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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Constance McMillen - An Example State Mind Control Trick

This story is very interesting. A high school girl wanted to take another girl as her date to the prom. The other girl was going to wear a tuxedo instead of a dress. The school objected.

The girl convinced the ACLU to back her. There was probably going to be a lawsuit, or the school bureaucrats would have to cave to the girl's wishes.

The school bureaucrats/thugs retaliated by canceling the prom.

McMillen almost didn't return to school Thursday for fear of retribution by her classmates who had just lost their prom because of her.
This is a very clever mind control trick. Now, the girl is the villain.

The other students think "We lost our prom because of Constance McMillen!" rather than "The school bureaucrats are scumbags!"

The school bureaucrats are protected by sovereign immunity. Constance McMillen won't be able to sue them directly. Even if she does sue the government and win, the cost will be paid by everyone else via higher taxes. Suing the government is pointless. Besides, the school bureaucrats can say "It's within our personal professional discretion to cancel the prom!", even though everyone knows they're retaliating against Constance McMillen.

The school bureaucrats are treating the school like it's their own private for-profit business. If I owned a dance hall and made a "women may not dress like men" rule, that's my personal choice (although I'd probably be sued anyway). School bureaucrats act like they own the school. State property is technically unowned.

If one member of a group does something wrong, then all members of that group are punished. This is a very important State mind control trick.

As another example, if police suspect someone of a crime, then they and all their friends are arrested. This encourages them to rat on their friend.

A handful of people in Afghanistan organized a terrorist attack. Therefore, everyone living in Afghanistan and Iraq is subject to a war and hostile occupying army.

As another example, high ranking Al Qaeda members are most vulnerable when they're with their families. US troops attack them while they're with they're families, murdering their relatives as well. In effect, US policy is "If you're a member of Al Qaeda, then we'll also murder your family."

If someone in Iraq or Afghanistan assaults/kills a US soldier, then all villagers are assaulted/kidnapped/murdered. Superficially, this prevents crime. In reality, such behavior merely inspires US hatred in the next generation of terrorists.

All these examples have one element in common. The person abusing their power has a State-backed monopoly.

"If there's a crime, punish the group and not the individual!" is an example State mind control trick. Constance McMillen's fellow students now view her as the villain, rather than the State bureaucrats/thugs.

Such mind control tricks make people crazy. The cumulative effect over a lifetime is the way people are pro-State brainwashed.


Anonymous said...

>As another example, if police
>suspect someone of a crime, then
>they and all their friends are
>arrested. This encourages them to
>rat on their friend.

You are having a laugh now, aren't you. Well it looks that way if you are living in the lawless United Kingdom!

Munir Hussain and his family were attacked by three men armed with knives. Munir and his brother restrained one of the knife thugs until the police arrived. The two other thugs ran off and got clean way.

The police arrested the victim (Munir). The one remaining knife thug was set free by a court.

Munir gets thrown into jail for holding on the knife thug that threatening to kill him and his family.

The knife thug is set free because he got hurt during his restraint.

The knife thug is free and he never told the police who his two accomplishes were.

So basically in the UK it doesn't matter if you keep silent and the courts will let you free.

dionysusal said...

FSK, you ever read "Screwtape Proposes a Toast" by C.S. Lewis? Here is an excerpt:

"And is it not pretty to notice how “democracy” (in the incantatory sense) is now doing for us the work that was once done by the most ancient Dictatorships, and by the same methods? You remember how one of the Greek Dictators (they called them “tyrants” then) sent an envoy to another Dictator to ask his advice about the principles of government. The second Dictator led the envoy into a field of grain, and there he snicked off with his cane the top of every stalk that rose an inch or so above the general level. The moral was plain. Allow no preeminence among your subjects. Let no man live who is wiser or better or more famous or even handsomer than the mass. Cut them all down to a level: all slaves, all ciphers, all nobodies. All equals. Thus Tyrants could practise, in a sense, “democracy.” But now “democracy” can do the same work without any tyranny other than her own. No one need now go through the field with a cane. The little stalks will now of themselves bite the tops off the big ones. The big ones are beginning to bite off their own in their desire to Be Like Stalks."

The parasites have mastered this tactic. They condition the slaves to police themselves. And the slaves are only happy to do it due to the Stockholm Syndrome. This world is one insane place-- yowza.

Scott said...

I don't agree with you on this one. This is a small town. Regardless of their personal feelings, the school board members would have their barns burned down if they allowed a "gay dance". They were forced into a corner with no options other than to cancel the dance.

Which is fine. Schools should not be hosting dances anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why should I have tax money extorted from me so some bull dyke can take her fluff to a government-paid-for school prom?

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