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Monday, June 20, 2011

Thomas James Ball And The Second Set Of Books

This story is interesting. A man set fire to himself in front of a New Hampshire courthouse. He was protesting a child support "contempt of court" hearing. People on did some research, and the suicide victim was Thomas James Ball.

He sent a suicide note to the local newspaper, and they published it.

Thomas James Ball was angry. He was about to be jailed for "contempt of court" for failing to pay child support. There is no official "debtors prison" in the USA, *BUT* you can be jailed indefinitely for failing to pay child support. The legal loophole is that it's "contempt of court" and not that you were jailed for failing to pay. Unfortunately, "I'm broke and can't afford to pay." is not an acceptable excuse. Even more ironically, the debt continues to accrue while you're in jail. How are you supposed to earn money to pay child support while in prison?

Thomas James Ball mentioned a principle I hadn't heard before. It's "The Second Set Of Books". The First Set Of Books is the Constitution and official written laws. The Second Set Of Books is the rules and procedures that State thugs obey.

Thomas James Ball was complaining about the law regarding domestic violence. The police procedures say "In a domestic violence 911 call, always arrest someone." That's an example of the Second Set Of Books. That violates the First Set Of Books, which says "protection from unreasonable search and seizure".

Another example of the Second Set Of Books is the procedure that says "Don't drop the charges. Always proceed to trial." This extracts maximum suffering from the victim. The victim can usually be coerced into a plea bargain, rather than suffer the expense and stress of a trial.

As another example, there is no law that explicitly says "You can't mention 'jury nullification'." However, the Second Set Of Books says you can't. Every judge and lawyer knows this unofficial law.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that a policeman may break down your door without a warrant, if he smells marijuana. Now, the Second Set Of Books was updated. A policeman will now say "I smell marijuana!" before breaking down your door.

Here are examples of The Second Set Of Books:

  1. an IRS enforcement manual
  2. police rules and procedures
  3. prosecutor rules and procedures
  4. lawyer training
  5. State licensing for various jobs
  6. a seminar in a luxury resort, telling judges the "right" way to interpret patent law and copyright law
  7. an FBI agent instruction manual
The Second Set Of Books frequently contradicts The First Set Of Books. The First Set Of Books sometimes says that individuals have rights. The Second Set Of Books can be summarized as "We can do whatever we want."

Thomas James Ball makes a point that I mentioned before. State law is biased against men. In his position, I probably would have surrendered and leeched off taxpayers living in prison. I also probably would work off-the-books, once I get out of prison.

Thomas James Ball probably could have fled to another state or fled the country or assumed a new identity. It may not have been worth the effort, for police to hunt him down and kidnap him, over small debts.

If you do get married, *MAKE SURE YOUR WIFE NEVER CALLS 911 FOR A STUPID REASON*. After the "domestic violence" 911 call, the wife can't recant. If the man is in jail for a few days and loses his job, the wife is a fool.

Thomas James Ball was increasing frustrated and hostile, due to State injustice. In turn, this made judges and police more hostile towards him, and more inclined to rule against him.

This is an interesting example. Someone was frustrated and committed suicide in a high-profile manner. This is very similar to Joe Stack. As the system collapses and people get frustrated, more people will violently lash out.

I'm disappointed that Thomas James Ball couldn't find more useful resistance, rather than suicide. If every person who knows that the State is a scam commits suicide, then that helps the bad guys. It would have been better for him to start working as an agorist and fight the bad guys, rather than committing suicide.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across Thomas Ball's story this evening and was also intrigued by his mention of the bureaucrat's "Second Set of Books".
I did a quick search for that term & landed here and am relieved that the story has crept out of Mr. Ball's hometown into the light - even if only in the blogosphere. (His story should be front page news - not his suicide so much as his remarkably well-reasoned and eloquent "suicide note" - though I hesitate to call it 'suicide'.) The comments left on the Sentinal's website are overwhelmingly sympathetic to his description of the system and it's anti-Constitutional attack on We, the People.

What Mr. Ball had to say about the courts was dead on the money and chillingly describes the machinery in place that may ultimately enslave us all to it's will - it's damned close now.

His frustration echoes that of the gentleman in Texas who piloted his small aircraft into an IRS building... the system has begun to feed on those it claims to serve. How long before we, like the Jews who did flee pre-war Germany, will have to flee our own nation lest we be "processed" by a system populated by automatons who are "just doing my duty - nothing personal". (How do we say that in German?)

Thanks for posting on this - while the dam may never break... at least some of us are pointing out the cracks.

Anonymous said...


This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at