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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Student Achievement Tests

There's a lot of mainstream media hype about "x% of students are below reading level for their grade." By making the test easier or harder, State bureaucrats can control the "passing %".

How was "8th grade reading level" determined in the first place? A reading test was given to a lot of 8th grade students. The median score was set as "8th grade reading level". By definition, half the students are failing.

Public schools are designed to brainwash people. It's silly to say "Public schools are failing!" They're working exactly as designed! The people who set up the system 100 years ago knew exactly what they were doing.

The purpose of schooling is to create mindless zombies who don't mind wasting most of their life in a factory or cubicle. You're conditioned to obey stupid orders and perform mindless tasks. For example, I write financial reports in my current wage slave job. They're meaningless. Most likely, nobody reads them. Even if they're wrong, it doesn't matter. There's a regulation that requires them, and someone must write them. (That's one reason I don't feel it's immoral for me to take my current wage slave job. My actual work has zero economic value.)

The people who set up the mandatory public education system knew what they were doing. They were purposefully training zombie cogs. In public, State comedians lament the failure and demand more resources. Are there insiders who know the real truth, or do they believe their own lies?

One brilliant feature of the State and public schooling is that State agents don't know it's a lie. If public schoolteachers knew it was a scam, they wouldn't be effective shills for the State. Teachers do the best job they can, given the constraint of a corrupt system. They don't question the system itself.

"Grading on a curve" has another side-effect. The average students resent the smarter students, for making them look bad. If the smart students didn't work so hard, then they would look better in comparison. This trains "abused productive" people for a lifetime of abuse.

A parasite will do just enough work to get by. I read that C students are the smartest. They've realized it's a scam, and put in the minimum effort. At the time, I didn't know it was a scam, and did the best I could.

I also believed that, if I was a good student and learned useful things, I would be rewarded with a good job and a good career. Now, I know that's a lie. My skills and experience are useful, but it a non-free market they have little value. I'm getting by and surviving, but I'd be doing a lot better in a really free market.

Student achievement tests are one way that the State exerts its influence. By adjusting the difficulty of the test, any desired % of students will be "failing". The mandatory public school system was intentionally designed to prevent real learning. Almost all teachers are unaware of the scam, which only makes them more effective State agents.


Anonymous said...

>, but it a non-free market they
>have little value. I'm getting by
>and surviving, but I'd be doing a
>lot better in a really free market.

I worked hard at a school with a poor academic reputation. Despite having poor quality teachers, I managed to get into an elite university.

In the jobs I had I worked hard and was praised by managers, but somehow this never translated into getting a decent wage.

Your wage seem to be determined by:
a) What was your last salary?
b) Are you hired by a recommendation from someone already working there or are you a friend of a manager?
c) What you press for

However working hard and making the company lots of money, doesn't seem to put your wage up that much - at least not that fast.

Maybe I was unlucky. Rents in expensive cities suck a vast proportion of your monthly salary.

Despite going to an elite university, I never ended up making any real money for myself despite working weekends and evenings in the corporate world.

With the crash, recessions and dodgy, little employers, I've never had a stable job.

The only solution is to form your own company. Then you will get someone close to a free market wage.

Anonymous said...

Now that I have my own company, I actually have a STABLE JOB.

A stable job that pays a bit less, is WORTH A LOT MORE THAN A SERIES OF SHORT TERM JOBS.

Despite the global recession, my cash flow is still up and running.

It is a pity I got screwed over for just under two decades.

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