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Friday, March 19, 2010

Terrorists at Work?

Yesterday at work, I saw something that made me think "ZOMFG! Did someone actually just do that?"

I work on the ground floor of a large financial building. There's a big one-way window. People inside can look out, but on the other side people can't look in. Tourists walk by all the time. I should walk around and look at the one-way window; my coworkers told me it was a one-way window.

I saw something *REALLY* suspicious. A woman was taking pictures *OF THE INSIDE OF THE BUILDING*. She had a camera. She put it up against the window, and was taking pictures.

Would that even work? Wouldn't you need a special camera, to take pictures through a one-way window?

That's the sort of thing State propaganda artists warn people about. I never thought I'd actually see it.

I think the woman saw that I saw her. She probably got scared and ran away. She had black skin. I think she had her hair covered, like an Islamic woman.

I'm reluctant to support the State. However, "Terrorists are checking out my workplace!" is where I draw the line. I told the building's security guards. It's their problem now. I wonder if they took me seriously? I wonder if they were able to look at the security tapes and figure out who I was talking about? I told them half an hour afterwards, so they shouldn't have overwritten the tapes yet.

This incident bothered me. I have good body language awareness now, and it's obvious that woman had hostile intentions. I also have good peripheral vision now. That's probably why I noticed the woman acting weird.

I guess being paranoid is another word for being alert.

I wonder if the building security guards investigated? They have security cameras, presumably with tapes. It's the sort of thing they'd publish on the news as a headline, if they had good video evidence.

There really isn't anything interesting worth seeing. I'm working on meaningless financial reports, as are all my coworkers. Someone clueless about finance wouldn't understand that.

That incident was weird and disturbing. I never thought I'd actually see something like that.


dionysusal said...

I wouldn't assume she was a terrorist. I think the chances are greater that she was working for "homeland security" and they were running some kind of drill testing your building's security. The fact you saw and reported her might have been enough to give your building a passing grade-- congratulations, FSK. Even if it wasn't a drill, I wouldn't assume she was Islamic. She might have just wanted people to think she was Islamic. You must always keep your "anti-brainwashing" guard up, FSK.

Scott said...

OMG are you serious?


Anonymous said...

Funny post! I love the sarcasm. Although its not very subtle how you poke fun at the fear mongering thats been going on in the US for a while now. I did feel that the "she had black skin" part was redundant. That went without saying, I mean who else would dare to terristically look inside a building?? In critical times like these, you & I are justified to change the definition of racism to leave ourselves out.

I take pictures of building all the times, even at airport interiors or building interiors. I'm an architect and like to keep inspirational images of skilfully designed built examples. Good thing I don't have dark skin and you didn't see me. Personally, I think everyone should act based on their body langauage readings. Yesterday, I saw someone who was twitching like a serial killer. If I would of had my baseball bat, he would of gotten what was coming! Know what I mean?

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