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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Obama Criticized the Supreme Court

There was an interesting bit in Obama's State of the Union speech. Obama said (paraphrasing) "The Supreme Court made a mistake, when they allowed corporations to make political contributions without limits." This refers to their recent ruling that repealed a law limiting corporate campaign contributions.

Corporations were spending on campaigns already, via hiring lobbyists and using PACs and other third-party organizations. This ruling allows the contributions to be more explicit.

The mainstream media outcry was amusing. A lot of people were offended. Obama should not insult the Supreme Court like that. It was like Obama had urinated on the Pope.

The Supreme Court justices are the High Priests for the State. They are infallible. Their wisdom should not be questioned.

If the Supreme Court is questioned on this issue, then why shouldn't they be questioned for all the stupid decisions they ever made? Obama broke ranks with the State, when he said that the Supreme Court isn't infallible.

It's kind of silly. Why is it wrong for the President to say "The Supreme Court made a mistake!" Besides, the Supreme Court could always be overruled with an Amendment, but that isn't going to happen here. One (of many) big mistakes was when the Supreme Court allowed limited liability incorporation in the first place. The original authors of the US Constitution were correctly hostile toward corporations. It took 100 years of bribing and lobbying to get the Supreme Court to overturn that part of the Constitution.

Why are corporate campaign contibutions evil? Executives at large corporations receive massive direct and indirect bailouts. There are explicit bailouts. There are laws restricting competitions.

The largest corporate campaign contributors are the banksters. It's a vicious cycle of corruption when you receive a State subsidy, and then spend part of that subsidy on lobbying. At that point, stealing is more profitable than doing something useful.

That is the problem with the US economy. Stealing is more profitable than working.

If you take a super-cynical view, this ruling is great! If corporate executives may spend freely on purchasing politicians, this creates an ever-accelerating cycle of corruption. That will accelerate the collapse of the State.

If your goal is to wreck the US economic system, then this was a great ruling!

You can't compete with a corporation that has a government-granted monopoly. The only solution is to compete with government itself. You should avoid paying taxes that steal your life. You should avoid government regulations that are a type of tax.

It was amusing to see Obama criticize the Supreme Court and then the mainstream media overreact. The Supreme Court justices are the High Priests for the State. Their wisdom should not be questioned. Obama broke ranks with State propaganda when he said "The Supreme Court made a mistake!" It's like Galileo vs. the Pope. Once you say "The earth moves around the sun!", contradicting the church, then all sorts of other things may also be questioned.


Anonymous said...

Seriously. What's going to happen now? Corporations are receive perks and bailouts?

Anonymous said...

There are two court cases that occurred in the UK or rather four if you count the appeals.

1) Mumir Hussain got sentenced to jail for a couple of years or so for hitting the man that threatened to kill him and his family with a cricket bat. The man and his two friends were armed with knives and tied up his family.

For defending himself Mr Hussain got 2 years in jail, but an appeal court freed him. It is up to you the reader to wonder how much the appeal court was influenced by critical newspaper columns.

2) A young woman and her mother lost a civil court case against a company using the land of her beauty business. Despite the same facts and the same case, an appeal court found for the woman and her mother.

So basically we have two court rulings that another pair of courts found were either entirely wrong or wrong in length of sentence.

So basically courts DO MAKE MISTAKES and other courts correct them.

This is of course unfair to the little people that can ill-afford the time and money it takes to appeal.

Bozo companies know this. They have time and money on their side. That is why companies can so easily bully little people into submission via their big piles of cash.

If the government wasn't so useless they would put a stop to this. But they won't, because the government is full of useless lawyers that have never done a day's honest work in their lives.

Anonymous said...

No joke, a corporation is really running for Congress:

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