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Monday, December 13, 2010

Should You Boycott Over Wikileaks?

There was an amusing debate on Under pressure from the State, kicked Wikileaks off its servers. ( lets people rent space on its servers. That's "Amazon Web Services".)

Some people are calling for a boycott of, in protest. makes money off "Amazon affiliate links". They're advocating to not boycott (If you put a link to on your website, and people click the link and later buy, then you get a commission.)

Someone pointed out "There are more people who would boycott for *NOT* kicking Wikileaks off their servers, than there are people who would boycott for censoring Wikileaks." executives have an obligation to their shareholders. If they took a moral stand they might lose their business. It isn't worth antagonizing State terrorists. wouldn't be accused of "Hosting Wikileaks on their servers." State terrorists would find some other excuse. The laws are so vague that anyone could be accused of breaking them.

Suppose you boycott and buy from X instead, paying the same price or slightly more. The amount of taxes on the transaction is approximately the same. The State makes the same revenue, whether you buy from or from another State-licensed business. ( has been helping people avoid sales taxes on transactions, exploiting a legal technicality.)

If you really want to hurt State parasites, you have to work off the books. If you work as an agorist, assuming a 50% income taxation rate, you're denying the State a huge chunk of your labor, even if you later buy from a State-licensed business.

Even better, as the agorist economy gets more sophisticated, there will be alternatives to Now, you probably incur a financial loss or inconvenience if you boycott An agorist store would have lower prices and higher quality, because they're bypassing all State taxes and regulations. If you work as an agorist and purchase goods from other agorists, then you're really hurting the State.

If you decide to boycott over Wikileaks, you aren't accomplishing much. As long as you work on-the-books as a wage slave, the State is stealing your labor. As long as you buy from a State-licensed business, State parasites get a cut of the transaction.


Anonymous said...

If you remember back in 2000/2001, the customer service representatives at in Seattle grouped together to complain about excessive hours and bad shift patterns.

In response fired a lot of customer service reps and moved some of the work out to India.

At the time there were accusations that was anti-union.

There are other accusations that treats employees like batteries i.e. sucks out all their energy and then dumps them.

Some groups have staff that regularly leave after 1 year.

The codebase was developed very quickly and got into a pattern of releasing new projects quickly and then having to expend a lot of energy fixing all the problems. What you see from the outside isn't necessarily what goes on in the inside.

Anonymous said...

On another website, one commenter neatly summarized the situation as the below.

Killing civilians = video game
Committing crimes = fine
Reporting crimes = criminal

Everyone knows the current "accusations" (if you can call them that, the accusations don't even seem to be detailed in writing yet i.e. just non-specific, non-detailed lawyer, media released dog dirt) are fake, but Julian is in prison. Not because there is any evidence against him, but because a man in a silly wig says because he is Johnny Foreigner he is a flight risk.

This seems a nasty, shyster lawyer trick.

If the corrupt people pursing Julian detailed their accusations, the case would go away as there is nothing. So these goons don't give any details - just jelly so it can be spun out a bit more.




FSK said...

That is an interesting point. Even if Assange is ultimately acquitted, he isn't reimbursed for legal expenses and time spent in jail.

Anonymous said...

I would guess he has to pay lawyers in both Sweden and the United Kingdom. Double whammy.

If the thugs in the US cobble some stupid case together, Julian will have to pay for US lawyers as well.

The legal profession is a "fraud". Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. You don't need to get paid a fortune for knowing what every citizen on this planet knows.

Lawyers have no skills that a productive society needs.

Anonymous said...

> ultimately acquitted,


His lawyers have not even been given detailed accusations.

The Swedes even refused to talk to him when he was in Sweden for 40 days after the two women asked for advice. NOTE ASKED FOR ADVICE, NOT MADE A COMPLAINT.

How bent does the system have to get?

Anonymous said...

What authority do Swedish prosecutors and UK judges have?

Are they directly elected by the people?

Well UK judges are NOT elected by the people.

This is a pity. If a judge makes bad decisions, the people should have the ability to vote him out.

If a prosecutor makes bad decisions (i.e. delaying for over a year so as the 6 month time limit on assault gets passed, so a policeman can get away with killing an innocent man) he should be voted out.

But these jokers still stay in office.

The useless politicians say they cannot interfere in the legal process and so the court system is not answerable to the people.

Scott said...

One way I've seen a lot of people use to avoid paying taxes is to downsize their life and live on less. Small, energy efficient house, public transportation. Even move to another country like Thailand and run a remote business from the beach there. All perfectly legal. Best way to avoid taxes is to be poor. But being poor is not bad if you prepare well.

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