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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bipartisan or Unipartisan?

"Bipartisan" is an important evil fnord word. "This law is bipartisan!" means that politicians/parasites from both parties support the new law. If parasites from both parties support a law, then it can't be evil, can it?

The most evil laws are usually "bipartisan". Insiders make campaign contributions/bribes to both parties. The only difference is that the party currently in control gets a larger bribe. For example, a Democratic candidate receives 66% of lobbyist money and the Republican candidate gets only 33%. In 2004, it was reversed when Republicans were in control.

The following laws are "bipartisan":

  1. The huge financial industry bailouts were "bipartisan".
  2. The proposed financial industry "reforms" are "bipartisan".
  3. The Patriot Act is "bipartisan".
  4. The proposed healthcare "reform" is bipartisan.
  5. The income tax is "bipartisan".
  6. The Federal Reserve is "bipartisan".
Why are Democrats so eager for healthcare reform to be "bipartisan"? They have a majority in the House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. They can pass any law they want.

Healthcare reform is "bipartisan" so that both parties are responsible for the inevitable disaster. The insiders who will benefit from the new law are making campaign contributions to both parties.

The Democrats and Republicans only have superficial differences. They are more alike then different. Both believe "Taxation is not theft!" Republicans are now saying "Government is too big!", but that's not how they acted when they controlled Congress and the President.

Both Democrats and Republicans believe "The best way to help people is to pass new laws! We should make up new rules and use violence to force people to obey!"

Every tax or law must be backed by violence. Otherwise, people would just ignore it. That's why government is one huge extortion racket. The State is a bunch of thugs. Though violence and brainwashing, State thugs force people to obey.

There's an oscillation between the Democrats and Republicans. When people get disgusted with one party, they switch to voting for the other party. By that time, people forget that the out-of-power party is also a bunch of scumbags.

The winner-take-all district-based voting system discourages third parties. People are "wasting their vote", if they vote for a third party candidate.

The fact that the actual candidate changes helps preserve the illusion. Each candidate says "I'm different than the other guy! I'm going to change things!" The candidate believes his own lie, so technically he isn't lying. People who superficially evaluate the candidate's body language won't notice the scam.

The USA does not have a bipartisan political system. It is really a unipartisan system. Insiders in both parties are pro-State brainwashed to think the same way. The competition between parties is an evil fnord that keeps the slaves complacent.

The original US Constitution did have a lot of checks and balances to prevent expansion of State power. They have been all eroded/removed.

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Anonymous said...

Turkey has 56 offical parties of which abaout 22 take part in the elections. Doesn't change a thing !
The "system" somehow allows only the ones that obey the "system" to be elected and the rest is you-know-all-and-the masses under illusion-doesn't know.

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