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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's a Manifesto?

I noticed an interesting fnord word, "manifesto". Joe Stack's suicide note and blog post is now referred to as his "manifesto".

"Manifesto" is an evil fnord word. If you call something a manifesto, that usually means "This is the ranting of a crazy person. It contains nothing interesting. His point of view is invalid."

Joe Stack had a valid complaint against the IRS. Corrupt State courts didn't recognize his complaint as valid. He tried writing his Congressmen, but they replied "F*** you! We don't care about your problem!" His violent conclusions were wrong. That doesn't invalidate his complaint.

Another example is the "unabomber manifesto". He had some valid concerns about the way parasites had abused him. He wasn't able to explain it clearly like me. The problem is not "Technology is evil!" The problem is that State parasites abuse people via government. If you summarize the unabomber's complaint, it's "Parasites abused me!" (I tried actually reading the unabomber's manifesto. It was incoherent and badly written. I'm summarizing when I say his real point was "Parasites abused me!") I understand the viewpoint of the unabomber and Joe Stack, but I'm picking a different solution for fighting evil.

Abusive jerks get away with it, because most people with high logical intelligence are pro-State brainwashed to accept abuse.

Another example is the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. If you read it carefully, the USA is a nearly perfect implementation of communism! In school, you learn "Karl Marx is evil!", but you don't actually read his writing. If people actually were forced to read Karl Marx's writing in school, they would realize the disturbing similarities with the way the USA is currently organized. Karl Marx wrote a "manifesto", and therefore you don't need to actually read it to conclude he's a fruitcake.

Communism means that government bureaucrats make economic decisions for everyone else. Due to extensive regulation, a corporation is a branch of the State. Theoretically, people are free to start businesses. In practice, it's hard. Many businesses are heavily regulated. The Federal Reserve monetary monopoly restricts non-insiders' access to capital. I can't start my own telephone/electricity/ISP business, because a handful of people have an explicit State-backed monopoly/oligopoly. I can't start my own TV channel, because I couldn't get the cable monopoly to carry it. I can't work as a taxi driver unless I buy a medallion license (in NYC). I can't work as a doctor/lawyer/accountant unless I waste a lot of time and money getting a State permit. I can't start my own alternate financial system based on gold and silver. If I tried that, I'd wind up assaulted by terrorists; that happened to the founders of E-gold and the Liberty Dollar.

Superficially, the USA has a free market. It you look at all the regulations, it's a very non-free market. The cost of starting a business is "Make sure you're in compliance with the bureaucracy!" more than "Do something useful and get customers!" State thugs don't physically assault every small business owner. A small business owner is forced to waste a lot of time and money if he's the victim of an IRS audit or other State regulatory crackdown. State thugs violently crack down on a minority, making everyone else scared. The law is so vague that State thugs have a lot of discretion, when they pick a victim for their harassment.

The income tax, property taxes, a central bank credit monopoly, mandatory public schooling, and government regulations are all key components of Communism. The income tax means that you don't own your own labor. Property taxes mean that you don't own your own land. The inflation tax means that you don't own your own money. The money in your checking account and wallet is subject to theft via inflation. If you don't own your labor, you don't own land, and you don't own money, then aren't you a slave? Government parasites control nearly every aspect of your lives. Mandatory public schooling is really pro-State brainwashing. Government regulations give State thugs an excuse to crack down on almost anyone.

In my State brainwashing center, I learned "Karl Marx is evil! Communism is evil!" When I read about Karl Marx being tried for treason for suggesting "Taxation is theft!", then he seems like a cool guy.

I remember Karl Marx and Communism being heavily criticized in school. However, his actual writing was never mentioned! That's a subtle and important type of State censorship. If you actually read the Communist Manifesto, it's disturbingly similar to the current state of the USA.

The USA passed a lot of laws in the 30's and 40's that severely restricted individual freedom, almost as badly as Nazi Germany. The only difference is that the USA won the war. "Hitler murdered the Jews!" is also a retcon, because the evils weren't fully understood until US troops entered the concentration camps. It was evil, but it wasn't the public excuse for the war at the time.

If something is labeled a "manifesto", there's a fnord implying that the author is crazy and has no valid points. Calling the unabomber's writing a "manifesto" means that there's no reason to try and understand his point of view. The Communist "Manifesto" is criticized but not actually read. By calling Joe Stack's suicide note a "manifesto", that denigrates his valid complaint against IRS terrorism.

Similarly, the mainstream media says that Al Qaeda is a bunch of fruitcakes. State parasites don't want people to understand that Al Qaeda terrorists are retaliating against US aggression. You should not try to understand the point of view of someone who commits an act of violence.

"Manifesto" is an evil fnord word that means "This isn't worth reading." By labeling something a manifesto, that implies the author's point of view is wrong. Joe Stack had a valid complaint against the IRS. His mistaken violent retaliation doesn't invalidate his other points.

