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Friday, March 26, 2010

Who Murdered Benjamin Franklin's Grandson?

Once in a while, I read a story that makes me think "ZOMFG! Why didn't they mention that in my State brainwashing center (school)?" The story of Benjamin Franklin Bache is very interesting.

Benjamin Franklin Bache inherited his grandfather's newspaper business. According to official State history, Benjamin Franklin is one of the heroes of the US Revolutionary War. Benjamin Franklin died in 1790, before the new Federal government started abusing its power.

The early Federal government passed a lot of bad laws. Benjamin Franklin Bache continued his grandfather's tradition, and questioned these bad laws. He even questioned the legitimacy of the Federal government.

There was an interesting conspiracy theory published by Benjamin Franklin Bache. Allegedly, the British intentionally lost the Revolutionary War. In exchange, George Washington and other insiders agreed to form a strong central government sympathetic to Britain's interests.

One of the first laws passed by the new Federal government was the creation of a central bank and the adoption of the gold standard. This gave the European banksters economic control over the USA. The first US central bank was a really bad law, exactly as the Federal Reserve is evil in the present.

The gold standard was evil in 1787, because other forms of money were outlawed. Many states had their own monetary systems. Local alternative currencies were declared illegal.

There are no gold mines in the eastern United States. A silver standard would have made more sense than the gold standard. In 1787, the European banksters had a near monopoly of the world's gold supply.

The new USA had a gold standard, a central bank, and State-regulated/subsidized fractional reserve banking. This gave the European banksters complete control of the USA monetary system. The banksters sent spies to the USA, posing as immigrant businessmen setting up a bank. The USA had achieved superficial political independence, but not true economic independence. Some people say that the creation of the Federal Reserve and income tax in 1913 was the final victory by European banksters lobbying to quash the freedom the Americans had won.

The first Treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton was a spy for the banksters. Geithner and Paulson are obviously tools for the banksters. Alexander Hamilton was no different. (Does that mean Aaron Burr really was a hero?)

Another interesting bit is the Jay Treaty, where the US politicians essentially bent over for Britain. This law was questioned by Benjamin Franklin Bache.

Benjamin Franklin Bache questioned the legitimacy of the new Federal government. At the time the US government started, the two political factions were the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The Anti-Federalists knew that the new Federal government was a bad idea.

The Anti-Federalists are the reason that the original US Constitution had so many clauses protecting individual freedom. They were concessions to the Anti-Federalist faction. The Anti-Federalists demanded the Bill of Rights, in order to support the new Federal government.

Viewed this way, the US Constitution was not a brilliant document. It was a compromise between the two political factions at the time. The State parasites knew that the key was to get a strong central government with a violence monopoly. Once a State violence monopoly is in place, its evil power will only grow over time.

With a violence monopoly, then individual freedom can be gradually eroded, as actually occurred. All the clauses of the original Constitution that protect individual freedom have been nearly completely eroded.

You learn about the Alien and Sedition Acts in your State brainwashing center. You don't learn that they were used by President Adams to silence his political opponents, the Anti-Federalist faction.

The Alien and Sedition Acts expired after Adams' term as President ended. If Adams' faction did not win in the 1800 election, they didn't want the law used against them.

The Alien and Sedition Acts made it a crime to question the legitimacy of the Federal government. It also was a crime to question the morality or validity of any law.

Allegedly, the Alien and Sedition Act was specifically passed to target Benjamin Franklin Bache. Indeed, he was arrested for violating it before it passed Congress, according to this page, (that point is on page 9).

Benjamin Franklin Bache died of yellow fever while out on bail awaiting trial. It's possible that his jailers intentionally exposed him to yellow fever while in jail, or mistreated him while in jail. He might have died due to the stress of a phony trial. Either way, it seems believable that "President Adams murdered Benjamin Franklin's grandson!" Why don't they mention this in State brainwashing centers? I remember reading about the Alien and Sedition Acts. I didn't know that they were a censorship tool designed to silence political opponents.

Benjamin Franklin Bache "died of natural causes while awaiting trial" in the same sense that prisoners in Guantanamo Bay died of "natural causes".

Contrary to official State propaganda, the US Constitution was not ratified with overwhelming popular consent. Violence was used to silence the Anti-Federalist faction. Violence was used to collect the new taxes imposed by the Federal government, such as during the Whiskey Rebellion.

President Lincoln also used violence to silence critics during the Civil War. He arrested the editors of Northern newspapers who wrote that maybe the Southern states did have the right to withdraw consent for the Federal government.

Why is violent censorship not needed in the present? A handful of insiders control all mainstream media corporations. Plus, State spies have almost definitely infiltrated all mainstream media corporations. If a journalist accidentally tells the truth, then he is fired/disgraced/blacklisted, and he cannot find a new job. State restriction of the market prevents competition. State journalists/comedians are very careful about what they say, lest they be fired and be unable to find a new job.

"Mainstream media journalist" is a high-paying job. Most journalists earn high salaries, even though their only skill is spewing propaganda. It's very easy to fire a journalist who disrespects the State, and replace him with someone eager for a promotion.

The Internet changes the equation. The Internet allows people to share information and bypass State censorship. Via the Internet, I read about stories like that of Benjamin Franklin Bache.

Why don't State spies arrest/kidnap/kill everyone who writes about freedom? First, there's a lot of content on the Internet. A typical State spy would think that I'm a harmless fruitcake. Second, perhaps the State is losing power, making it impractical to crack down on everyone who writes about freedom. "People start writing about freedom!" is a prerequisite for eliminating tyranny.

The story of Benjamin Franklin Bache is very interesting. It's an excellent example of State censorship in schools. By refusing to mention certain people or certain incidents, this is important but subtle censorship.

I am offended that I never learned about Lysander Spooner, Bastiat, or Benjamin Franklin Bache in school.


Scott said...


Thanks so much for this.

Scott said...

By the way, I already had concluded from reading history that George Washington was an asshole corporatist that sought the submission and control of the populace, based on all the shit that went down with the Whiskey rebellion where he arranged to tax his competitors more than himself, and then used his presidential police powers to have those that objected to his power play rounded up and executed. I think none were executed in the end, but that was Washingtons intention. He was a major asshole.

Anonymous said...

Talk about paranoid. I agree certain laws passed during that era were not what I would support but you use conspiracy therioes based on assumption and act like it's a fact. By the way the Federal Reserves is a central banking system, the complete opposite of the National Bank Hamilton pushed.

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