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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Stimulus Plan Worked!

This story is pretty funny. State parasites are bragging that the stimulus/bailout plan brilliantly saved the economy.

What do you expect them to say? "HAHAHAHA!! We stole trillions of dollars! Sucks to be you!"

Pro-State economics is propaganda designed to promote the theft of State parasites. They fabricate statistics to present themselves as heroes.

According to fake economics, deficit spending by the Federal government stimulates the economy during a recession. Idle workers are hired via inflationary deficit spending. The fallacy is that inflation steals from everyone, including productive workers. The State hires insiders via pork projects, but productive workers lose their savings due to inflation.

This post was pretty funny. The stimulus plan cost $787B. State comedians claim it saved 2 million jobs. Simple long division indicates a cost of $390k per job saved. Even if you accept official statistics as truth, the stimulus plan was a huge heist. Most of the "jobs created" were really pork project.

The bailout isn't just the $787B stimulus package. There's the TARP money. There's also the indirect bailout money provided by the Federal Reserve. There is no public accounting when new money is printed and given to the banksters.

Some insider got a pork project to build a road. Someone else can't afford a new TV or a vacation or expanding their business. The economic value of the road is less than the value of the wealth stolen via inflation. It's the "seen vs. unseen" fallacy.

Due to the Compound Interest Paradox, deficit spending by the Federal government is needed during a recession. This keeps up the money supply and prevents hyperdeflation. The correct solution, "reform a corrupt monetary system", is not publicly discussed.

Suppose that, in 2005, someone saw that housing prices were too high. They decided to postpone buying a house, saving/investing instead. When State parasites adopt a policy of inflation, they're penalizing rational behavior. The saver should get the perk of buying things cheaply during a recession. Instead, State insiders buy things cheaply with newly printed money. The net effect is a massive transfer of wealth from the productive sector to the parasite sector. If you bought a home, you lost your equity. If you saved, you were robbed by inflation. (unless you invested in silver or gold)

Bailouts and inflation reward parasites, while stealing from productive workers. The problem with the US economy is that stealing via the State is more profitable than doing something useful.

It's amusing to hear politicians bragging about their brilliant theft. If something is obviously true, you don't need to repeat it over and over again. If State parasites keep saying something, that's an indication that it's a lie.

"The bailout/stimulus worked!", "Support the soldiers and police!", and "Pay your taxes/tribute!" are lies that are repeated over and over again. That isn't because they're obviously true. They are repeated over and over again because they're lies.

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