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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Parasites' Union

I'm noticing a lot more about productive/parasite relationships recently. I noticed a new phenomenon, which I'm calling "The Parasites' Union". It is:

Whenever there's a dispute between a productive worker and a parasite, and you ask a parasite to arbitrate, the parasite arbiter always rules in favor of the parasite, no matter what the actual circumstances.

There's another important point.

Nearly all productive workers are subject to mind control by parasites. By default, they also usually support the parasites. However, they sometimes deviate from their brainwashing and give a correct analysis.
The Parasites' Union can also be really bad news, if you're unfairly the victim of State violence. Presumably, most judges have the parasitic personality type, although I haven't checked recently. Therefore, they will rule in favor of the parasitic State prosecutors.

I was on the subway, and saw the Parasites' Union in action. A woman had the productive personality type. She was with two friends, a man and a woman, each of which had the parasite personality type. The woman must have been very intelligent, because the two people around her were severe parasites. She must have been an idiot, because she didn't notice that her friends were also parasites.

The productive woman was complaining "My sister is a real *****! She's very abusive towards me!" She gave the details, and she seemed to be telling the truth. Based on the description, her sister seemed to have the parasite personality type.

However, she was not aware that she was telling the story to two other parasites! The two parasites naturally sided with her sister! They said "You should consider your sister's point of view. You are being unreasonable."

My reaction was "Duh! Of course the parasites will support each other!" I'd never noticed that so explicitly before! If a productive worker is having a problem with a parasite, then they will complain to someone else. However, they almost always complain *TO ANOTHER PARASITE*! Then, via the Parasites' Union, the productive worker is brainwashed to believe that they are the one who is misbehaving.

Normally, I observe silently. This time, I decided to voice my opinion in support of the productive worker. Just before I got off the subway, I approached her and said "I thought your story was interesting!" The two parasites had very strong body language that said "Stay away ***hole!" I'd never noticed that before. The abused productive woman picked up on the body language of the parasites and ignored me. It was weird that the parasites had the power to force the abused productive woman to ignore me. My enlightenment was more important than helping the woman, so I didn't press the issue and walked away.

The abused productive woman didn't tell me to go away. Her parasites were doing her emotional thinking for her. Her parasites subconsciously knew "FSK is on to the scam! FSK is evil!" They could tell just from my body language. I was contradicting the parasites' version of reality, and therefore I was evil.

My attitude is "Once I learn something from a situation, I leave." This way, I don't risk my personal safety. There will be plenty of more opportunities to confront the Matrix.

The abused productive workers internalize the manipulations of the parasites. They'll behave "correctly", even when the controlling parasite isn't around. If anything unusual happens, then they'll be asking a parasite for advice later.

The Parasites' Union is a key component of the Matrix. It prevents people with the "abused productive" personality type from comparing notes and discovering the scam.

As another example, I was fraudulently accused of sexual harassment at my most recent job. The woman making the false accusation had the parasitic personality type. My ex-therapist also had the parasitic personality type. When I told the story to my abusive ex-therapist, she said "The sexual harassment charge was valid. FSK is a loser who doesn't know his proper place.." rather than "It was a false accusation." My parasitic ex-therapist assumed that, by default, I was wrong. My parasitic ex-therapist was trying to re-brainwashed me so that I play the "abused productive worker" role.

The "abused productive" vs. "parasite" conflict seems more important than the economic aspects of the State. An evil like government persists because most people have been brainwashed to ignore the truth.

The parasites are used to emotionally controlling other people. They have no reason to change their behavior. They have no reason to teach the "abused productive" workers to be able to stand up for themselves. They see the "abused productive" workers as emotionally crippled idiots who are dependent on the parasites.

The productive workers have the logical thinking skills. However, they have no emotional self-confidence. They always rely on the advice of a parasite to make emotional decisions.

The productive workers develop the skills to build and invent things. However, most of the profits are paid to the parasites. A productive worker doesn't just pay taxes to government. A productive worker pays taxes to the parasites around him.

People can flip-flop roles from time to time. For example, someone can play the "abused productive" role when relating to one person, and then play the "parasite" role with someone else. This helps cover up the scam.

