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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Ex-Therapist is Still Stalking Me!

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a social worker at the mental health clinic, the one I used to visit. He was asking if I wanted to resume my "treatment".

My parents weren't home when the call arrived. The answering machine got it. I deleted the message. I didn't tell my parents, because they would panic. Just because someone stupid calls you, you aren't obligated to respond.

I've decided "The only way those ***holes get to see me again is if they come with police and a search warrant." My father echoed that sentiment, because he knows that Coney Island Hospital is run by a bunch of murderers; they really badly mistreated my now-dead grandfather. If necessary, my parents would testify "FSK is fine right now.", which should be good enough. If there were a "good cop, bad cop" (productive/parasite) on the kidnapping team, I should be able to convince the "good cop" that I don't need to be involuntarily hospitalized.

I haven't seen my ex-therapist for 3+ months now. She can't validly argue "FSK needs to be urgently involuntarily hospitalized!" if I haven't seen her for 3+ months. On the other hand, she may be willing to commit perjury and State enforcers may be insane. There's a lot of pro-State propaganda "People who have been labeled with a 'mental illness' are dangerous! They need to be controlled!"

I read that, if the psychiatrist in a hospital argues that a patient should be involuntarily hospitalized and forcibly drugged, the judge agrees with the psychiatrist 98%+ of the time. It isn't even a jury trial! It's an administrative trial in front of a judge! You can appeal, but by then, you've already been under the maltreatment of a psychiatrist for months. A forcibly drugged patient can't accurate testify that they don't need drugs, because the drugs dull your senses. Once, I was given a forced injection that made me forget everything for a day or two. Such an injection administered immediately before a trial would render me unable to testify.

My ex-therapist knew that I was living with my parents. Doesn't she assume that they would be able to help take care of me?!

This is the same clinic that called the "mental health crisis response team" when I fired my ex-therapist. My ex-therapist had the parasitic personality type. She probably lied to her bosses about what happened.

I'm pretty sure that the correct thing to do is ignore them. I already told them that I was planning to find another doctor. When the "mental health crisis response team" visited, I lied and said I'd already found another doctor. Why won't they leave me alone?

Hopefully, they'll give up and go away. If they were going to seek a court order, they would have gotten one by now. I'm not their patient anymore, and they should have no legal standing to seek an injunction.

I had a miniature panic attack in November, when I was falsely accused of sexual harassment at work. My ex-therapist made me feel worse, instead of better. I did see her while in a semi-manic state. She probably was seriously considering involuntarily hospitalizing me, but she didn't.

After that, she became strongly insistent that I needed to take anti-psychotic drugs. She said that if I refused to take anti-psychotic drugs, then I wouldn't be allowed to see her anymore. She probably was lying, but I called her out on that. Fearing for my safety, I fired her and stopped seeing her.

I didn't merely stop going. I called her to cancel and told her I was going to find another therapist by looking in my health insurance provider list. My evil ex-therapist probably lied about what happened. She was in CYA mode when she explained what happened to her boss.

It isn't worth my time suing them for malpractice. It isn't worth my time to file a complaint with the State licensing board about her misconduct. It'd be my word against my ex-therapist, regarding what happened. Hopefully, they'll get bored and give up.

I wonder if the State keeps a list of "mental health" patients, and they know that I haven't found a new doctor/therapist/murderer yet? I doubt the bad guys are that efficient. The call was from the clinic, and not from anyone else.

The only way they get to see me is if they come with police and a search warrant. I doubt that my ex-therapist would go to such an extreme measure. I haven't seen her for 3+ months. I'm not her patient anymore.

Extreme measures, such as running away, are not necessary. My parents seem to think I'm doing reasonably well. My parents somewhat support my decision to fire my ex-therapist. However, I haven't convinced them that the "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is nonsense. I did get them to consider "In the special case of FSK, anti-psychotic drugs might be inappropriate." My father respects my desire to be drug-free more than my mother. If my father weren't balancing out my mother, I probably would have been re-hospitalized when I had my mini-panic attack.

Having a mini-panic attack without being hospitalized and forcibly drugged was probably very good for me. It allowed my body's natural healing process to occur. Now, I might have safely achieved a greater level of awareness. I feel higher awareness, but no sense of urgency/panic.

If you ask a psychiatrist or therapist, "Does the patient have the right to fire their doctor?", the answer would probably be "NO!" This might be the only time that a patient chose to fire their therapist and psychiatrist.

If you ask a psychiatrist, "Does the patient have the right to refuse drugs?", the answer would almost definitely be "NO!" They even have a special name for this. It's "non-compliance with medication". That's a fancy way of saying "The patient figured out that the drugs are bad for them."

If my psychiatrist and therapist won't respect my desire to be drug-free, then why am I wasting my time seeing them? If my therapist is merely trying to restore my pro-State brainwashing, then why should I waste time with my therapist?

My father mentioned another point. Most of my ex-therapist's patients were drugged up and complacent. I was alert and asking her tough questions. I was making her really think and work. It probably made her very uneasy.

