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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How Evil Is Comedy Central?

On "The Daily Show Ridicules Anarchists", dionysusal pointed out that Comedy Central is owned by a bunch of statists. That is true for the entire mainstream media cartel.

Jon Stewart is a liberal pro-State troll. When he was criticizing Bush and Cheney, he was showing certain anti-State tendencies. Now, his show is one big ****job for Obama.

Jon Stewart says "WTF? Healthcare reform!" instead of "The actual healthcare 'reform' proposal was thinly disguised corporate welfare. The real problem is the AMA/State licensing cartel, along with other damaging regulations."

How evil is Stephen Colbert? He's a liberal statist pretending to be a conservative statist. However, he sometimes lets out bits of the truth. His "Prescott Pharmaceuticals" bit is the best criticism of the drug industry I've seen anywhere. He mentions his reptilian-humanoid financial advisor Gorlak. Most "financial planners" are parasites stealing your savings. They usually get a fee/kickback for the funds they "advise" you to buy.

The creators of South Park allegedly are (L)libertarians. However, Libertarians are sometimes the worst pro-State trolls, because they say that a government taxation/violence monopoly is necessary. South Park has some bits that are pro-State trolling. There also is some good stuff.

South Park got started via a video they self-published on the Internet. It was popular and they got a mainstream media contract. Almost any other channel would have refused to air South Park.

I'm planning to try self-publishing videos on the Internet. However, I'm not holding my breath waiting for a mainstream media contract. The best way to make it profitable is to promote myself on the Internet, and then sell tickets to live performances.

There's a "debate ceiling". Comedy Central is pushing the limits of the "debate ceiling". At the same time, they're pro-State trolling.

George Carlin had many anti-State bits. However, he didn't go around saying "All taxation is theft!" Does that make him evil? George Carlin pushed the limits of the "debate ceiling". It's one thing to go on TV and say forbidden words. That's a prerequisite for mentioning forbidden ideas, such as "Taxation is theft!"

The Sarah Silverman Show had some good anti-State bits in the last two episodes. She elected "May Kadoody", who turned out to be evil. She got herself a job as State content censor, and then pointed out that the real problem is that the viewers are stupid.

It's tough to judge morality in the context of a completely corrupt system. Like the rest of the mainstream media, Comedy Central is owned and controlled by statists. However, they are making slow progress in the direction of the truth. A non-corrupt mainstream media would be better. Comedy Central is one of the most freedom-oriented networks right now. In the context of nonfiction and comedy, bits of the truth slip out.

Comedy Central is pushing the limits of the "debate ceiling". Ridiculing anarchists is progress compared to not mentioning them at all.

There is a growing sense that the economic and political system isn't working. There have been recent mainstream media polls suggesting that. Many insiders are aware of escalating problems, although they won't admit it publicly.

The problem with the USA is increasing corruption. It's more profitable to steal via the State than to produce something useful. The Internet allows people to directly share information and bypass State mainstream media censorship. Abuses that would have been covered up 30 years ago are now shared via the Internet.

Perhaps, it will soon be acceptable for a mainstream media comedian/journalist to say "All taxation is theft!"

Comedy Central is owned and controlled by a bunch of pro-State trolls, like the entire mainstream media. However, they are pushing the limits of the "debate ceiling". A non-corrupt mainstream media would be better, but Comedy Central is the best alternative available right now. Sometimes, they accidentally say part of the truth.


dionysusal said...

Thanks for the shout out. :P I suppose that relatively speaking, Comedy Central is less pro-State than most, but that isn’t saying much. I don't know of a single original show on that network that I watch regularly. I just don't find the quality to be that good. They used to have a show called "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn" that I watched religiously. It featured popular stand-up comics in a roundtable discussion where they would riff on current events. I noticed they sometimes had comics on who had a definite anarchist bent and would say things subversive to the State. Of course, since it was a good show, it was cancelled after about a year. I think the ratings for it were pretty decent-- far from bad at least-- so I wonder if it was cancelled because too much truth was getting out. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I heard this joke years ago, perhaps even over a decade ago. It is:

Why doesn't the government like thieves?

Because it hates competition.

Anonymous said...

How would it behoove the SLH to disclose everything? You kind sir, are being ridiculous. Also why are you watching the cable television? It is controlled by the State

Anonymous said...

So South Park is a pro state troll?

Scott said...

Cable is for suckers.

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