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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Loco Parentis - The Crazy Parent

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Iraq Order 81":

This is one of those "gems" that are invaluable to know if one wants to figure out why did we go to Iraq, to bring them freedom or to shackle them to slavery.


also, might be of interest to you bud:

According to the Department of Human Services, there are claims of neglect against Godboldo for not giving her daughter prescribed medications. Godboldo has said the anti-psychotic medications prescribed for her daughter would do more harm than good and refuses to administer them.

Maryann Godboldo

I heard about that and was planning a post on that. I thought I had a draft. It was about *ANOTHER* mother jailed for failing to medicate her children.

This comes back to the legal principle of "In Loco Parentis". It's a Spanish phrase that means "The Crazy Parent". The State is like your crazy mother-in-law, telling you how to raise your children.

This story is offensive. A mother, Kristen Labrie, refused to drug her kid, as ordered by a doctor. The doctor complained to the State. She lost custody of her kid. The kid was forcibly drugged, and later died. The mother was convicted of murder, for failing to forcibly drug her child as ordered by the doctor and State.

Did the kid die because the mother refused to drug him? Did the kid die because he was taken from his mother and forcibly drugged?

Suppose the mother obeyed the doctor's orders and the kid died anyway. Would the doctor have been charged with murder?

This is a important issue. A patient has the right to refuse treatment. For a child, this decision is made by the parent. The State owns your child. Therefore, the mother is guilty of destroying State property.

My current drug, Seroquel, seems to be working well. However, I was hospitalized 7 times and given the wrong drug. Several psychiatrists gave me the wrong drug. I only found a psychiatrist who tried Seroquel because I refused treatment from incompetent doctors.

If I had blindly obeyed my doctor's orders, I would still be taking Risperdal and lithium. That had horrible side-effects. I was unable to do anything. In retrospect, I was correct to refuse treatment, because I was given the wrong drug. (I thought about a malpractice lawsuit. I decided that isn't practical. Besides, the statute of limitations has expired on my first few hospitalizations.)

This murder conviction is very offensive. A patient has the right to refuse medical treatment. A parent has the right to refuse on behalf of her child. If you refuse to drug your child, as ordered by a doctor, then you're guilty of murder?

This conviction is senseless. Does the prosecutor really believe the mother intentionally murdered her child? What is accomplished by jailing her? Instead of blaming a corrupt medical cartel, the mother is blamed.

"Treat illness with symptom-suppressing drugs" is one of the biggest medical scams ever. To preserve the medical cartel, the mother was blamed. This is a horrible precedent. State thugs are saying "If you disagree with your child's doctor, then we will kidnap your child and charge you with a crime." This corrupt trial is an excellent example of State evil.

That story was about chemotherapy. Psychiatric drugs are just as bad or worse.

This story is an interesting counterexample. A child was not responding well to chemotherapy. His father, Mike Hyde, gave him medical marijuana and stopped the chemotherapy. The child got better.

Did the child get better because of marijuana? Did the child get better because he stopped chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is literally poison. The idea is that cancer cells are reproducing rapidly. They will absorb more poison than healthy cells.

It's pretty pathetic that "take lots of poison" is the best cancer treatment available by State-licensed medicine. It's the usual paradigm of promoting drugs over other forms of medicine.

Here's a link summarizing Maryanne Godboldo's story.

Maryanne Godboldo was homeschooling her handicapped daughter. She decided to send her child to State public school. As condition of admission, her daughter was forced to get vaccinations.

Her child had negative side-effects of the vaccines. (This gets back to "Do vaccines cause autism?" and "Are vaccines really safe and effective?")

Maryanne Godboldo took her child to a State clinic (another mistake). The child was prescribed Risperdal. That seems bizarre, to prescribe Risperdal for vaccine side-effects? Do vaccines cause mental illness? Is there something in vaccines that helps reinforce pro-State brainwashing?

The child had even worse negative side-effects due to the Risperdal. The mother stopped poisoning her child. The doctors at the State clinic objected. They complained to the State police.

Police came to Maryanne Godboldo to kidnap her child and poison her. Maryanne Godboldo had a gun and resisted the police. Her child was kidnapped and now she was charged with a crime.

My personal experience with Risperdal was *EXTREMELY NEGATIVE*. Surprisingly, Seroquel seems to be working well.

A psychiatrist typically examines you for a couple of minutes a month. How can the psychiatrist tell in a few minutes, if the drug is working or not? How can the psychiatrist overrule the parent, who saw negative side-effects of the drug every day?

When I was taking Risperdal, I felt like doing nothing and sleeping all day. I couldn't concentrate. I expect that other people would have a similar negative side-effect. Psychiatrists justify their lies by saying "Every drug has a different effect on everyone." I disagree. If I had a serious negative side-effect on a drug, I question whether it's appropriate for others.

Most people won't push back, when their doctor prescribes a harmful drug. They'll be emotionally intimidated by their doctor, saying that the drug is working when it really isn't.

I strongly suspect that Risperdal is inappropriately used 99%+ of the time. Unfortunately, I can't trust State scientists to perform an honest experiment. I'd like to see research comparing psychiatric drugs and placebos over a period of years/decades. Most State medical research is for 6-12 weeks, an insufficient time period.

Do you have the right to refuse medical treatment for yourself? My psychiatrists reacted with extreme hostility, when I refused Risperdal, Geodon, Lithium, and Abilify.

Do you have the right to refuse medical treatment for your child? In a really free market, the parent gets to make decisions for his child until the child is an adult.

Many psychiatric drugs are worse than placebo. Chemotherapy may be worse than doing nothing.

Are children sick with a "mental illness"? Or, are they sick as a side effects of the drugs they are taking?

Are cancer patients sick because they have cancer? Are they sick because of the chemotherapy?

You should have the right to make medical decisions for your child. You should have the right to overrule the doctor and refuse treatment. This is especially true for treatments that have harmful side-effects, like psychiatric drugs and chemotherapy.

It is offensive that Maryanne Godboldo is charged with a crime, for protecting her child. The police were going to kidnap her daughter and poison her. The mother claimed that her daughter had negative side-effects on Risperdal. Isn't that a good enough reason?

The State claims that your children are State property. Via the legal principle of "In Loco Parentis" or "The Crazy Parent", the State tells you how to raise your children. If you disobey, State police will use violence to kidnap your children. If you attempt to defend yourself, you will be killed or charged with a crime.

If I had children and taught them about market anarchism, State police may kidnap and brainwash my child. The police might claim that I'm being a bad parent, for not teaching them State lies.


Anonymous said...

In loco parentis is actually a Latin phrase that means "in the place of the parent".

FSK said...

I figured someone from the peanut gallery would say that. Don't you understand sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

Steamroller says:
FSK: The State sponsored indoctrination system called The Dept. of Education has clearly been successful in its pro-state mind control of Anonymous since he doesn't recognize your brand of educational axioms (mocking) and clings tenaciously to his mandate of correcting error wherever he finds it existing in the minds of free people everywhere in order to demonstrate his idealogy to the trolls who are wallowing in the abyssmal pit of mediocrity. I am unsure if he fits the parasite type or the psychopath type, since he is so gung-ho on pointing out what he perceives as "error". You,FSK,on the other hand have adequately identified such petty little jackals that scrounge for tidbits to give illusory meaning to an otherwise irrelevant life.

For those who understand sarcasm, no explanation is necessary - - - for those who don't, NO EXPLANATION IS POSSIBLE! Good job, bud -

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