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Friday, February 19, 2010

Zed Shaw and the Freehacker's Union

When I read about Zed Shaw's "freehacker's union", it seemed like a neat idea. It seemed like a step in the direction of agorism. However, he abandoned the idea after a few meetings.

I live in NYC. I was thinking of going.

Why did Zed Shaw give up? It wasn't an immediate smash success. Therefore, he abandoned it.

This mirrors pro-State trolls who say "FSK has not yet started working as an agorist. Therefore, FSK is a failure and agorism is stupid."

Success at building a business or community takes time. You might have to struggle for a few years before succeeding. For now, I have a wage slave job. I'm working on blogging and moving towards agorism in my spare time.

This mistake is a common bit of pro-State brainwashing. Businesses like YouTube or lolcats were an immediate smash hit. That propaganda makes people less willing to build a business over time.

If I were spending millions of dollars in VC, then I would have pressure to "Make it big fast or fail!" I'm blogging and promoting agorism in my spare time, while still working in a regular wage slave job. That means I have little pressure to be an immediate big hit. I'm not planning to quit my wage slave job until I have enough non-wage-slave income. I might spend more time on blogging and agorism during the inevitable periods of unemployment.

I'm planning to stick with blogging. I should start my own business, on-the-books or agorist-style. For now, a wage slave job and blogging/agorism as a hobby seems like the best strategy.

With blogging and an eCPM rate of $0.50, I'm going to need to expand from blogging to other things. I'm still making progress on cracking my pro-State brainwashing.

I'm planning to be persistent. Blogging has been useful for writing down my thoughts, even if I had zero readers. I do receive interesting comments occasionally. Even negative comments are an indication that the subject is important.

The example of the Freehacker's Union shows that it isn't enough to have a good idea. You also have to follow through and execute. In many ways, execution counts for more than the idea. That's why I always laugh at a clueless startup founder who makes you sign an NDA just to talk with him; an idea without execution is useless. That's why I'm not too concerned about people "stealing my ideas" and promoting agorism more effectively than me. It'd be nice if that happened! I'm noticing a greater awareness of "Taxation is theft!" in certain areas, but it will take time to unravel the Matrix.


Anonymous said...

So just how much profit does YouTube make a year?

Anonymous said...

If there is a moral to the Joe Stack story,it is that even the IRS should be careful about pushing someone just a LIIITTLE BIT TOOO FAR. :) lol
Joe Stack was one extremely pissed off dude. Talk about going outside the system. He just decided he wasn't going to play anymore.
We can empathize, Joe. Hope you found a better place.

This Blog Has Moved!

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