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Monday, March 8, 2010

John Patrick Bedell

This story was interesting. John Patrick Bedell shot at two policemen outside the Pentagon. The police shot and killed him. The policemen were only slightly injured.

After researching his background, my conclusion is "This is an example of 'suicide by cop'." He happened to choose the Pentagon, but that's an irrelevant detail.

John Patrick Bedell had a history of "mental illness", as this story indicates. He was hospitalized/tortured 4 times. (I was involuntarily hospitalized 6 times.) If there's anyone to blame for the incident, it's his psychiatrist and the manufacturer of any drugs he was taking.

When you are involuntarily hospitalized for a "mental illness", you are *NOT* released unless you are drugged.

There is a lot of evidence that John Patrick Bedell was taking psychiatric drugs recently. He was taking classes part-time at San Jose State University, but did not enroll for the Spring 2010 semester. When I was taking psychiatric drugs, I was not motivated to do anything.

John Patrick Bedell had published several anti-government posts on the Internet. However, all the posts cited were several years old. It is suspicious that there were no recent posts. When taking psychiatric drugs, you have less motivation to do things.

I didn't see any articles that said exactly which psychiatric drugs John Patrick Bedell was taking. That detail will probably be covered up, lest the manufacturer of the drugs lose customers.

I noticed this as a pattern. If there's a mental health patient who commits a crime, there is no public disclosure of exactly which drugs they were taking. The mainstream media is concerned that the patients/victims will realize the drugs are harmful, and stop taking them. The pro-State troll excuse is "We don't want patients to stop taking their medicine. Those drugs are proven safe. We don't want to falsely alarm people." The main concern is to create fear for people labeled with a "mental illness", so they can be forcibly drugged.

One story said that John Patrick Bedell was very intelligent. If you're very intelligent, you're at greater risk for mental illness. You're more likely to notice the Matrix.

Other sources said that John Patrick Bedell smoked marijuana. Marijuana is dangerous and addictive, for the same reason that psychiatric drugs are dangerous and addictive. Any drug that alters your brain chemistry is harmful. If you're smoking marijuana *AND* taking psychiatric drugs, that's a very dangerous combination.

Even if he was taking psychiatric drugs, but stopped taking them recently, that does not prove those drugs are beneficial. The withdrawal process is *NASTY* and lengthy. I was last forcibly drugged 10 moths ago. I feel much more alert, even compared to 3 months ago.

For example, my software writing ability is much greater right now than when I started my current wage slave job 3.5 months ago. It's a noticeable difference.

Unfortunately, there was no mainstream media disclosure of which drugs he was taking. That detail will probably be suppressed, to protect pharmaceutical industry profits. Otherwise, people taking the poison might realize it's bad for them.

Hopefully, the State police investigating the incident will pursue the "psychiatric drug" angle. I doubt it.

It's a proven scientific fact that the "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is a huge mistake. Unfortunately, lobbyists for the homicide industry are too influential. Competing drug-free mental health treatments are illegal.

If John Patrick Bedell had received competent mental health treatment, then this incident might have been avoided.

Allegedly, he was a reader/contributor on and Hopefully, this incident won't be used as an excuse to crack down on people who write about freedom.

It's an amusing evil fnord. The headline is "A man who made anti-government rants on the Internet attacked the Pentagon." A more accurate statement is "A man who received inappropriate mental health treatment committed 'suicide by cop'." State parasites are concerned that the Internet allows intelligent slaves to discover the truth.

For example, this story says "The Death of Colonel James Sabow - The Cause of Pentagon Shooting?" This is a coverup of the correct reason, the fact that John Patrick Bedell received inappropriate and harmful mental health treatment.

There were some conspiracy theories that John Patrick Bedell was following. However, the main explanation is "suicide by cop facilitated by a corrupt mental health industry". For completeness, I'll explain the conspiracy theories he wrote about several years ago.

He was a believer of "9/11 was an inside job!" I mostly disagree with that, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm inclined to believe "incompetence by State police". State parasites did exploit the incident afterwards. That leads to the impression they intentionally organized it.

John Patrick Bedell wrote about Colonel James Sabow. This link had an decent summary. Colonel James Sabow was a marine. Allegedly, he discovered that some soldiers were supporting drug dealers and making a nice profit. He was fired from his military job. He then committed suicide.

There are plenty of ways to kill someone and make it look like an accident or a suicide. Are there people who would kill someone, if they could profit and get away with it? Definitely. Did that happen in this case? It's impossible to be sure.

James Sabow's relatives pressured the Marines to do a more serious investigation. They didn't try too hard. This is the problem with the State police monopoly. If a policeman is accused of misconduct, the other policemen don't want to investigate. Members of a criminal gang protect each other. "Internal affairs" is merely an evil fnord, providing the illusion that someone is making sure the police are honest. The best way to ensure honest police is free market competition.

There is another possibility. James Sabow realized that the military was in fact a huge criminal/terrorist organization. He started cracking his pro-State brainwashing. The shock of the discovery made him commit suicide.