A State-licensed psychiatrist doesn't have the intellectual capacity to realize that the "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is a mistake/fraud. You don't get to be a State-licensed psychiatrist unless you've been pro-State brainwashed to think in a certain way. All of my psychiatrists had the parasitic personality type. Psychiatrists have a surprisingly low level of emotional awareness. That's a necessity, because a psychiatrist must be desensitized to the suffering of his patients. For example, if a patient complains "I'm having trouble sleeping!", the psychiatrist presumes that sleeping pills are needed. The psychiatrist won't consider the possibility that drugs the patient/victim is already taking are the true cause of the sleeping difficulty.

I'm feeling very calm and alert. I won't know for awhile that I'm sure I'm safe from relapsing, but I'm feeling pretty confident. I feel higher alertness, but without the panicking. There seems to be a magic number of "12-16 months since you last took drugs" for you to re-gain full awareness. I did take small doses during my mini panic-attack, but it probably wasn't a severe amount.

Since I fired my therapist, I haven't had another panic attack. That's a good sign. I've set a new record for "time between hospitalizations" since the first time I was kidnapped and tortured by the psychiatry/death industry.

I did have a good therapist for awhile. She found a better job and moved to another clinic. She really helped me. I was in a semi-manic state in August after getting fired from the Rails Advocate's job. My good ex-therapist helped calmed me down. She said "The Rails Advocate and Idiot New Manager were being unreasonable. You did the best you could, but it was a hopeless situation." She affirmed my judgement, and that helped me calm down. My evil ex-therapist said "FSK got accused of sexual harassment because he is a loser." She sided with the parasites instead of me. (That's the parasites' union in action again!) That made me feel worse instead of better.

In retrospect, firing my evil ex-therapist was a good idea. I was falling into the trap of trusting my therapist's judgement over my own judgement. She was trying to re-install my pro-State brainwashing. That's the opposite of what I was doing. I was trying to crack my pro-State brainwashing. I never explicitly explained it to her that way. Instead, I mentioned specific anecdotes of problems I had.

It is annoying to realize "I can't tell my State-licensed therapist what I'm actually thinking. She probably would freakout and order me involuntarily hospitalized!" That should be a dead giveaway that it's pointless to have a State-licensed therapist.

"Agorist drug-free mental health" is one of my business ideas. It must be agorist-style, due to State licensing requirements and regulation of the mental health industry. In order for me to get a State psychiatrist or therapist license, I'd have to spend 4+ years in school jumping through hoops and memorizing facts that are wrong.

Seeing a State-licensed therapist is the same as hiring Agent Smith to be your therapist.

I haven't hired a new therapist. My parents haven't been pressuring me to find a new one. If I can tell the difference between a good therapist and an evil therapist, then I probably don't need a therapist! My good ex-therapist was genuinely helpful. My evil ex-therapist was worse than useless, because I wound up substituting her defective judgement for my own. Even the good therapist has limited usefulness, because she's still brainwashed as a pro-State troll.

I suspect that the vast majority of therapists have the parasitic personality type, although I did have one good therapist. I'm not conducting a statistically significant study. I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of psychiatrists have the parasitic personality type.

I should trust my own judgement. It's annoying that I don't have anyone to share observations and anecdotes with, except my blog audience. In that sense, my blog is useful, even if I don't make a substantial profit from it.

I've had three therapists. For each, I tried explaining "Taxation is theft!" to them. None of them wanted to discuss the issue. They all refused to discuss any larger problems of society as a whole. They only wanted to focus on my personal issues. I made some progress, because I re-framed issues of State evil in the context of personal difficulties.

I told my last two therapists that I had a blog. (I started the blog after I stopped seeing my first therapist.) Surprisingly, neither one asked for the URL. That is very suspicious. If you were a therapist, and one of your patients had a blog, wouldn't you want to read it?

When I refused to take the anti-psychotic drugs, it's as if I was saying "This clinic's standard practice of treating a 'mental illness' via drugs is wrong." She didn't have the intellectual capacity to understand that. However, on some level, she may have sensed I was right. She panicked. I had no choice but to fire her. I started to be concerned for my safety, that my therapist would insist I be forcibly drugged.

The psychiatry/death industry seems to have the attitude "FSK is my property!" They want to milk me for insurance payments for the rest of my life. It's interesting to see how evil they are.

There's no point in going back to the mental health clinic. At one time, I would have been tempted to try and enlighten an evil person. Parasites don't learn. If they did learn, then they wouldn't be such severe parasites! Parasites survive based on their ability to emotionally manipulate others. They have no other useful skills.

My ex-therapist refused to respect my desire to treat my problem without drugs. I fired her. That should be the end of the issue. I should have the right to fire my therapist. I should have the right to refuse drugs that I consider to be damaging.

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Anonymous said...

It is shocking to learn that medical practitioners just look on you as money rather than a person.

I once visited a dentist who told me I needed a filling and she could see a hole in one of my teeth. As at the time I never had a filling before, I saw another dentist. He couldn't find any holes in any of my teeth.

So what was going on? The first dentist just wanted a bit of money and didn't think drilling into a healthy tooth was wrong.

Fortunately for me the dentist scheduled the drilling for another day and obviously I did not go back.

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