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Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are the State

Some celebrities are singing a remake of "We are the World" to raise money for Haiti.

You can't criticize the Haiti relief effort without seeming like a jerk. The main points are:

  1. If people want to voluntarily donate their own money to Haiti, there's nothing wrong with that.
  2. Statists should not use violence and taxes to force me to donate to Haiti.
  3. Is it moral to donate to Haiti when there are problems in the USA?
  4. The problems in Haiti were caused by previous bad State policies.
  5. The "Send aid to Haiti!" effort is also a "Make sure Haiti's government stays in control!" effort. People in Haiti shouldn't get used to surviving without a government.
  6. The fact that people get really upset when you criticize the Haiti relief effort is a fnord that indicates something bad is happening.
Someone should make an anarchist version of "We are the World".
We own the world
We own your children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's keep taking
There's a choice we're making
We're stealing all your lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just believe me
(Some people were asking for more less-serious posts.)


theftthroughinflation said...

FSK. On "we own your children". Someone I know is at school to be a teacher. They have her sitting in on a class and doing everything that teacher does to "learn the ropes" (I know, teacher is like official state brainwasher, but I can only do so much convincing.
Anyways she was sitting in on a teacher meeting. One teacher started complaining that parents are holding them accountable for their teaching and asking for an increasing amount of meetings. The teachers all felt it was unacceptable and that the principal should screen out the parents so they would not have to meet with them.
I found it very amusing to learn this! WHen you buy a product or service as a paying customer you have the right to demand good service and demand efficent service. In the world of state-run monopoly education the children are property of the state while at school. Parents are discouraged from being pro-active with their children except when schools need them to sell something. It is verboten to question the state appointed educators! Questioning the authority of state agents is a serious offense.
I'm sure the day is near when we will hear about a parent who got tazered to death because he threw a fit in a school office demanding to speak to the child's teacher.
Children are as much state property as calves are to a farmer. At birth the calves are seperated from the mother and put under the close and artificial care of the farmer. He must protect his ability to milk cows in the future. The state must protect its ability to tax future generations.
I'm looking into the possibility for home school when I decide to have children. But that seems like a good way to get raided and murdered by the state.

Hidden Homeschooler said...

The above comment is quite interesting. Some years ago we went through this with our son, his two different teachers over a 2 yr period refused to have their parent conferences. When we would try to communicate with them by phone, the requested notes, when we sent notes, they would respond with angry one word responses sent home, and make sure to also punish our son on days that we did ask questions. All through this time the school and teachers were publicly talking about how their well known failures and poor results were a result of poor parenting, lack of parent involvement, and so forth.

This is a school that has 1 hr homework for Kindergarten, 2 hrs for 1st grade, both levels which are completely counterproductive and inappropriate for that grade level, in addition to the fact that it was busywork such as endless dull worksheets to fill out. There is no morning or afternoon recess, elementary school lasts 7 hrs, and PE is only 1 hr a week.

Any attempt to discuss any thing with anyone is greeted with antagonism, smart ass remarks and so forth.

Since we both have experience in education it was not even a question to pull him out and the decision was right, he did extremely well after that, whereas his school peers for the most part were drugged and ended up illiterate.

Homeschool while you can.

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