Everyone reacts differently, when they crack their pro-State brainwashing. In my case, I got scared and ran away. I never seriously considered injuring myself or anyone else. The only time I was really suicidal was when I was taking psychiatric drugs. I thought I was seriously and permanently damaged. Fortunately, the harmful side-effects went away when I stopped taking the poison.

Other people wind up committing a murder-suicide or straight suicide. Some people dull their senses with marijuana or alcohol or tobacco or cocaine. The people who are the most intelligent are most at risk for noticing the Matrix.

John Patrick Bedell's assault on the Pentagon really is "suicide by cop". He probably was under the influence of psychiatric drugs. He might have been using both psychiatric drugs and marijuana, a very dangerous combination.

If John Patrick Bedell took psychiatric drugs anytime in the past year, that was a contributing factor in his suicide. The mainstream media intentionally covers up the harmful affects of psychiatric drugs, due to marketing and lobbying by pharmaceutical corporation executives. It would be interesting to know specifically which drug he was taking, but that detail wasn't publicly disclosed.

If you stop taking psychiatric drugs, the withdrawal takes 1 year or longer. Physical withdrawal is a week or two, but it takes awhile for your brain to recover its natural neurotransmitter balance. You have to deal with withdrawal, in addition to your original problem. This creates the illusion that psychiatric drugs are beneficial and necessary. If you stop taking psychiatric drugs, you initially get worse before you get better. It took me 4+ years to crack my pro-State brainwashing, after I first was involuntarily hospitalized, and I'm not fully recovered yet.

John Patrick Bedell's suicide was caused by a corrupt mental health industry. He almost definitely was under the influence of psychiatric drugs at the time, or suffering withdrawal. That detail was not emphasized in mainstream media coverage of the incident.


Anonymous said...

do you seriously belive in the Matrix?

dionysusal said...

>He was a believer of "9/11 was an inside job!" I mostly disagree with that, but I'm not 100% sure.

Can you tell me what evidence it would take to convince you that it was a US-Israel false flag attack? You have to be careful. I'm sure you're aware that if you're wrong about some issues, it tends to make people question your competence on other issues. For example, Stefan Molyneux is a died-in-the-wool materialist (so he buys into the chemical imbalance theory of mental illness), which I don't like. But he also promotes anti-statism/anarchism, which I like. Please do your due diligence on the 9/11 scam. Otherwise you will lose some credibility within the "truth movement." I have yet to come across anyone better than you when it comes to exposing the financial/monetary/banking scam. That's why I have difficulty understanding how you can be so weak on the 9/11 scam. Take it light.

FSK said...

I'm not absolutely sure that 9/11 wasn't a false flag attack. It's impossible to be sure.

If "massive incompetence" and "deliberate conspiracy" are reasonable explanations, then I usually lean towards "massive incompetence". The fact that politicians exploited 9/11 for their personal benefit, doesn't mean State parasites intentionally organized it.

On the other hand, some people really are evil enough to do such a thing. It's impossible to be sure.

I'm saying "Not proven either way!", rather than expressing certainty.

Dionysusal is using invalid reasoning. Even if you disagree when I say "9/11 was not a false flag attack", that doesn't invalidate my point when I say "Taxation is theft!" You should evaluate each of my ideas independently.

Even if I'm wrong about "9/11 was not an inside job", it's still true that taxation is theft.

"Taxation is theft!" is much more important than "9/11 was an inside job!" If the "9/11 truth movement" spend that much effort on promoting "Taxation is theft!", it would be effort much better spent.

Just because I disagree with you on one point, doesn't mean my other points are invalid.

I'm more interested in focusing on abuses in the present, rather than something that happened 9 years ago. There's a "statute of limitations".

Even if 9/11 really was an inside job, at some point you have to let it go and move on to other things.

As another example, I'm leaning towards "Psychiatrists are so stupid that they are unaware of their crimes!" rather than "They're doing it on purpose!"

dionysusal said...

>Dionysusal is using invalid reasoning.

With all due respect, I don't think I am. The mind that causes you to be agnostic about 9/11 being a false flag despite incontrovertible evidence, is the same mind that you use to investigate and analyze other issues. If your mind has been shown to be defective for one thing, how do I know it won't also be defective for other things? I totally agree with you on "taxation is theft" and "who needs a government anyway?" though. I guess it's unrealitic to expect to be 100 percent simpatico with you or anybody. It's too bad. Perhaps you'll change your mind some day. You still have a little ways to go in cracking your brainwashing it seems.

dionysusal said...

>There's a "statute of limitations".

There is no statute of limitations on murder. Also, 9/11 has been used as an enabling act and entree for all sorts of predations and abuses by the State (the "war on terror"). The criminal network that perpetrated 9/11 is still operating with impunity. Unless it's utterly destroyed, it will continue committing tremendous crimes.

dionysusal said...

>do you seriously belive in the Matrix?


It's a metaphor. Do you know what a metaphor is? However, according to quantum physics, there REALLY IS a matrix, or "frequency domain," underpinning all of reality.

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