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Monday, December 20, 2010

No Phone For You!

It turns out I wasn't eligible for a phone upgrade. Only my mother's line was eligible (she never upgraded).

Actually, I didn't like either the Blackberry or Motorola Android. The envTouch had a nicer keyboard than both of them. The lack of arrow keys was disturbing.


Anonymous said...

Why is FSK talking about phones?

Isn't there anything more important going on in the world?

In previous posts, FSK has asserted the mainstream media is not free and is essentially state propaganda.

FSK has given examples of when a mainstream media presenter or politician accidentally says the truth and is fired.

WikiLeaks is a non-mainstream media organization.

As the goons cannot fire Julian Assange, the only option is to smear him. This could have been predicted by FSK's posts. Namely that as the goons don't own Wikileaks, Julian cannot be fired and so can only be smeared.

If he is interviewed by mainstream media, the fools don't talk about the Collateral Murder video he published (killing of civilians and the an officer's order telling a soldier not to take an injured child to hospital) but rather about some allegations that were made over the phone and later dismissed in Sweden. The allegations after being dismissed were taken up over 40 days later after Julian left the country.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to upgrade my wife's phone, but her line wasn't eligible for upgrade (mine was). I upgraded my line, and then we switched lines. It worked.


FSK said...

I made a short post about phones because I didn't have time to prepare a longer post.

Also, I'm annoyed that Verizon tricked me into thinking I was eligible for an upgrade.

I'm so angry at my current phone.

There are two problems with the cell phone market.

Currently, you can only use phones approved by the carrier. That law will change soon.

Also, there's a "patent thicket". It's practically impossible for a new smartphone player to enter the market, without infringing someone's patent.

FSK said...

I thought about taking my mother's upgrade, but then my sister wouldn't get an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Patents can be evil.

It is possible to patent something obvious that anyone competent in the field could think up.

Government patent offices don't always have qualified, experienced staff that can spot patents for obvious things.

Once you have a patent, you have a license to sue people.

Microsoft have a vast amount of intellectual property and devote a lot of resources towards copy protection.

However a little company sued Microsoft in Europe over a copy protection patent. I think they even run the first round.

It just doesn't make sense to me. Given the importance of copy protection, Microsoft has done a lot of work in this area. They have no need to lift other peoples' work.

I have investigated fully, but it seems to me the little company's patent was for something obvious.

Patenting things like storing a hash describing the computer's hardware and software environment is obvious and only a bunch of clowns would allow patents on this.

Max said...

There is no such thing as an "intellectual property". It is absurd to pretend that there is.

It is the main propaganda talking point that the institution of intellectual property helps us all to develop the world, by arranging a profit for the inventor.

This is a fallacy. How come?

Simple. If we lived in a world where inventions weren't made, then one could argue that they would be, given a profit motive. But, as it is, this is not true. Lots of people invent for free, or for profit, without an attached monopoly right from a government.
Not that I am arguing that in such a world there should be patents, but I merely agree that such an argument could be raised.

What patents do, is the provide a right to profit from what would otherwise be invented anyway, an for less or for free.

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