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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tony Kornheiser Fnord

This story was interesting. ESPN suspended Tony Kornheiser for making negative comments about a female reporter.

"She's got on red go-go boots and a Catholic-school plaid skirt," Kornheiser said. "Way too short for somebody in her 40s."
WTF? That's not that bad. I do find it offensive when 60+ year old women show cleavage.

ESPN has a policy that analysts can't say negative things about other people who work for ESPN. That's a bit extreme.

This story also emphasizes the "sexual harassment" evil fnord. It's inappropriate for a man to say something negative about a woman.

A mainstream media celebrity/journalist must continually be on edge about what they say. If someone says the wrong thing, he can be fired and his career is ruined. It seems hypocritical that we live in a free society, yet someone can be fired based on what they say.

A pro-State troll says "ESPN is a privately owned company. They can make whatever rules they want." The problem is that ESPN has a State-backed monopoly. Tony Kornheiser can't say "**** you ESPN! I'm starting my own channel!" He would not be able to get the mainstream media cartel to carry his channel.

If ESPN has a rule saying "You can't say negative things about other ESPN employees.", it's like a government imposed rule. For all practical purposes, ABC/ESPN/Disney is a branch of the State. The same insiders who control the government, control the mainstream media.

As another example, most mainstream media corporations bar employees from having a personal blog or personal website. The media cartel doesn't want celebrities connecting directly with fans. Then, the media cartel wouldn't be able to discipline/silence them by firing them. Even if they do have a personal website or write for other websites/newspapers, a journalist can be fired based on what he writes.

Rules like this one emphasize the legitimacy of the State. Tony Kornheiser can't say "WTF? Why are you scumbags making such a big deal about this?" He has to bend over and apologize. This reinforces the legitimacy of the State.


Unknown said...

Can you please explain why an older woman showing cleavage is offensive to you? Do you own her body? Do you have the right to police her body?

"Wat about the menz?!" indeed.

But no, I'd strongly prefer it if the U.S. of A. weren't run by the media-state pseudo-oligopoly.

FSK said...

"I find something offensive!" is not the same as "I would physically assault her or kidnap her!". I'm still polite.

As another example, when social dancing, there sometimes is a woman who's such a bad dancer that I'm worried she'd injure herself. I try to avoid women like that.

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