The IRS is a dangerous terrorist organization. The IRS hurts more Americans each year than Al Qaeda. The income tax is a complete perversion of the idea that we live in a free society. The income tax means that individuals don't own their own labor. The income tax prevents people from boycotting the Federal Reserve. IRS thugs demand payment in exchange for permission to conduct economic activity, and only Federal Reserve Notes are accepted as valid for paying taxes.

All taxation is theft. The IRS is a clear example of State aggression against people trying to earn an honest living.


Anonymous said...

I always wondered why despite working long hours for companies, I never made any money for myself after paying taxes and rent. Rent is far too expensive. It can be almost a third to half of your salary.

Local (council) taxes are a tax, after your income has already been taxed. And the money just goes to council parasites on hundreds of thousand of pounds a year.

The UK government really needs to crack down on to local council clowns on vast salaries. The savings should go towards reducing local, council taxes. They are just getting too high.

If people had more money, they could use that money to start their own businesses, invest in them and employ more people.

At some point all the money will go to the bozos and private enterprise will be strangled.

Anonymous said...

You can classify taxes as being in 2 distinct forms:

1) Transaction or income based
2) Non-transaction or income based

Taxes of form (1) are a bit fairer than of form (2). Why? Because if you lose your job or have a low-paying job, you don't get slammed into the wall and thrown out of your apartment or house. You only get taxed if you are actually earning money and then proportionally.

The UK government is proposing a 10% death tax on-top of an already existing inheritance tax which is 40% on estates over a certain value.

Given house prices in the South-East of England have risen dramatically in the past decade, a lot of houses and flats will get hit by inheritance tax.

If you live with family (as is common given the high price of housing - both to buy and to rent), it means that death and inheritance taxes means you may get thrown out of your house or flat when a family member dies.

It is shocking that the UK might end up with TWO DIFFERENT DEATH TAXES - a 10% death tax and a 40% inheritance tax.

So if you have to sell your flat or house, you will end up having to pay surveyors, lawyers, removal people, bankers etc. Not to mention being removed from the community in which you know and possibly work.

The UK government must contain heartless scumbags to even by thinking of a 10% death tax.

If the clowns made it 1% it would at least be affordable.

The very rich will simply avoid these taxes by using trusts etc. which scum-bags lawyers don't allow little people to use.

One law for the rich and another for the poor.

The sooner this corrupt and heartless Nu-Labour Zanu party is kicked out of office the better.

However given they bankroll a huge welfare state and a growing number of State employees, they will get a certain number of paid-for votes.

Don't people realise without people in private sector jobs, there will end up NO MONEY TO SUPPORT THE PARASITICAL government and their employees.

FSK said...

Nice try Anonymous #2, but you still fail reality.

The correct answer is "All taxation is theft!"

Anonymous said...

Good post. When I hear manifesto my ears perk up and I add something to list of things to read.

CorkyAgain said...

"The cost of starting a business is 'Make sure you're in compliance with the bureaucracy!" more than "Do something useful and get customers!'"

Too true.

And "compliance with the bureaucracy" often means being good friends with someone in a position to pull strings for you. You're either in with the gang or you're not.

I remember when "manifesto" was mostly a shorthand for "revolutionary manifesto". It described the essays issued by "bomb-throwing radicals". Their purpose was to explain and justify the actions of these revolutionaries, and to lay out their program for reform.

The Declaration of Independence is a document of this kind.

But I think the use of the word "manifesto" traces back to Marx and/or the socialists of his era...

In his book "The Social Construction of Reality" Peter Berger has some interesting observations about the kind of intellectuals who issue manifestos.

He defines an "intellectual" as an expert whose expertise is not wanted by the society.

"Like the 'official' expert, [the intellectual] has a design for society at large. But while the former's design is in tune with the institutional programs, serving as their theoretical legitimation, the intellectual's exists in an institutional vacuum, socially objectivated at best in a subsociety of fellow-intellectuals."

The outsider's manifesto is never read, except perhaps by other outsiders. The establishment neither requested nor welcomes his analysis and proposals.

Pro-state analyses and proposals are always invited and welcome, because they don't threaten the parasites' hold on power. FSK is right: it's interesting that no one calls these documents "manifestos".

And isn't "FSK's Guide to Reality" just one long manifesto?

Scream said...

Dude that is capitalism, not communism. In capitalism the poor give all their money to goldman sacks in the form of taxes. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. If we had communism the homeowners NOT the banksters would get bailed out.

CorkyAgain said...

If we had communism, there would be no homeowners.

All such private property would be abolished.

Party leaders, however, would still have the use of their dachas.

Communism is a scam. Just like the Indian guru whose followers give up all their belongings while he has a fleet of limousines.

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