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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Captain America vs. America

This story is pretty funny. Marvel Comics published a controversial issue of Captain America. He was investigating a "radical terrorist group". It really was a "Tea Party" protest group.

Ironically, Captain America also depicted the "Tea Party" protesters as a group of racist white people. That's also the mainstream media bias regarding the "Tea Party", that it's a group of racist white people, disgruntled that there's a black President.

Surprisingly, there was a massive backlash against Marvel Comics. They were forced to apologize. Of course, an apology has no economic value. Still, it's interesting that there were a lot of people offended by this comic. That's a promising sign.

Marvel Comics' excuse is that they were looking for a generic terrorist group, and happened to pick the Tea Party. As another site mentioned, "They aren't sorry they did it. They're sorry they got caught."

Overall, this is a promising incident. The State attempted to portray freedom-seekers as terrorists, and it didn't work.

I'm surprised that a lot of people were offended by this comic. Perhaps the number of people who understand "All taxation is theft!" is greater than my estimate.


Mantar said...

I think you're way off base with this one. For one thing Marvel Comics != the State.

For another, it's a reasonable mistake -- because like it or not, there are a *LOT* of racist white people at various tea parties, who are primarily upset that we have a black Kenyan muslim terrorist for a president.

(But I agree that it was stupid to use them for "generic terrorist group".)

Anonymous said...

Obama is not a muslim, his father was a muslim, he is not one. He is not black either he is mixed race, his mother was white. Why his race is important I have no idea. He is only a terrorist in the same way that Bush and all other Presidents are State Terrorists.

Mantar said...

Oh I know all that already. Go tell that stuff to the jackasses at the tea parties with photoshopped signs of Obama with a bone in his nose or a hammer and sickle or shit like that. LOL

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