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Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Best of FSK" - November 2010

"The Communist Manifesto's Successful Implementation in the USA" was cited on FaceBook. Because of the way FaceBook works (and other php-based sites), I don't know who was citing my blog. Reviewing that post, if you read the Communist Manifesto, the USA is a nearly perfect implementation of Communism.

So far, Seroquel seems to be working well for me. I'm very sensitive to negative side-effects and I'm not noticing any. On the other drugs I've tried, I wasn't able to do anything. With Seroquel, I'm able to do all my normal stuff. I seem to need more sleep, but I'm able to work normally.

Bizarrely, I'm not color blind anymore! I can verify by playing certain computer games. For example, I used to struggle on level 7-1 of Q*Bert (arcade version - MAME), because I couldn't make out the colors. I don't have that problem anymore. That supports my theory "Seroquel is a missing vitamin."

I can still see The Matrix. It's very disturbing. Someone less-unplugged than me who took Seroquel would be horrified/shocked by seeing The Matrix. Basically, everyone is a little crazy. It's somewhat stressful riding the subway, when you can see how everyone else is crazy. I'll make a more detailed post.

If it were somehow possible to get rid of the psychopaths in high-ranking government positions, things should get better without complete collapse. I still wonder if I gave Chuck Schumer's bodyguards and assistants a lesson in The Matrix. I'm not holding my breath waiting. Anarchism/agorism is still the correct answer. However, it would be nice if some non-psychopath government insiders are working on the psychopath problem.

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Anonymous said...

The trouble with human society is that it is hierarchical. If you disobey you won't get killed, but you will suffer financial losses.

There needs to be a means to disobey a bad order, without having to lose your job, get a bad reference and have trouble finding a decent job again.

Companies need to be more democratic. If the boss makes a bad decision, a majority vote of the workers can overturn it.

In the workplace (this sort of thing is well documented elsewhere) a cheap, safe alternative to sacking someone or firing someone without having to pay redundancy money or severance, is to simply bully and slander them until they are forced to resign. Employees can gain early promotions for bullying employees that fall out of favor. An employee that does not join in with the lies will later on be marked for harassment or at least won't get promoted or get deserved pay rises.

Until our society becomes less hierarchical with citizens empowered to ignore immoral and unethical orders, our problems will continue.

Ronnie said...

I don't care if Seroquel makes you taller or regrows your hair, it still isn't a vitamin.... Glad you are doing better though.

FSK said...

How do you know that "Seroquel is a vitamin." is false? Maybe the psychiatrists' research is wrong, and they accidentally made something useful.

Seroquel seems to have partially cured my color blindness! That is bizarre. That's supports my "Seroquel is a vitamin" theory.

Maybe Seroquel is a vitamin that's normally missing from human diet. It seems to be a psychiatric drug, because curing this vitamin deficiency makes it easier for people to see the Matrix.

Most people take Seroquel plus something else. You can't compare them to me.

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