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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Million Dollar Money Drop

"Million Dollar Money Drop" was a disappointment. They made a lot of common mistakes. I like good game shows. Lousy game shows are offensive.

One mistake is "Edit the show so it fits in an hour." Suppose it's 9:58. You know that the players get that question wrong, because there isn't enough time to play another question. Suppose it's 9:50. You know that the players get the question right, because there's time for another question. Really, they should "wrap" the episodes. An unfinished game carries over to the next show.

If they always edit the show to fit in an hour, that ruins it, when there's only a few minutes left. "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" wraps games. The first season of "Deal or no Deal" wrapped games, but later versions didn't.

Another mistake is "too much talking and not enough game". They play less than 7 questions per hour. That's way too slow. Most modern game shows have too much dead time. Do you really need to tease the contestants on *EVERY* question with a slow reveal? I'd like to see a show that's mostly focused on the game.

Another mistake is "player vs. house" and not "player vs. player". Most "classic" game shows featured mostly "player vs. player" competition, with "player vs. house" only occurring in the bonus game. I'd like to see more player vs. player competition.

Another mistake is "The grand prize must always be $1 million." In 1999, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" had a grand prize of $1M. Since then, it seems mandatory for every show to have a grand prize of $1M. If you adjust for inflation, $1M in 2010 is a lot less than $1M in 1999.

I'd much rather see a good game, than have a $1M grand prize. For example, they could have played "The $100k Money Drop" and made the show move 4x faster. That would have been a better show. There's no point having a $1M grand prize if the game is boring.

I wonder if they adjust the difficulty of the questions, based on how well you're doing? Do they give you easy questions if you already lost most of your money? Do they give a hard question if you still have a lot of money left?

"Million Dollar Money Drop" is mediocre execution of a decent idea. They shouldn't always edit the game to fit in an hour. They should move the game faster. I'd rather see a good game, than a $1M grand prize.

"Million Dollar Money Drop" illustrates a defect in State media programming. Everyone's trying to copy "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" I'd rather see something really original, than a clone of an already-successful show. If you're a clueless media executive, a clone of an already-successful show is less risky than doing something original. Nobody gets fired for copying. If you try something original and it flops, then you do risk being fired. Therefore, every executive is copying past successes rather than trying something original.


PlugLess said...


This is a TV show for Christ's sake. TV is for those still plugged in.

What do you expect, seriously? You think you will be like the "Neo"? Being plugged in and still being able to see the code? That was a dramatic implement, a plot device. That was a lie.

The truth is, anyone can see it when plugged in again, after you unplug. Most unplugged, because they noticed the matrix, like you, even before they did pull the plug.

Until you unplug, you are owned by the Matrix, no matter what you might think. There is no freedom to control yourself while plugged in. This is another thing that is different from the movie. Yes, you can understand everything, but NO, you can do nothing, until you pull it.

If you watch the TV or any mainstream media, you're still not out, you're still in matrix, and you don't know shit (I am sorry to say), even if you do see the code. See you may, but your will power isn't there.

This is why you still fighting for blog pennies, and not building an agorist software, and in general, burning your life for nothing. You're tamed! The matrix hopes that you die with your dreams only, no action.

You watch sports?
Don't you know why you watch sports? What it is that makes sport program interesting? How does it "touch the pleasure button"?

The time it takes to get the poison out of your consciousness is about 6 month (for me) after being unplugged.

Of course, may-be you have a trouble to make the decision, to commit, like a boy would. That's normal. Just don't make the mistake of thinking you are the man then. Better indulge in ignorance, lest you become a freak that has a fence embedded in his ass.

Although fine and dandy, you're just a wannabe. Man up or stop playing with the fire.

Anonymous said...

Have your tried Jeopardy. It's excellent, and really the only legitimate gameshow on TV

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