wiener pictures, then you can be sure he'll lie about important things. His crime was lying about it, which is much more stupid and flagrantly evil than sending out the pictures.

Who did Weiner think he was going to fool? Didn't he realize that every woman he ever sent a picture would come forward, for her 15 minutes of fame?

I'm not sure if Weiner is a strong parasite or full psychopath. I can't be sure, because I haven't met him. I'm guessing psychopath.

Weiner probably figured that his emotional manipulation skills would get him out of trouble. However, the flagrant evil was too obvious even for a psychopath reality distortion field.

There will be a special election, to fill Weiner's seat. There's a quirk in NY election law, for replacement elections. There is no primary. Instead, the Democratic and Republican party leaders pick the candidates. You can also qualify for the ballot as a 3rd party by collecting signatures, which disqualifies anyone but a well-financed candidate.

In a heavily Democratic district, whoever the Democrats nominate should win. By resigning, Weiner insures that Democratic party insiders pick his replacement. In 2012, that insider-picked candidate will be the incumbent, and should win easily. In a contested primary, the winner might not be the preferred choice of insiders.

Weiner's buddies will take care of him. He'll get a cushy job as a lobbyist or political analyst. Once you're on the State insider gravy train, you're usually set for life. I'm sure some promises were made to Weiner, in exchange for resigning.

Weiner's replacement will almost definitely be another parasite or psychopath. That is the beauty of modern State design. Even if a figurehead leader is disgraced, there's always another scumbag ready to replace him.

Even if you get rid of one evil politician, the replacement will be just as bad or worse. "Working within the system" is hopeless. Psychopaths designed the system to guarantee that psychopaths will always be in control.


dionysusal said...

>Psychopaths designed the system to guarantee that psychopaths will always be in control.

Very periphrastic. :P Could not have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

Your views are the truth, which is to be valued above all else.

Anonymous said...

Hey FSK. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that your posts are top notch quality and I get a real kick out of some of them, especially with lines like "psychopath reality distortion field" - good stuff brother. Keep it up!

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My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at