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Friday, October 1, 2010

Nazi Social Contract

Statists say "By living in the USA, you consent to the social contract. If you don't like it, then leave."

The fallacy of "If you don't like it, then leave!" is that other countries are just as bad or worse. There are international treaties. There are laws restricting immigration. State insiders in various countries collude to keep the slaves in line.

If you take an extreme example, you could say "The Jews living in Nazi Germany consented to their own murder. The 'social contract' in Germany allowed it. By not fleeing, the German Jews consented to being murdered."

Similarly, you could say "The people murdered in the Soviet Union or Communist China consented to it. The 'social contract' allowed it."

In his "war crimes" trial, Saddam Hussein said "I was the absolute dictator of Iraq. By definition, everything I did was legal." If you support "social contract" theory, you should support that argument. The social contract in Iraq said "Saddam Hussein is dictator."

A statist would say "Those are extreme examples. The USA isn't that evil." The fact that the USA is not as evil as other countries, does not justify the bad things that happen. That's like saying "I'm a good husband. I only beat my wife once per week. Other husbands do it daily."

There is no "social contract". If you take an extreme/accurate view, then a "social contract" can justify any evil. In the USA, I probably won't be sent to a death camp based on my blog. The State steals more than half my labor/life via taxes. There are many laws restricting my freedom and my choices.

For example, it's difficult/illegal for me to buy raw milk, even if I think it's better than pasteurized milk.

It's illegal for me to work as a doctor, because I don't have a State permit. Even though I don't want to work as a doctor, the AMA licensing cartel restrict my choices. I pay higher prices and get lower quality medical care, due to the State medical cartel. Under the guise of "protecting patients from bad doctors", State parasites protect insiders. A bad doctor does not suffer from market competition. Generally, a bad doctor keeps his State license, unless he really messes up or offends State insiders. The State licensing cartel protects bad doctors who managed to jump through the hoops and get a license.

The fact that the USA is more free than other countries does not justify evils that do occur. Unfortunately, the trend in the USA is towards less freedom rather than towards more freedom.


Scott said...

Great comeback for this argument, I'll be using this one in future discussions with the scores of people who use this argument.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be so sure about not being sent to a death camp over your blog. You and your readers could easily be marked for just such a thing in the not-too-distant future.

Even so, great piece. I've often wondered how best to counter the "social contract" b.s. I had a sherriff's deputy lay that one on me while being jailed for having no driver's license, insurance or state-issued plates on a piece of machinery that I had bought, not the state, and had every right, by law and by statute, to use on the common streets.

I like your presentation. Basically, they're saying, "We have a right to kill you [or steal your labor and property, make prostitutes out of your toddlers, deny you food, etc]. We have a contract signed by the rest of the obedient slaves. If you don't like it, go somewhere else where they'll do the same thing to you but in a different language."

The King of Kings, through a prophet, once said, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge."

How true.

Anonymous said...

People in the UK pay over half their income in taxes.

Yet if you get sick you are not guaranteed to get treatment.

For example a doctor in the UK got cancer, but the clowns in the National Health Service refused to give her cancer drugs.

If people did not have to pay high taxes they would have more savings. They could then use their savings to actually get treatment if they get sick.

In the UK you pay taxes, but you are out of luck if knife thugs steal your house, kidnap your family or if you get sick.

The police will do nothing. If you report a crime, the police will arrest you. I hear many cases of law abiding taxpayers harassed for years by feral youths. If you demonstrate to the thugs to leave you alone, the thugs will report you to the police and the police will arrest you. There are many newspapers reports about this.

One man was harassed for years by feral youths. They constantly kicked a football against his wall. As he had to work from home they destroyed his concentration. One day he had enough and ran outside his house carrying a knife he used to package up parcels for his home based business. Although he did not threaten anyone with this knife, the thugs saw his knife and reported him to the police. The police arrested him and the clown court gave him a criminal record. The thugs were left untouched by the police.

