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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still Recovering

I'm still recovering from my recent involuntary hospitalization. It's like being kidnapped and tortured. Further, I have a new psychiatrist and therapist appointed by the hospital. I don't know yet if they have a clue and will be sympathetic to my drug-free policy.

I'll try to answer my backlog of posts later. For now, I'm focusing on recovering my mental energy.


robert30062 said...

I hope you feel better soon FSK!! You know I've been a regular reader of yours for almost two years now and "FSK's Guide to Reality" goes right into the Internet Explorer Favorites folder on any new computer I get on. You are an intelligent, worthwhile and well-meaning person and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. We all need to look toward expanding agorism in the real world but for now, at least in cyber space, you have friends who care about you here.

barry b said...

Hey FSK,

I'm really sorry to hear about this mess. I hope you'll pull out of it and with your wits still about you. I know in the past you had said something about letting your captors know about your blog. I don't think that would be a good idea. You know, such extreme common sense and rational, objective analysis of the shit we live in everyday.... will sound an awful lot like insanity (for the state-brainwashed)... especially where you live.


Anonymous said...

Get better soon. I can't wait to hear the details.

eagledove9 said...

:( I didn't even know you were gone - for one thing I am way behind on reading my RSS, and also I think there was a cache of posts that were being automatically sent every day, so it didn't look like anything had happened. I feel terrible that I didn't even know about it and I am still shocked.

I know it's hard to write while you're on drugs or withdrawing from them. It totally screws up your brain. Right now you just struggle to get through each day, and you are probably numb or sleepy or walking around like a zombie if they have you on anti-anxiety drugs. The drugs do one thing: they shut people up.

I hope you are allowed to withdraw and are not being forced to keep on using drugs at home. I am worried about you, and other people are too.


eagledove9 said...

Hey, I sent you an email. I just wanted to warn you, in case your spam filter catches it or something. It's from eagledove9 at gmail. I know comments are a more reliable way to get through.

No Gods Required said...

I got your back FSK. Just say the word.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at