For example, Hillary Clinton has the "parasitic" personality type and Bill Clinton has the "productive" personality type. When he received a blowjob from Monica Lewinsky, he switched roles. When relating to Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton played the parasite role and Monica Lewinsky played the "abused productive" role. I wonder if that's the reason the scandal received more attention that it otherwise should have? Bill Clinton's real crime is that he switched from the "abused productive" to "parasitic" role.

People with the "abused productive" personality type have good logical thinking skills. However, they normally don't have the self-confidence to accomplish anything without assistance from a parasite. People with the "parasite" personality type have good emotional skills but lousy logical skills. They have the ability to emotionally dominate others, so why should they work on their logical thinking ability?

Neither personality type can see the full Matrix. People intentionally don't notice it, because seeing the Matrix is *REALLY SCARY*. Most people who see a fragment of it wind up involuntarily hospitalized with a mental illness and given drugs that dull their senses. Most people who see bits of the Matrix wind up thinking "OMFG!! THAT IS HORRIBLE!! I WANT TO DIE!!" My reaction was "I've got to understand that!"

I thought that it was symptoms of my "mental illness". I see now that everybody really is insane! Someone with a "mental illness" is developing the skill of seeing the world as it actually is.

People develop intentional stupidity, as a form of self-defense.

One key component of my healing process is that I figured out that the anti-psychotic drugs were bad for me. There's still a lot of work to do. However, seeing the Matrix and the nature of productive/parasite relationships is a big accomplishment. It's very traumatic to notice that nearly everybody around me is badly emotionally and intellectually crippled.

When an anarchist says "The State is evil!", that is itself a fnord. The State isn't just government itself. The State is the state of mind of productive/parasite relationships.

That also explains why I was having trouble meeting women, before I achieved enlightenment. I didn't want to play the parasite role, because I don't want to behave abusively. I didn't want to play the abused productive role, because why would I want to date an abusive person? I didn't have the emotional self-confidence to date another abused productive worker. A parasite always interrupted.

I only gained full awareness recently. It's going to take a few more weeks or months to put my theory into practice. My primary goal is to help a woman crack her pro-State brainwashing. It isn't just about teaching her "Taxation is theft!" It's also about showing her the Matrix and showing her the nature of productive/parasite human relationships.

If a lot of people can crack their pro-State brainwashing, the evil of the State will be eliminated. It isn't just about the evil of government. It's the evil mental state and productive/parasite relationships.

The origins of the State comes from chattel slavery. With the invention of agriculture, it became profitable to keep slaves. A slave can farm more food than he himself can grow. The slave is also an intelligent human. Via passive-aggressive techniques, the slave manages to also enslave the master. Neither master nor slave are free. This continued to the present. There no longer is explicit chattel slavery, but the pro-State brainwashing persists, which has its origins in chattel slavery.

It's possible to have all the nice conveniences of modern life, like computers and telephones and a reliable food supply, without also having to be a brainwashed mindless zombie. People don't need to go back to a wilderness lifestyle. All that's needed is for enough people to crack their pro-State brainwashing. I feel that I've managed to recover the "natural" human mental state, which is similar to that of a human in a hunter-gatherer society. However, 10000+ years of pro-State brainwashing has accelerated the evolution of human intelligence. You have to be very intelligent to keep your contradictory beliefs straight!

I've recently re-recovered my higher emotional awareness, without panicking. I feel more alert and self confident. I'm getting better at managing my parents. I can't make them see the truth, but I can help them behave less abusively towards me.


F. E. Huginn said...

In the land of the sick, being healthy is considered the only sickness.

Anonymous said...

Someone once said to me, the people who go on as if everything is okay, those who work at their jobs, watch TV and are content, or only aspire to make more money, those who head the corporation who project the image of 'sanity and success' are more crazy than the ones who are discontented with everything 'seen as crazy' by the mainstream, they may experiment and display rebellious attributes, dressing funny, coloring their hair pink or whatever...this is the beginning of real sanity

Anonymous said...

I agree with your points about the parasite union. However, If I were having a conversation with friends and a stranger approached me, I probably would not want to talk to him regardless of his opinion. This has nothing to do with parasites or your approach, just a personal preference.

And while I'm sure you are telling the truth about not sexually harassing, many would perceive this as a pick-up line or something worth ignoring.

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