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Thursday, April 9, 2009

South Park Productive/Parasite Fnord

Yesterday's South Park episode was a good fnord regarding productive/parasite relationships.

Jimmy is the productive worker, and Cartman is the parasite. In other episodes, Eric Cartman played the same role as the evil State.

Jimmy invents a good joke, but Cartman takes the credit.

I liked Craig's advice to Jimmy. "Let Cartman get half credit, because otherwise you get nothing." Abused productive workers always team up with a parasite, lest another parasite steal their work. For this reason, "FSK needs a partner" is invalid advice. I can perform both the emotionally strong and logically productive role. I don't need a parasite to protect my interests.

I also like the way Cartman says he is being generous, for working with a crippled worker. Most abused productive workers have trouble standing up for themselves in the same manner as Jimmy.

I also liked the way Cartman retroactively edited his memories and Jimmy's memories. Cartman doesn't feel guilty for being a jerk, because he edited his own memories so that he thinks he's awesome. Technically, Cartman isn't lying, because he believes he's telling the truth.

Kyle tries to tell Cartman "Don't be a jerk!" Kyle gives proper emotional feedback, because Cartman really was being a jerk. Cartman later recycles Kyle's criticism on Jimmy, when he accuses Jimmy of taking credit for Cartman's work.

That's how parasites work. They sometimes see a skilled productive worker. They mirror the behavior of skilled productive workers, but not the actual content.

In practice, negotiating with a parasite is pointless. They won't learn. They'll interpret you as behaving abusively for trying to teach them.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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