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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Studying Stupid Statists

This YouTube video was interesting. It's a pro-State troll arguing "Taxation is not theft!"

I normally don't waste time listening to fools, but this was actually interesting. I noticed some things I hadn't seen before.

First, if you listen to the actual logical content of his post, it's incoherent gibberish.

Second, evaluate his body language. If I watched this 6 months ago, I would have written "He's emulating the body language of an intelligent person." I noticed another element. In addition to emulating the body language of an intelligent person, he also has a douchebag attitude. The douchebag attitude is in addition to his confidence. Just evaluating his body language, and not his logical speech, you can tell he's a douchebag. Someone with lower emotional intelligence would notice the confidence, but not the douchebag attitude. This douchebag attitude is also present in most politicians/statists/journalists/communists.

Third, there were a lot of comments saying "LOLZ! Taxation really is theft you fool!" I was surprised by the number of comments supporting "Taxation is theft!" A similar video 2 years ago would have attracted practically zero comments supporting "Taxation is theft!"

Finally, some comments said this video was so lousy that it's actually an endorsement of "Taxation is theft!" The arguments for "Taxation is not theft!" are obviously stupid when you see someone explicitly reciting them.

This video response was a decent description of "Duh! Taxation is theft/extortion!" I'm not wasting time responding to every fool on the Internet.

I really should get a camera and start a vlog. I'll try that in a year or two.


justino said...

You have to admit, the guy's fedora was cool though.

Anonymous said...

I think some things like the health service would be best provided by government i.e. the UK health service before its piece-meal erosion by the wicked Public-Private Finance initiatives.

However government wastes big pools of cash. Witness the fact that in the UK, more money was spent auditing MPs expenses than was taken wrongly by the MPs in the first place!

All these millions of pounds would not be wasted if the Expenses Office did their job properly!

I read in the newspapers that the woman that did insist that MPs file proper expenses was fired!

So basically millions of pounds are being spent bringing bad MPs to task, when all was needed was for a salary for one decent woman. That woman was fired for doing her job properly.

The UK government wastes money. The number of State employees has risen under Gordon Brown. The tax code was grown a lot under Gordon Brown as well.

Together with extortionate rents in expensive cities like London, there is no money left over for normal, working people.

Tax should be lowered so that the ordinary man and woman HAS ENOUGH MONEY TO START THEIR OWN BUSINESSES.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at