The courts and police leave the real criminals alone. Perhaps this is professional courtesy. The law aiding taxpayer is shaken down.

Kyle said...

The fallacy in complaining that "other countries are worse" is your assumption and expectation that somehow you have a right to live free and happy. (you don't)

You may not explicitly consent or approve of what happens to you, but it's nobody's fault but your own if you do nothing about it. You are not owed any rights, protections, happiness or wealth. To say you do, is statist, and forcing people whom do not recognize your rights to recognize them.

Communism, libertarianism, natural law, divine law, Constitutionalism are ultimately axiomatic on one issue, that humans are owed protection of their rights.

You are right though, that US is still better than many countries in many respects. If you can make it better, good, but if you can't, it's useless to complain.

Criminals complain too about how they're not free to be what they want, but I don't suppose you sympathize with their wishes.

FSK said...

No, there are some natural rights that people have, even without government.

For example, I have the natural right to protect myself if someone tries to rob me, or purchase protection from whoever I choose. The statist viewpoint is "You do not have the right to defend yourself, unless we explicitly approve."

Anonymous said...

One night I was traveling home in the United Kingdom.

It seems a small woman had the wrong or no bus ticket. So a van of ticket inspectors were called out. They surrounded her. Then the police were called out. They surrounded her. It was a gang of ticket inspectors and police all surrounding one poor little woman that just wanted to get home by public transport.

The ticket inspectors were huge, burly men. They were built like gorillas.

All these men against one tiny woman.

I saw them hand the woman a piece of paper and she was left in tears.

I wonder how much money and petrol was spent bringing a van of burly men and policemen out to confront one poor, tiny little woman that just wanted to get home by bus.

Yet if your home is currently being burglarized the police WILL DO NOTHING. A neighbour called the police and they refused to come out.

One man was confronted by burglars and he phoned the police. They refused to come out. So he told them he had a gun. They came then.

The police in the UK will not do anything against real, hard criminals armed with knives.

But if you drop litter or have the wrong bus ticket, the police will come out straight away and bully you until you start crying.


With reference to current UK news, you can form a gang and carry knives and break into people homes, change the locks and claim squatters rights. The police will not do a thing as they say it is a civil matter.

Anonymous said...

FSK if you were in the UK, a gang of knife thugs could kidnap your family and threaten to kill them. If you hit one of the thugs with a cricket bat, a court will jail you.

The knife thugs will all go free, because they will be too injured to stand trial. Of course they are well enough to commit more crimes.

See the URL below if you don't believe me.

I guess courts and the police want criminals to be free as criminals and courts have a deadly pact. Courts need more victims to jail to stay in business.

The legal system only harasses the innocent. They leave the real criminals alone, because they all are parasites that between them have never done a day's honest work in their lives.

Scott said...

I dearly and passionately love many of the posts here by "anonymous" but there are many anonymous and I do not know which is which. My dearest anonymouses, please choose Name/URL. Use a fake but consistent name, the URL field is optional. This way I will be able to categorize your posts and address you by alias if need be. Thanks.

Colin Rigney said...

C'mon man. I get what you're saying and I do agree with some elements. But, uhhh, AMA medical cartel? They won't deny you to practice if you've gone to medical school and studied pathology, orthopedics, geriatrics, pediatrics, urology, etc, etc. The profession has to be safeguarded, don't you agree?? Any person posing as an "eastern medicine" doctor with alternative views would not be the optimal person represent the medical profession IMO. Are you a doctor who has been denied the privilege of treating patients? I'm not understanding this part of your argument other than a slight twinge of paranoia.

FSK said...

Why should government have a monopoly for deciding who's a qualified doctor?

"We're protecting customers!" is a codeword for "We're restricting supply and driving up prices and protecting insiders."

John said...

"C'mon man. I get what you're saying and I do agree with some elements. But, uhhh, AMA medical cartel?"

