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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chicago's Victim Disarmament Zone

This story was interesting. Chicago has a "flash mob" crime wave.

Criminals are using the Internet to organize (FaceBook, Twitter). They organize a "flash mob". Many criminals attack the same store at the same time. They steal whatever they can, from the store or from customers. They run away before the police arrive.

This is an excellent example of the State police monopoly failing. They don't have the resources to patrol everywhere. Investigating afterwards is useless. The criminals get away. Small theft isn't that serious of a crime.

The store owners can't tell the Chicago police "You're fired. We're buying police protection somewhere else." With crippling high taxes, store owners don't have the resources to hire extra security.

This crime wave is so bad that it's risky to shop in certain areas.

There's an obvious solution. Store owners and employees and customers should be armed.

Right now, there's zero risk for the "flash mob" criminals. If some store owners fight back and kill some criminals, then the crime wave would stop.

The best justice is delivered immediately, from the victim's gun. State thugs are very hostile to real justice. If people can defend themselves, then they aren't dependent on the State.

You are justified using lethal force to defend yourself and your property. Unfortunately, the State "justice" system disagrees.

Current State law is very hostile to "defend yourself from crime". First, it's very hard to get a gun permit in Chicago. Second, even if you had a gun permit, you probably would be charged with murder if you defended yourself and your property.

There's an obvious solution to Chicago's "flash mob" crime wave. Store owners and employees should arm themselves. If a few criminals get killed, then they'll stop doing it.

Unfortunately, State thug are very hostile when people defend themselves from crime. That threatens the State's core monopoly, the police/violence monopoly. In Chicago, the State has created a victim disarmament zone. This makes "flash mob" crime raids profitable for criminals.

Right now, "flash mob" criminals face practically zero risk. This is an excellent example of the State police monopoly failing. The State forbids the correct solution. Store owners and employees should get guns and defend their property.


dionysusal said...

I live and work in downtown Chicago. This story has been way overblown by the media, as always. They are trying to drum up support for the police monopoly/protection racket . The proposed solution to the "problem" is "ZOMG! Hire more cops!" when there are already way too many leeching off the “taxpayers” and assaulting peaceful people for nonviolent “crimes.” This is just another problem-reaction-solution scam. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these ”flash mobs” are somehow being orchestrated by the state . And anyway, I have seen no evidence of these things, and I assume everything the media says is a lie until I can verify it with first-hand personal knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Farmer Martin in the United Kingdom had his farm buildings repeatedly burgled. He lived alone.

One of his neighbours was murdered by burglars.

He repeatedly contacted the police, but they failed to sort out the problem.

One night two burglars broke into his house. He was woken up. He killed one of the two burglars and the other one got away. A third burglar was in a get-away car.

The justice system spared no expense in jailing Farmer Martin. They even cooked up a story that is at odds to how shotguns actually work i.e. how the shot spreads out. The prosecution's story was debunked by an expert on a television programme.

Jailing Farmer Martin for defending himself against two burglars in the dark was not enough. One of the burglars sued Farmer Martin for injuries.

This ludicrous case was only stopped by a tabloid newspaper covertly filming the burglar showing he was not disabled at all.

Why is launching a bogus injury lawsuit not treated as extortion or perjury? Why do people and their lawyers who file bogus lawsuits not get put into jail? Why is lying and extortion acceptable?

Anonymous said...

If you fight back again 3 knife thugs that had kidnapped your family and have threatened to kill your son, then the justice system in the UK will:

a) Let the knife thug go free

b) Jail the victims

Read the following article and weep.

Anonymous said...

UK Government encourages criminal breaking and entering:

If you break into a house this is a CRIMINAL act.

However the stupid UK government will give squatters that criminally break into a house, FREE LEGAL AID AND FREE LAWYERS to defend their eviction.

If you have a family, a job and pay taxes in this country, the court system will dismiss your case to have squatters evicted from your house on a technicality.

This actually happened to a man, his wife and young family.

Squatters criminally broke into his house and got the government to pay for a lawyer to keep them in the house.

The stupid court system feel asleep at the wheel and let the squatters stay because the poor man that owned the house presented his own case and did not pay for a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

In case you did not get, it CRIMINALS and the government are one and the same.

They show each other professional courtesy.

That is why if you criminally steal from a law aiding, taxpayer the government will help you.

The government will pay for your legal advice and keep you out of jail on technicalities or because of an "injury".

The victims get nothing.

Anonymous said...

The story of Farmer Martin should shock you.

First the government prosecution presented a fake story to the jury about the shotgun evidence that was debunked on a television programme which did experiments with the spread of shotgun pellets.

Second a lawyer filed a fake injury claim against Farmer Martin that quietly went away when a tabloid newspaper filmed the burglar looking fit and well.

The legal system bashed Farmer Martin twice. He was the victim.

Lawyers that file bogus lawsuits and present bogus stories in court should be jailed.

Perjury, lying and extortion are REAL crimes.

dionysusal said...

Furthermore, even if the fear mongers are right, this is just more proof that the cops (and by extension the state) has no duty to protect anybody, Like you said, FSK, you have to take responsibility for your own safety (what a novel idea!). If you’re concerned about being the victim of a “flash mob,” you should arm yourself despite what some dimwit “lawmakers” say.

Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
This is disturbing my sleep. And I appreciate my sleep. So......
You know what?
It seemed so simple when I mulled it over, and when I considered the gain/loss risk....I decided that a lot of problems can be solved for less than a quarter.

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