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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beta Male On NYC Subway

I saw something disgusting and hilarious on the subway. I saw a decent guy with an ugly evil girlfriend.

I view the "1-10" rating system as percentile, rather than a normal distribution. The guy was 7-8. The woman was a clearcut 1.

BTW, by FSK standards, "above average weight" doesn't imply ugly. Personality type is a factor. Above average weight and intelligent is attractive. Above average weight and evil/parasite as ugly. This woman was overweight and evil.

The man had the "abused productive" personality type. He wasn't able to attract an "abused productive" woman, due to The Matrix. He had enough self-respect to avoid someone really evil. Therefore, his only choice was a low-skill evil woman.

The woman had him totally psychologically dominated. That aspect was hilarious. He had a look of despair on his face. He was wondering "Is this all life has to offer me, dating a woman who's a '1'? Why can't I do better?" He probably subconsciously noticed me laughing at him.

The woman wasn't wearing a wedding ring. Maybe there was still some hope for the guy.

I thought about saying to him "Dude, learn some Game." I'm no Game expert, but I understand some of the principles. Should I have said something? I chickened out and didn't. I considered it.

There's a philosophy of meeting women known as "Game" or "Fast Seduction" or "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" (NLP). I'll use "Game" for all of these.

"Game" is a combination of great advice and lousy advice. I'm able to notice the useful advice and ignore the wrong advice.

In Game jargon, betas have the "abused productive" personality type. Omega are "extreme abused productive", like me before I started seeing The Matrix. Alphas are parasites. Super-alphas are psychopaths.

I no longer fit on that scale.

I'm able to understand emotions almost as well as a psychopath. I'm not interested in exploiting that knowledge to do evil things.

The philosophy of Game says "The Matrix exists. I can be an exploited beta, or I can be an exploiter/alpha/psychopath. I'd rather be an exploiter than a victim." The correct answer is to be neither an exploiter nor a victim.

Therefore, Game focuses on emulating psychopath behaviors, rather than being a true leader. That's why Game is perceived as evil. If you try to act like a psychopath without actually being a psychopath, it's obviously sleazy and Blagojevich-like. (That was Blagojevich's crime. He tried to play the psychopath favor-trading game without being a full psychopath. He got explicit in his quid pro quo demands. A psychopath would have done his part in exchange for a vague unspecified future favor, knowing he could count on his fellow psychopaths to obey the psychopath code of ethics.)

Game says "I want to be the parasite/psychopath, rather than be the victim." A true leader would say "I want to make sure my partner also understands how The Matrix works."

Game is a mixture of good advice and bad advice. That makes it useful and dangerous. By mixing good advice with bad advice, the good advice tricks people into believing that the bad advice is also good.

Here's the aspects of Game I consider to be good advice.

1. You should pursue multiple women.

2. If a woman rejects you, move on to the next one.

The State media brainwashing campaign explicitly encourages "oneitis". Consider a the plot of a typical "romantic comedy".

Guy meets girl. Girl rejects him. Guy is persistent. Girl rejects him. Guy is persistent. Girl eventually accepts him.
This promotes "oneitis".

Compare this with what a sane person does.
Guy meets girl #1. Girl #1 rejects him. Guy meets girl #2. Girl #2 rejects him. ... Guy meets girl #n. Girl #n accepts him.
That would be a lousy movie plot. That's how a sane guy meets women. By promoting plot #1 instead of plot #2, the State media cartel promotes oneitis.

3. Don't accept abuse.

4. Be sure of what you want.

I noticed that I'm able to almost instantly evaluate people now. That's a big advantage. "Don't trust your gut reaction!" is a type of pro-State brainwashing. Most people are able to intrinsically sense evil people, but they suppress this skill due to the Matrix. In fact, psychopaths use their "detect evil" skill to recognize fellow psychopaths!

5. Monogamy isn't natural. (I'm not sure about this one. It's an interesting viewpoint.)

6. Divorce law is biased against men.

Suppose I enter a contract with you. You break the contract, but I still have to pay you. That's stupid. Only an idiot would make such a contract. That's the way "no-fault" divorce laws work.

You wife can have an affair, divorce you, and you have to give her your stuff and pay alimony. Your wife can have a child with another man, and you have to pay to support it. What a ripoff!

One of my now-ex coworkers got screwed by this. His wife divorced him, he's paying child support, and his daughter is living with him while his ex-wife dates other men. He was on the phone with his ex-wife every day. What a loser! No wonder she divorced him.

I asked him if he was sure that his daughter was really his. He insisted "Yes." I advised him to get a paternity test and he refused.

You can avoid unfair divorce law by choosing your wife carefully. However, unfair laws would make even an honest woman tempted to cheat!

7. If you've been dating someone for awhile, don't slip into "beta mode" (abused productive mode).

8. "Game" tactics are useful, even if you want to get married and be monogamous. If you aren't the leader in your marriage, you will probably be cheated by State divorce law.

Suppose you are beta and your wife is the leader. Your wife may eventually decide "I'm tired of being the leader. I'm dumping this loser and dating someone stronger." Or, she might have an affair and leave you to raise someone else's child.

9. There's a lot of pro-State brainwashing against men and traditional male values. State insiders promoted "feminism" and "women in the workplace" to further enslave people and to start taxing women's labor.

"Men vs. women" is the usual "divide and conquer the slaves" trick.

10. There is a disconnect between emotional mental state and logical mental state. ("the rationalization hamster") This is a symptom of the Matrix.

Here's an example of negative features of Game:

1. Give a woman randomized negative feedback ("negs"). Strong random feedback is preferred to wimpy feedback. The correct answer is "Negative feedback only when she does something bad."

2. If a woman wants to get married, it's OK to string her along.

3. If a woman is ambivalent about sex, you should be super-aggressive. I don't like this. This could lead to "date rape" accusations.

This comes from the fact that a woman may emotionally be attracted to you, but be brainwashed into resisting.

4. Some people confuse "Act like a leader." with "Act like a scumbag." However, those people probably misunderstand Game.

5. There's a list of tricks you can use that works.

It's better to fully unplug from The Matrix. There's no finite list that works. If you're working from a script, it'll be obviously fake.

It was both amusing and frustrating to see that loser guy on the subway. I avoided that fate. I wasn't able to attract another "abused productive" woman. I was too self-aware to be with someone evil. Thus, I was left out. Now, I'm learning how to relate to "abused productive" women without acting like a psychopath. I'm making progress, but not fully there.

That's why "decent guy with ugly girlfriend" or "hot girl with ugly boyfriend" is a common pattern. If you have the "abused productive" (attractive) personality type, then your natural pairing is a parasite/psychopath (ugly).

I was simultaneously amused and offended by that decent guy on the subway, dating a "1". I thought about saying something, but didn't. Hopefully, I'll avoid that fate.


DC said...

*Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that giving advice to strangers on the subway is hazardous to you health*


DC said...

Almost every time a man gets married in the US he has been "gamed" by a women. As you correctly point out marriage is a very bad legal contract for a man right now.

Glad to see you have read Roissy in DC. Some of the posts on that blog are dripping with pearls of wisdom. Currently other authors are allowed to post. I think Roissy gave all of his personal wisdom and moved on.

Remember, never say I love you first.


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