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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eric Massa

This story is interesting. Eric Massa resigned from the House of Representatives.

You know when Saturday Night Live is making fun of Eric Massa, that he's really the hero.

Superficially, it's a scandal about inappropriately touching a male staff member. That makes no sense at all. That's at most a minor offense.

BTW, I don't have that problem anymore. For example, if someone gives an aggressive handshake, my body language makes it obvious that it's unpleasant. Before I cracked my pro-State brainwashing, I would feel uncomfortable, but my body language wouldn't show it. Now that I give negative feedback, the parasite knows he offended me.

"Inappropriate touching" is only a problem when someone is pro-State brainwashed. The victim doesn't give emotional feedback that it's unpleasant. Most "abused productive" people learn to not show emotions. The parasite is just trying to be friendly. A suppressed emotion of digust makes it seem like the victim enjoys it.

Any politician has to do dishonest things to get elected. That's the way government works. If you wiretap a Congressman, you'll almost definitely find evidence of misconduct.

The President has the power to spy on anyone without a search warrant. Eric Massa was opposed to Obama's healthcare "reform" plan.

"I inappropriately touched a staffer!" is the public excuse. Maybe State thugs discovered other evidence of corruption against Eric Massa. They made a deal. Eric Massa would resign, and they wouldn't pursue corruption charges.

Consider former Congressman James Traficant. He was a highly outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve. He went to jail for corruption charges. Was that fabricated, as punishment for criticizing the Federal Reserve?

Almost every Congressman has to do dishonest things, in order to get elected. The law is so vague that anyone can be accused of a crime, if State thugs want to strictly enforce the law. If you wiretap any politician, you'll almost definitely uncover evidence of corruption.

That's the reason privacy is important. The law is so vague that if you spy on someone 24x7, you'll almost definitely uncover evidence of a "crime".

It seems that Eric Massa was unfairly scapegoated for criticizing the healthcare "reform" law. People who deviate from State propaganda are punished. Other politicians learn by example. They obey the unwritten rules.

Whenever I see a politician publicly disgraced, my reaction now is "What honest thing did they do?" With a mainstream media information monopoly, it's very easy to trash someone's reputation. SNL does a sketch trashing Eric Massa, but they don't discuss the serious problems with the heathcare "reform" law.

State politicians/journalists/comedians must be careful at all times. If they accidentally say a suppressed truth, then an excuse will be fabricated to ruin their career.

The story of Eric Massa has an important evil fnord. If a politician contradicts State propaganda, then his career will be ruined.

The actual healthcare "reform" proposal is thinly disguised corporate welfare. The real problem is the AMA/State licensing cartel for doctors. This restricts supply and guarantees high prices. There are other damaging regulations.

It's the usual "Problem! Reaction! Solution!" model. Government regulations cause a problem. Politicians and the mainstream media hype the problem. The solution is more government regulations. This further restricts freedom and makes things worse.

The correct healthcare reform idea is never publicly mentioned. The State licensing cartel for doctors is evil and should be eliminated. Alternatively, increase the supply of doctor licenses. Currently, there's a Congress-imposed cap on medical school slots. Other damaging laws and regulations should also be repealed.

The only people who benefit from a State licensing cartel are the license holders. They can always profitably lobby to block reform. Most laws/regulations benefit a handful of people. They can always block reform.

That is the problem with the US economy. Stealing is more profitable than working and doing something useful. Why make a high-quality product cheaply, when you can bribe State thugs to declare competition illegal?

This is the virtuous positive feedback cycle of complete economic collapse.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

FSK, I liked that you mentioned that all laws are too vague and for this reason anybody can be made a criminal.I would even say that the State wants to maintain a facade of legality and at the same time be able to get anybody just like a dictator. Looking really close one can easily find that everybody breaks law everyday. As a simple example, on any major road there are sections 55 mph and I do not think that you can find a somebody driving this speed limit. Still, when state parasites do not collect enough revenue to pay themselves inflated salaries, they send police (aka thugs) to generate neccesary revenue. Overall, no matter where you are and regadless of your occupation state parisites can always find a way to harass you legally because everybody is a criminal(violator) by default. Take you, FSK, for example, you do not like 300 character limit. Tomorrow to fix this issue you change phone firmware. Do you know how many laws you may have broken by doing this?

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