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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Have the Right to Rob You!

This YouTube video was a really good explanation of "Taxation is theft!" At the time I wrote this, he had 13k views. That's pretty good!

I'd heard of Larken Rose before. He went to prison for income tax evasion. However, he used the "Income tax is illegal!" argument instead of "All taxation is theft!" He operated a business and didn't file tax returns. He was then assaulted by terrorists.

Nothing helps you think clearly more than being kidnapped and tortured!

These two links were interesting. It seems that Larken Rose had an incorporated business. He accepted payments from other incorporated businesses. Regrettably, such income is automatically reported to the IRS and income tax must be paid. It seems that the top two mistakes a tax protester makes are "own an incorporated business" and "accept payments from incorporated businesses". If you really want to be a good agorist, you should only deal in cash, and you should *NOT* deposit that cash in any State-licensed financial institution. Ideally, you should have some on-the-books income and some off-the-books income, so that your tax returns look believable to State thugs.

It's tough. Once State thugs decide to target you, it's difficult due to their superior resources. The prosecutor and judge can rig the trial in many ways.

If someone is in jail for income tax evasion, they're a political prisoner more than a dangerous criminal. They people who go around saying "The income tax is illegal!" tend to become targets. It's amusing that "someone in jail for tax evasion" is usually a political prisoner.

For example, if State thugs demand "You owe X in unpaid taxes?", then why not send a bill? Why send an otherwise productive person to jail? The only reason is terrorism. The IRS is a dangerous terrorist organization. The IRS/FBI hurts more Americans each year than Al Qaeda.

I'd like to see Larken Rose move to the next level of thinking, which is agorism.

This does show the risk of becoming a high-profile advocate for freedom. It makes you a target of State thugs.

Most people who are critical of the Federal Reserve and IRS wind up in jail for tax evasion. It's hard to realize that government is one big extortion racket, and not act on your beliefs. For now, I'm focusing on "raise awareness" more than "actual practical agorism".

This page was interesting. Allegedly, some members of the "tax resister" movement are State spies. They are encouraging people to pick stupid forms of resistance, instead of agorism.

I looked at Joe Bannister's photo, and my reaction was "looks like a State parasite". He might really be a State spy planted to distract disgruntled people. I didn't get that impression from Larken Rose's video.

People who argue "The income tax is illegal!" are pro-State trolling. You won't get a fair trial on that issue in a State court. Almost every Federal judge and prosecutor is a hopelessly brainwashed pro-State troll. The correct solution is agorism, rather than directly confronting State thugs on their turf.


Anonymous said...

What is the tax rate in certain European countries?

Well 20% income tax and 10% social security, making at least 30% taken out of your wages before they get to you.

On top of that another 20% sales tax.

Not forgetting death and inheritance taxes.

So basically the tax rate is at least 50%.

So each worker is paying 50% of his/her salary. This means there is one government crony for every real, tax paying worker.

Where does the money go?

When you get old and/or sick it is tough luck. The government will say "thanks for the money, but you will have to sell your house if you need health or old people care!"

It is not that taxes are wrong, it is that they are high and you don't get anything back. The money is lost in the system.

FSK said...

You missed the VAT (value added tax). That's another big one. There is no VAT in the USA yet, but income taxes and sales taxes are very similar.

gilliganscorner said...

Thought you'd like this FSK:

FSK said...

I saw that. Wait another 15-20 years.

Anonymous said...

In the UK, local councils started enforcing the rules very severely and demanding that if an old person had any savings or property, then they would not provide care for them. Some say the rules were not meant to be enforced to severely.

So this led to a situation whereby old people were no longer looked after for free and councils sold off their houses.

The big question is how did councils afford to look after old people in the past and WHAT CHANGED so that councils no longer felt it their duty to look after taxpayers that had paid income and local council tax all their lives?

Central government is now trying to come up with a solution.

Instead of forcing local councils to go back to looking after old people for free like they did in the past, the Government is proposing a new tax - maybe a death tax.

So why could local councils afford to look after old people in the past without further payment of money and WHY CAN'T THEY DO SO NOW?

I read in the newspapers today the council leaders are getting 15% pay rises.

The council tax you pay (can be thousands of pounds a year) doesn't go towards looking after you in old age, but rather than provide big salaries and gold plated pensions for local council cronies.

The government should stop these parasites, instead of proposing a new tax.

FSK said...

That's a common State parasite trick. Pass a law that sounds reasonable, but is vaguely worded. Then, enforce it strictly.

For example, some US states have a "Farm animals must have an ID chip!" law now. This law was then used to confiscate farm animals from Amish farmers, who refuse to put an ID chip in their farm animals.

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