Anonymous said...

A fundamental right is that humans should have housing.

It is possible to save up for a large proportion of your working life and buy property.

If you want to leave it to your children you are out of luck if you live in a country with high inheritance taxes.

However if you are a foreigner, perhaps with plundered wealth from Russia, you can buy property in the United Kingdom in the name of a British Virgin Islands (etc.) company and then it is free of inheritance tax and other taxes.

Taxes are only for the little people - certainly they are not for politicians and wealthy people.

With the high cost of rents, transport, taxes etc. it is difficult for even a smart, hard-working person to save up a deposit to buy property.

Even if you manage to buy property, you can lose your job in a recession.

Then the government will shake you down for local taxes that ARE NOT DEPENDENT ON INCOME.

You will then have to sell your house or apartment to pay off the government goons.

Government used to be the only thug that could steal your property.

Now foreign knife gangs have entered the UK and have started to compete with government for stealing houses.

The knife gangs wait until the owner has left and then break in. They change the locks and claim squatters' rights. If the police pop up they say they are renting it from a mystery person that can never be found. The police are willfully stupid and believe this pack of lies.

Government, knife thugs from foreign countries... They are all thieves.

If you do not work, then the government will put you up in a million pounds house and give you a big plasma television and many games consoles.

The taxpayer works all his/her life and the government steals their homes. The property is given free to the work-shy and feckless.

Politicians, the police, bankers, knife thugs... They are all thieves and stick together.

Anonymous said...

I have a little savings and a little income at the moment. I don't claim any government benefits.

However if my income decreases or some emergency happens, I may not have enough money to pay local taxes which are not proportional to income.

Then I will be kicked out of my own property.

The house will either go to a wealthy banker as bankers are the only ones who can afford property in certain areas. Or it will go to a workshy person that has worked out how to game the benefit system.

If you have lots of children, the government will pay you lots of benefits. The government will give you a big house.

Housing is according to priority and you are more of a priority if you have lots of kids.

In fact if my income goes down, a wealthy banker or a workshy mother of 10 children that has never worked in her life, will get my house to live in.

I will be turned out onto the street and as I don't have young children will not qualify to get housing.

You and your family can work all your life. It is hard to save too much money. If an emergency happens, the government will take your house, even if you have full title to it and have long since paid off any mortgages, and give it to a lazy person.

It is just easier to never do any work and then the government will give you everything.

Local taxes are unaffordable because one-third of local taxes go to pay ex-council worker pensions and not actually for services.

Anonymous said...

FSK u gotta be careful in using catchy titles. The Jews had an older, stronger and more binding social contract than the Germans did. When they MIGRATED to Germany they didn't accept the law of the land, hence they were never part of the German social contract.(I'm not justifying murder, just saying that where else can u find more contempt for the other human beings than in the BLOODLINES of the children of Israel.) In my view Hitler's ideology is Judaism on steroids less the God part. He just did in a short time period what these people have done for centuries. Gaza Strip is reality not a guide to it.

Statist troll said...

FSK, and who are you to say you have natural rights?

Who are you to say statists are wrong aside from the fact they are nice enough to allow you to voice your opinion?

If statists could get away with killing or silencing dissent, would knowing or saying they are wrong do or mean shit?

FSK said...

Maybe I'm secretly the Supreme Leader of Humanity, posing as some Anonymous blogger.

The fact that State thugs don't murder me for questioning them, doesn't make their authority legitimate.

Historically, the societies that are most productive are those whose laws best approximate natural law. The USA is going in the wrong direction. The trend in the USA is towards less freedom rather than towards more freedom.

The USA is in the end-of-empire phase. That's a time of rising corruption and decreasing freedom. That inevitably leads to a sharp correction.

"Natural law and natural rights" are a universal truth. If you disagree, you're wrong. If you don't understand my explanation, then we speak different languages and I'm literally wasting my time on you.

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