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Friday, April 3, 2009

March AdBrite Summary

According to AdBrite, I earned $11.36 in March. The check is scheduled to arrive in June. I'll see if they default.

Extrapolating my page eCPM rates for a full month, it'll be close for me to make $20/month, which is what I need to pay for hosting. Maybe I'll just buy hosting even if I don't fully have earnings to fully justify it yet. I'm eager to get off Blogger.

I'll have two more months of AdBrite earnings before I get my first check in June.

Of course, my traffic continues to increase, which should more than offset any decline in page eCPM over time.

I wasn't using AdBrite for a full month. Plus, my income approximately doubled when I added the extra two AdBrite widgets.

Disturbingly, my page eCPM rates dropped in the past week. However, it's probably a temporary anomaly. I'm sticking with AdBrite for now. It isn't worth the hassle of configuring multiple ad networks.

I had 6602 Absolute Unique Visitors in March. That's 17% more than February (but 3 more days!). I still haven't broken my previous record of 6887 in October 2008. What happened was "The Amero Subterfuge" temporarily ranked highly in Google for "amero", a common search phrase. It has since dropped out of being decently placed for "amero".

This is the most consecutive months without setting a new traffic record since I started blogging. However, the discrepancy was due to a temporary spike in Google search traffic.

This is also my first quarterly decline. I had 6.7% fewer Absolute Unique Visitors in Q1 2009 compared with Q4 2008.

Traffic was greater the second half of March compared to the first, so April should be a good month.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the performance of AdBrite.

The long-term trend for increasing my blog's readership is consistently 5%-10%+ per month. I feel more alert lately, and I feel like I'm writing better. Previously, this led to a relapse, but I think it won't this time. Previously clear-thinking led to me panicking, as I realized what was happening. Now, it's familiar.

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This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at