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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stimulus Accounting

State comedians say "The stimulus was a success! Without the stimulus, there would have been more unemployment and a smaller economy!" They cite fake statistics that justify their conclusions.

There is no "experimental economics". There's no way to go back in time, not perform a bailout/stimulus, and see what would have happened.

The stimulus/bailout was a huge scam. It was financed via deficit spending and inflation. Via inflation, productive workers were robbed. The profits went to State insiders.

State comedians have an amusing economic model. They joke "Every $1 of stimulus spending leads to $3 of increased economic activity." Under those assumptions, the stimulus was a smashing success. That 3:1 ratio is completely fabricated.

If $3T of stimulus is beneficial, then why not have $3000T of stimulus spending? Wouldn't that be 1000x better? A State economist would say "Now you're being silly." The real con is "Deficit spending stimulates the economy." Via biased inflation measures like the CPI, inflation is confused with real economic growth.

Mainstream economics is fake science. It's a bunch of lies and propaganda. State parasites promote fake economics, because it justifies their theft and intervention in the market.

State-licensed economists work for the State, directly or indirectly. In the USA, the #1 employer of economists is the Federal Reserve. In a university, most of the funding comes from the State. Most "economic think thanks" are funded by insiders.

Via "peer review", it's very hard for an economist to dissent and tell the truth. That would be a bad career move. "Peer review" is an excellent censorship mechanism, while pretending to be a serious way to evaluate scientists.

A lot of money was stolen via stimulus spending and bailouts. The stimulus/bailout was financed mostly via inflation. If you want to protect your savings from theft via inflation, you should invest in gold and silver.

State economists loudly proclaim that the stimulus was a success. They claim that without the stimulus, things would have been even worse. The mainstream media parrots that lie without questioning it. What do you expect State parasites to say? "HAHAHA!!! We stole trillions of dollars while pretending to help people!" They're going to insist they did the right thing.

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Anonymous said...

Although this is off-topic, a theme of this blog is that there should be competing police forces as the current one is ineffective.

In the United Kingdom, we have had cases whereby a gang of knife thugs can take over your house while you are out on a walk and change the locks. The police will refuse to do anything as they say it is a civil matter, despite breaking and entering being a criminal act. Why do the police turn a blind eye to criminal acts being committed?

Although the case now described is different a mother of two had her house taken over by someone else with NO VALID CONTRACT.

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Why can't the useless clowns in Parliament pass a law to stop this happening?

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The comments on the Daily Mail website are illuminating and shocking at the same time. One commenter talks about a time when people will go to the local heavies instead of the police to get these matters sorted out.

The police do nothing apart from sitting in warm offices.

A while ago a bus driver noticed people were taking hard drugs on the top deck of his bus. He drove to a police station, while a passenger entered the police station to ask the police to arrest the drug takers. The police refused to do anything as they said they had no available police officers!!!!!

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