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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Paul Krugman Endorses Ron Paul

Paul Krugman wrote an article trashing Ron Paul. A lot of people were angry and offended.

Actually, this is progress! Which do you prefer:

  1. The mainstream media completely ignores Ron Paul.
  2. The mainstream media talks about how Ron Paul is such a pathetic fool.
(2) is much better than (1). Paul Krugman can't go any further than that. What do you expect Paul Krugman to say? "Ron Paul is right. My career is a fraud. I'm a mindless brainwashed zombie." He isn't going to do that.

It's obvious that Paul Krugman is a shill for the State. You don't win a Nobel Communism Prize unless you're a skilled pro-State troll. Paul Krugman's job is to make fancy lies that justify State violence and State control of the economy.

I already mentioned that it's wrong to define yourself relative to Paul Krugman. If you feel obligated to refute every stupid thing he says, then it's a huge waste of time. It's loss-oriented thinking, to read and refute every shill for the State. I know that Paul Krugman is pro-State trolling. I don't read him. I'm not surprised when he says stupid things. I'm annoyed that other people get so angry, when he spreads his lies. I get tired reading all these articles explaining why Paul Krugman is wrong. If you're reading a blog that explains why Paul Krugman is wrong, then you already know that the mainstream media is full of lies.

Paul Krugman wrote an article trashing Ron Paul. This is progress! Normally, the mainstream media censors an idea by not mentioning it at all. Now, the mainstream media spends time refuting Ron Paul. That might cause some slaves to research Ron Paul. There are some Congressmen and insiders, other than Ron Paul, who are criticizing the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul still is a shill for the State. He's spouting the standard Libertarian lie "We need a government violence monopoly. We should keep it small." The problem is that, no matter what checks and balances you have, government has a violence monopoly. With a violence monopoly, insiders will seek to consolidate and expand their power. Once you have a government violence monopoly, it degenerates to the current mess. When an empire is collapsing, stealing via government becomes more profitable than working. Historically, governments collapse when insiders make stealing more profitable than working.

Ron Paul is pro-State trolling when he says "We should have a government violence monopoly. We should keep it small." The correct answer is "All taxation is theft. Government is one huge extortion racket. A government violence monopoly is immoral." Ron Paul helps distract (L)libertarians from anarchism. Ron Paul is a shill for the State. However, he is one of the few politicians who criticizes the Federal Reserve and IRS. Those are two key components of State evil. Currently, Ron Paul is the most freedom-oriented viewpoint allowed in the mainstream media.

Even though Ron Paul will retire soon, there still will be some freedom-minded Congressmen. The difference is the Internet, rather than Ron Paul himself. However, Wikileaks might be a "false flag op", designed to provide an excuse for crushing freedom of expression on the Internet. Statists probably won't succeed, but they might try.

When Paul Krugman spends time trashing Ron Paul, that is a type of endorsement. That's much better than completely ignoring his viewpoint.


Scott said...

Great article. Completely true, especially about the Nobel and Krugman and the bizarre sociology of it all.

Anonymous said...

I watched a Ron Paul video today in which he proposed a bill that would make it illegal for a federal employee to do anything to you that a normal citizen cannot. This was directed towards TSA intimate body searches of travelers and possibly unhealthy full body scans.

Anonymous said...

In the United Kingdom if your home is being burgled, the police will refuse to come out. Well a friend of ours said that was his experience.

There was a case in which a bus driver drove outside a police station and police were told two people were taking drugs upstairs. They refused to come out and arrest the drug takers.

I've had friends and family report crimes to the police (real crimes) and the police either refuse to investigate or do a botched investigation (i.e. don't bother to get the right CCTV videos).

What actual good to the police in the UK do? If you are being being burgled they won't do a thing.

But it seems the police are all to happy to put people in prison for 7 days under political pressure.

Is that all they are really good for now?

What about tackling REAL CRIME?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul can't say the things you say on this blog, even though I bet he would agree with you. You have to understand that he's in a high, difficult-to-attain position that grants him a platform to shine a bright light on the evils of the U.S. government and monetary system, which, as we all know, have both been captured by the international banking conspiracy.

If Ron Paul were to spout off about stuff like extortion rackets, parasites, the Supreme Leader of Humanity, and the Matrix, the controlled media would lampoon and marginalize him into the dustbin of looney tune history. And that wouldn't be of use to anybody, except the Insiders he's slowly trying to expose.

We need people like Paul to calmly and rationally explain to the sleeping people why they need to start paying attention to issues like money, banking, debt, and the relation those issues have to the sorry state of political affairs. He serves that purpose. People from around the world have come to the freedom movement through glimpses of Ron Paul on television and Youtube. There's evidence of this everywhere you look.

He is brilliant in his soft-approach strategy, and people like you should recognize it.

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