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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Censorship on Yahoo

This post on Yahoo was interesting. Notice there is no comments section. Look at other posts. They do have a comments section.

I noticed this via Google Search (searching for "taxation is theft").

Mar 10, 2010 - taxation is theft . pass it on . GoldenBoys. 205 users liked this comment Please sign in to rate this comment up. Please sign in to rate this comment down. ...
Someone posted "Taxation is theft!" It got a lot of upvotes (205!). Then, someone at Yahoo purged the comments section. Where the comments section would be, it says "We apologize. An error has occurred. Please try again." It seems weird that comments don't work on that post, but work on other posts.

This is a common mainstream media censorship tactic. If a forbidden idea starts spreading in the comments section, purge the comments section or delete the comments section.

Some censor is probably purging the forbidden comments, and then putting back up the comments section. They might even add "Taxation is theft" as a forbidden phrase in their spam filter.

I'm surprised that Yahoo would do such an evil thing.

It's always interesting to catch State thugs redhanded committing censorship.

(Look quickly. It may be back up by the time you read this.)


dionysusal said...

>I'm surprised that Yahoo would do such an evil thing.

You shouldn't. Who do you think owns Yahoo?

FSK said...

The comments section is back up now. It's still displaying "Taxation is theft!" as the #1 rated comment.

That's very interesting. More upvotes than downvotes for "Taxation is theft!" That's quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

its funny if you log out of yahoo it will show you the comments... but even now if you log in it won't show you anything... just an error

Scott said...

I can see the comments and I am logged into yahoo.

Anonymous said...

Taxation is part of the social contract and pays for services the market can't provide. Have you paid your fair share? (just testing :) )

Seriously though, you won't censor this because there's no need to censor ridiculous ideas. Only ones that get at the truth.

Anonymous said...

If you live in the United Kingdom, you may think your taxes go towards the National Health Service and paying doctors and nurses' salaries.

Well, yes, but only a tiny proportion.

In the past decade, the number of managers in the NHS has increased. There are as many managers as actual real front-line staff.

Then there are the Public-Private Finance Initiative, which enable private companies to siphon off money meant to the NHS (see my previous post of private companies milking the government for 60 million pounds per deal due to reduced bank interest rates whose savings as not passed on to the government).

If you need to visit a sick relative in a hospital, a private company will rip you off for parking fees.

Yes, taxes pay for the NHS, but most of the money is wasted before it gets to the NHS and what little money gets to the NHS is wasted again by do-nothing managers and PFI schemes.

The money going to the NHS may increase every year, but it actually doesn't go to help sick people. It goes into the pockets of private company clowns via PFI.

Government should stop PFIs. They are just a way to give money to insiders.

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