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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gay Marriage is the New Abortion

State parasites need issues to distract the masses. This allows the average slave to think "I have an opinion on politics!", when they're really debating irrelevant issues.

For example, in the early 20th century, "Should alcohol be legal?" was a political issue everyone understood. Alcohol Prohibition was a great distraction. This coincided with the creation of the Federal Reserve, income tax, and Welfare State. People were debating alcohol Prohibition, while all their other freedoms were taken away.

This illustrates the brilliance of the Roe v. Wade decision. Previously, each individual State got to decide if abortion is legal or not. After Roe v. Wade, regulating abortion became the Federal government's power. Every politician and potential Supreme Court judge is now expected to have an opinion on abortion.

Discussion of abortion replaced discussion of more important issues, such as gradually expanding State power. Time spent grilling statists on abortion is time not spent on important issues.

Over time, abortion loses its effectiveness. The slaves get tired of discussing it. A new issue must be invented. It needs to be an issue that both sides will get excited about, and the population will be nearly evenly divided.

Gay marriage suits this discussion perfectly. The are valid points on both sides. If you're anti-gay marriage, you'll say "Why should I pay higher taxes to pay for the State perks a homosexual married couple gets?" If you're married, you can inherit your spouse's property without paying estate taxes. If one partner works and the other doesn't, you pay lower income taxes filing a joint return.

If you're pro-gay marriage, you'll say "Homosexuals should get the same rights as everyone else."

The correct answer is "Marriage contracts are none of the government's business. If people want a homosexual or polygamous marriage contract, that should be legal."

For political issues, "It's none of the government's business!" is usually/always the correct answer.

Issues like alcohol Prohibition, marijuana Prohibition, abortion, and gay marriage are a distraction for the slaves. They allow people to think they have an opinion about important issues, when they're really debating irrelevant nonsense.

There are important issues that are not discussed in the mainstream media. These fake issues serve as a substitute. Most people know indirectly that government is a scam, but they don't consciously explicitly realize it. These fake issues are a way to vent their frustration.

Important issues are not discussed. Issues like "Taxation is theft!" or "The USA has an unfair monetary system! The Federal Reserve is a scam!" are displaced by nonsense. People need to debate something, and they shouldn't be allowed to think about important subjects.

Other issues must be invented as a distraction. Abortion is no longer effective, so a new issue like gay marriage must be promoted. When people get tired of debating gay marriage, another new pointless issue will be invented.

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Anonymous said...

My strategy, when debating irritatatingly contentious issues where I think both sides are idiots in some ways is to advocate a position that pisses both sides of the argument off (and maybe makes them think). On abortion: anyone below the median IQ should be required to have an abortion; anyone at or above the median IQ should be forbidden from having an abortion. On gay marriage: Gays should be required by law to marry.

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