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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Judith Warner Promotes Murder

This book review in the NY Times was really offensive. Judith Warner planned on writing a book about inappropriate use of drugs in children. While researching the book, she discovered that psychiatrists and teachers and parents do a diligent job. The drugs are actually wonderful and help the children!

What a fraud! I'm really offended by such lies.

Do psychiatric drugs actually improve children's grades? Obviously, psychiatric drugs interfere with learning. However, if "grades in school" are uncorrelated or anti-correlated with learning, then it's possible that psychiatric drugs improve grades.

Judith Warner said "Psychiatrists don't bully parents into taking drugs." Both parents are working 50+ hour weeks. The student's teacher says there's a problem. The psychiatrist says drugs will help. At this point, most parents will follow the path of least resistance and drug their child. They won't consider the possibility that the psychiatrist is wrong and the drugs are harmful.

As an adult, I had a hard time convincing others "These drugs are hurting me! I don't want to take them!" It would be a lot harder for a child to complain about being poisoned.

If you lie and say "These drugs are beneficial!", when they're really harmful, that's a type of coercion. Fraud is a crime. Fraud is a type of coercion. It's a type of coercion when the teacher in school refers your child to a psychiatrist/murderer. The State licensing cartel for psychiatrists and mental health workers makes it hard for someone to start a drug-free mental health treatment business.

The psychiatrist thinks that he's really helping the child. The parent makes the decision, but they're deferring to the fake expert. The psychiatrist has a State license, which makes it seem legitimate. The psychiatrist believes his own lies, which makes the process seem legitimate.

I certainly was the victim of coercion. I was forced to take drugs against my will. When I suggested to my psychiatrist "These drugs aren't helping me!", then he got abusive and started using emotional intimidation. Fortunately, when I wasn't hospitalized, my psychiatrist couldn't legally force me to take his poison. Once I realized that my psychiatrist was a fraud, he couldn't hurt me anymore.

There were a lot of other points the book could have mentioned, but did not. Marketers for pharmaceutical corporations encourage psychiatrists to prescribe drugs to children "off label". Psychiatrists receive kickbacks from drug companies based on how much of each drug they prescribe.

The biggest point glossed over in the book was "Are the drugs actually beneficial?" Superficially, the drug makes the child more calm. In order to prove "drug better than placebo", you would have to track both groups over 10+ years. I don't know of any psychiatry research that has compared drug to placebo for 10+ years. Most drug research is for only 6-12 weeks. That's invalid when the victims are forced to take the poison for years and decades.

When I was in the mental health clinic, I saw parents there with young children. I felt like saying "WTF? Why are you murdering your child?", but I was concerned for my own safety. I noticed something weird about the children in the mental health clinic. They were much less energetic compared to other children. A psychiatrist would say "That's good! The drugs are working as intended!" I say that's evidence that the drugs are severely injuring the child.

On the other hand, why should I care if parents murder their children? If stupid parents are tricked into murdering their children, that's more opportunity for me and my children. It's hard to not be offended by mass murder, given the illusion of legitimacy by the State.

"A certain percentage of children are defective and need to be drugged!" is obviously stupid.

The people murdered by the psychiatry industry probably are the most intelligent people. They're the ones most resistant to their pro-State brainwashing. Many of the people who would be most receptive to the truth are forcibly drugged and silenced.

The psychiatry industry is one huge crime. I predict that scientists 50 years from now will consider "Treat illness with symptom-suppressing drugs!" to be as barbaric as using leeches.

If I wrote a book explaining why the mental health industry is one big fraud, the NY Times would not promote it. Drug company executives spend a lot of money on marketing. They buy a lot of ads in newspapers like the NY Times. In addition to explicit ads, this bribe money buys hidden ads. Articles promoting murder are then hyped as "news".


fritz said...

I believe, understand, and have uncovered proof that most of these so called problems that children face are due to vaccines. Its the side affects of the vaccines they have been giving us.
Look at all the so called child hood mental troubles our children are suffering from. Most of which are new to our present generation. Sure they are creating new labels by which they can prescribe even more drugs to us.
but the underlying problem is side affects to vaccines.

An interesting story... I was forced to vaccinate my son. Because I was forced to send him to school which I must vaccinate him when he attends. I knew this information during the vaccination, felt compelled to vaccinate him anyway but asked some telling questions. ( my son is bi polar by diagnosis ).

First I asked " is this vaccine safe for my child?"

"Of course this vaccine is safe for your child Fritz" was the reply.

I asked " well, knowing that this vaccine is safe I would request that some one sign this ( a repaired statement) form claiming liability for any side affects that may be incurred.

She looked at me like I had a horn sticking out of my head and said" that is an impossibility fritz".

I said to myself " scam validated" but what do I do about bi polar now??

The proof is in the pudding!!!!


dionysusal said...

The main problem here is philosophical materialism, which most mental health professionals believe in. They think the brain, and not consciousness, is primary, and that the brain creates consciousness. That is absolutely false (the brain is little more than a physical signal processing device for non-physical consciousness), but they cling to this belief anyway. The only way they know how to treat mental illness is to bombard the brain, which is electrochemical in nature, with a bunch of chemicals, with the goal most of the time being sedation of the person to one degree or another. After all, sedate people cause less trouble. Rarely do they consider or care about the deleterious effect this may have on the person.

I have personal experience with this, but it's not nearly as extensive as yours. I have a minor neurological condition, and I asked my doctor if there was something he could give me for it. So not knowing any better, and trusting him, I started taking this psychotropic drug he prescribed for me. It alleviated the symptoms a little bit, but at the price of me not being able to think straight and having little desire or energy to do anything ("I wanna be sedated" indeed). Of course, my performance at work suffered. I then made the decision to stop taking it. I later learned that stopping these drugs cold turkey is not advised because of the withdrawal symptoms. But luckily I hadn't been taking them for that long and the withdrawal was minimal. I'll live with the neurological condition, thank you very much. It's not that bad actually. I haven't taken a single drug since (except for a few courses of antibiotics) and I'm very distrustful of all doctors and only go to them for an emergency. There was another time where I ended up in the hospital due to an intestinal ailment and the scumbag doctors wanted to slice me open like a dead fish. I told them to f*** off and that I would heal myself, and that’s exactly what I did. I’m fine now. I have taken ownership of my own health. I eat a strict vegetarian diet and exercise regularly. Doctors can go fall in a ditch as far as I'm concerned.

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