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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tea Party Movement Hijack

This story is interesting. A businessman, funded via an unknown source, organized a for-profit "Tea Party Convention". Sarah Palin was invited as a high-profile guest, with people paying a lot to see her speak.

On "Teabagging", theftthroughinflation suggested I do a post on this subject. It was already on my list of draft topics.

Sarah Palin is not saying "Taxation is theft! Government is an extortion racket! Government has no legitimacy at all!" Instead, Sarah Palin is making the usual miniarchist/Libertarian pro-State troll argument. She is saying "Government is too big! Taxes are too high! Things will get better if people vote for less-scummy politicians!" Sarah Palin does not criticize the Federal Reserve or income tax.

"Government is too big! Taxes are too high!" would be a step in the right direction. A smaller government would be preferable than the current one. However, there are too many parasites who profit from the current corrupt system. They will always be able to profitably block reform. If you're receiving an annual State subsidy worth $1B, you can always afford to spend $100M-$200M per year lobbying.

Complete collapse is much more likely than reform. At this point, reform is impossible. The US government has crossed the "Moral Event Horizon" and reform can't occur anymore.

The Republicans have no credibility when it comes to saying "Taxes are too high! Government is too big!" Government has gotten bigger, as a % of the economy, under every President, Republican or Democrat. There is the wealth explicitly controlled by State parasites via taxes. There also is the wealth indirectly controlled by government regulations. If you include both taxes and regulations, the State controls nearly all economic activity.

Is it an intentional hijack, or is it just plain incompetence? Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are Statists. Their pro-State brainwashing allows them to hear "Taxes are too high!" Their pro-State brainwashing doesn't let them hear "All taxation is theft!"

The Libertarian party was originally an anarchist movement. It was infiltrated and subverted into a minarchist movement. The real anarchists were kicked out. Besides, a group of anarchists organizing a political party is inherently hypocritical.

Whenever there are a large group of people around an issue, State spies gather. Are the spies deliberately planted to hijack the movement? Is Sarah Palin merely seeing this as an opportunity to increase her power and influence? Massive incompetence can create the illusion of a coordinated conspiracy.

It would be silly to claim myself to be "Leader of all anarchists!" or "Leader of all agorists!" That would be like herding cats. You can't be the leader of a group of anarchists in the "Obey me or die!" sense. You can be a leader in the "set an example" sense. The best I can do is set up actual agorist businesses, and hope other people follow my example.

Agorism is a real anarchist movement. By its very nature, a really free market has no central leader. An agorist revolution seems like a historic inevitability, due to increasing corruption by State parasites. As State abuses increase, there is a natural correction eventually.

The "Taxation is theft!" movement is a genuine grassroots movement. This is made possible by the Internet, which allows people to share information directly and bypass State mainstream media censorship.

Comedians working for the State information monopoly cannot say "All taxation is theft!" As State agents, they are barred from telling the truth. If you're a real independent thinker, the mainstream media career path weeds you out. When all high-ranking workers in an industry are parasitic pro-State trolls, then it's practically impossible to break ranks and tell the truth.

If I attempt to promote agorism on the mainstream media, I would have an advantage. My loyalty would be to the truth first, and my career second. Most mainstream media personalities have the first loyalty to their careers. Their primary goal is to not rock the boat and not risk their careers. I probably wouldn't get a mainstream media contract until I had a large audience from live performances and self-publishing on the Internet.

The attempted hijack of the Tea Party movement is an example of statists attempting to subvert and infiltrate a genuine grassroots movement. The mindless zombies might be fooled. However, once you really understand "Taxation is theft!", you won't be fooled by the fakers.

The difference between now and the past is the Internet. The Internet allows intelligent people to directly share information and bypass State censorship. There is a valid reason to believe that the future will be better than the past.

The real truth should spread exponentially, starting with the most intelligent people first. Those are the only people that really matter anyway. Normally, the most intelligent people are psychologically dominated by the parasites around them.

That's why I consider "The 'chemical imbalance' theory of mental illness is a mistake/fraud!" to be as important as "Taxation is theft!", if not more important. You need to have both high logical intelligence and high emotional intelligence. Parasites prevent people with high logical intelligence and low emotional intelligence from improving their emotional intelligence. Trying to figure out what's going on, the "abused productive" people wind up increasing their logical intelligence instead.

The most skilled parasites have high emotional intelligence and low logical intelligence. Before I achieved greater awareness, I had high logical intelligence but low emotional intelligence. When I started improving my emotional intelligence and cracking my pro-State brainwashing, I had the symptoms of a "mental illness". I was forcibly drugged, which interrupted my body's natural healing process. Fortunately, I stopped taking the harmful drugs and now I have high emotional intelligence in addition to high logical intelligence. I'm still making progress cracking my pro-State brainwashing, so I'm not fully healed yet.

I'm not bothered by the attempted mainstream media hijack of the "Tea Party" movement. I'm not fooled, and none of my regular readers should be fooled. The only people fooled are mindless zombies who aren't ready to be unplugged anyway. The mainstream media is attempting to subvert the "Tea Party" movement into a minarchist/libertarian movement. That worked with the hijack of the Libertarian party 40 years ago. That won't work this time, due to the Internet, which allows people to bypass mainstream media censorship and directly share information.


Anonymous said...

I've just read an article in the Daily Mail about Greece. It was written by a broadcaster who son lives in Greece.

He wrote that a certain number of State employees don't even bother turning up for work and instead run side-businesses.

As such the State has got a bad reputation and people don't feel morally obliged to pay State level income taxes.

The Greek people feel loyalty to their local communities because Greece was once a collection of cities before it was formed into one country.

So basically Greece is an example to all of us.

We all know a lot of State employees have cushy, stable jobs and don't do real productive work. Maybe the situation in Greece just got too obvious and people stopped paying taxes.

Scott said...

I love all your articles, get a lot from them, and respect your writing.

But it seems strange that you criticize others for being pro-state and you say you are an agorist/anarchist when you are a financial services guy working for a big corporate firm in Manhattan, right? That's pretty pro state. Sure you can say anything you want, but you're obviously not agorist or anarchist, it's just obvious, right?

FSK said...

I'm doing the best I can to survive, until I can get working agorist businesses.

If you can hire me off-the-books for a greater salary than my corporate job, I'll do it!

It is tough. It's not my fault that a criminal organization forces me to take a wage slave job or starve.

Until I can earn a decent salary as a full-time agorist, I'm going to stick with a wage slave job. Until then, agorism is just a hobby.

theftthroughinflation said...

I don't see a problem with anarchists/agorists working pro-state jobs. Right now those are unfortunetly some of the best jobs. I would rather an open-minded anarchist process my tax return than a pro-state troll. The state makes it so diffficult to generate wealth that it becomes the best option for those who aren't self employed. In his famous speech Mario Savio said to throw yourself onto the gears and the levers. That still holds true today. The system operates more efficenttly because good people don't abuse it. Good people end up getting abused by the system because of those who exploit it. The less anarchists taking state jobs means radical pro-state trolls will fill them and abuse their power. It also creates opportunity to implement this:

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